Mayura Ruins Omkar’s Life & Respect. Cage Of Beauty 29 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 71


The episode started with Mayura saying, husband where are you? Manjali gave her hand at the door. Mayura screamed with pain and fell down. Manjali stood on her hand and dragged her outside. Manjali took Mayura to the kitchen and Mayura recalled how Omkar didn’t let her cook.

Manjali said make something spicy like yourself, I will do a video, I will do your publicity. Now make it and Mayura looked around. Manjali said make it with your hand, he hands had bruises. Manjali said how will he like it if you don’t make it with your hands.

Manjali was live on social media. Mayura’s hands were hurt. Mayura picked a stick and said I can use this. This isn’t a kitchen thing, she saw the pickle ready and said, I made pickles for my dear husband, I love him so much, I can tolerate this for him.

Manjali said Omi needs food on time, now cook for him and serve him fast and she left. Mayura washed her hands and Manjali told Omkar. She said Mayura has stopped feeling pain and Omkar said you handle her, I have a big meeting.

Mayura said Omkar ji.. I have made you puri and pickle. Manjali said eat first, Mayura said there’s no poison in it. Balli said baray Parohit ji and the minister are here. Omkar asked Mayura to go inside. Mayura said in heart, it must be something big.

Parohit ji said Omkar you will give sangemarmar in the new temple. You are this generation’s boy and still you do pooja. Omkar said our marble will never let the light of this temple lessen. Parohit ji said this temple is very important. Omkar said I will work here like a pooja, this is a blessing for me, let me see you off. Mayura heard everything said sangemarmar.

Manjali and Omkar left and Manjali said it’s a big day for you. Omkar said this project is a blessing for me, I hope everything works out and they left. Mayura came in front of the car and Manjali said she is a black cat. Mayura came to Omkar’s window and Manjali said ignore her. Mayura said the time has started, you will be insulted today.

Omkar came to the temple and Parohit ji said today this temple’s foundation is being laid, Omkar has a huge part to play in it and they started with the pooja. Omkar picked sangemarmar to place it. Omkar opened it and it had a red color on it. Parohit ji said what is this Omkar?

CM said what joke is this? We didn’t expect this disgusting thing from you. Parohit ji said this is a sin, this blood like red color on sangemarmar of this temple. Mayura placed the color on it. She looked at the flower she got the color from. Parohit ji said you broke my trust, I will never forgive you.

Omkar said this shouldn’t have happened, I beg you, give me one chance. I will get better sangemarmar than this. He said I won’t even take a stone from you. People chanted against Omkar, they said Omkar has broken our trust, he made fun of our beliefs. Parohit ji said you did a sin, we can’t be a part of it and they all left.

Omkar said how did this blood come into it? Balli tell me. Who did this? Mayura came and said I did, ask me how, she showed him the flower she got the color from and said remember you splashed blood on my face from the same sangemarmar, I stained your life with the same color.

Omkar said this was my service and my work, you ruined it for me. You didn’t do right, Mayura said my clinic was also my service and work, you did the same, you ruined my dream. I answered you in your language, I did justice. An evil personlike you shouldn’t participate in a temple, the destruction just started, get ready.

Mayura was walking on the road and said this was the revenge for sins you did in the name of pooja. Omkar came and said what do you want? I am asking you to go away from your life.

when I wanted you, you wanted to run away from me and now you are like a shadow in my life. What do you want? Tell me once. Mayura grabbed his collar and threw him in a cage there and locked it. Omkar shouted what are you doing Mayura? Mayura open it, I am suffocating, open it.

Mayura said the biggest detention is in your mentality, I will detain you in your mind as well and Omkar shouted…Read more

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