Mayura Proposes To Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 29 December 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 229


The episode started with Mayura standing holding a paper that said, Omkar, I like you. Omkar took the papers and tore it apart. He said he thought if he doesn’t respond, then she will stop her drama but no, she isn’t. He asked if she’s gone mad for him. She said, yes. Since he beat up the goons, she has gone crazy for him. She feels they have some connection. If not from this life, then previous life.

She showed his name’s birthmark on her hand saying there must be a reason behind it, otherwise why would he come in her life? They can’t ignore these links. He said he doesn’t believe in all that, so she should stay away from him. She insisted that they came in this world for each other. She likes him and she will keep trying until he accepts her, she knows that he has feelings for her and soon he will accept it.

Life is too short to waste. She requested him to accept her proposal. He made it clear that his answer is a no. He took his cycle to leave but she doesn’t let him go. She said if his answer is no, then why did he dance with her at the party? She said no one can say no to her. He said then get used to it because he will keep saying no to her, He has no interest in girls like her and the other students laugh.

Dayimaa came to Mayura’s dad to discuss about Mayura’s birthday party and he told her to talk to Bela. He got a call and left. Bela suggested that they should just cook Mayura’s favorite food as she parties every day. Daimyaa said that will be too simple. Bela told her not to try to be Mayura’s mother. Mayura’s birthday is not something to be celebrated because that day Mayura’s mother passed away.

Mayura asked Omkar what he is trying to say? That he has no interest in a pretty girl like her? He said he meant that he has no interest in a stubborn and spoiled girl like her. She said every boy in the college is mad behind her. He said, not him. For him, nature is more important than outer beauty, she thinks she can buy anyone with money, her beauty, but she is wrong, she is just wasting time behind him. He knows very well that she’s just acting he’s not going to trap in her cage, he walked away and she looked on in anger.

When she went back in the college, the students laughed at her. Ishan came to her and asked what is this? Everyone is discussing one topic only, that she proposed to Omkar and he rejected her. He further said that he found out that the goons who attacked her were paid by her. She asked, he now put detectives behind her? He said he cares about her, what’s going on in her mind?

Omkar came home and saw Naina cooking. Naina said she isn’t feeling well, so she called her for help. Omkar asked his mother what happened, she said she just got dizzy. Naina said she called him many times, but he was extra busy. He checked his phone and said sorry to his mother. Naina asked him where was he lost? He thinks about Mayura’s proposal and said in his mind that he gets lost when he’s around Mayura.

Today for the first time, he missed his mother’s call. He doesn’t want to see Mayura’s face now. On the other side, Mayura was determined and not ready to give up. Ishan said she had a golden chance to kick him out of the college. She said that, he said no one,i would want to stay with her. She wants to prove him wrong.

She wants him to fall in love with her so deep that he will be ready to cross all limit to win her. He asked what she wants now? She said that she will need to change her nature and asked Ishan for his help. He was convinced and asked what’s the plan? She said let’s go. He asked where, she said to trap Omkar in her cage.

Omkar fed his mother and again said sorry. Mayura and Ishan looked inside Omkar’s house. Mayura felt Omkar’s mother is sick. Omkar’s mother praised Naina and said whichever house she goes to will be very lucky. Omkar made fun of her and they started a pillow fight.

Naina told him that he will realize her value when she really goes into someone else’s house and they continued their pillow fight. Mayura told Ishan, so Omkar wants simple girl like Naina. He knew Mayura is not of his status and that is why he rejected her. He got scared of her personality. Omkar finally stopped the fight and held Naina’s hands.

He said he was just playing with her and said thank you for taking care of his mother. Ishan asked Mayura what’s going on in her mind? Is she thinking to become a behenji like Naina to win Omkar? She smiled and said time for shopping.

Mayura returnd home with lots of shopping bags. Bela taunted her for spending money like water. Mayura pointed at Bela’s diamond necklace and said she bought that with money too, right? Or did she steal it from somewhere.

Bela said she was just joking and told Mayura to shop as much as she wants as she’s just a guest for few days and then she will go to her sasural. Mayura was surprised and Bela left. Mayura asked Dayimaa what Bela was talking about? Before too she mentioned about her marriage. Dayimaa told her not to pay attention to Bela.

She fed kheer to Mayura saying her birthday week has started and as she knows they celebrated the whole week on her birthday. She told Dayimaa that only she celebrates, no one else. Dayimaa asked what she brought. Mayura showed it to her and she was shocked. Mayura thinks, if Dayimaa’s reaction was this, then Omkar will totally be stunned!

Precap: Mayura asked Omkar what shall she do so that he will accept her. He asked her to leave from his home, as well as his life. She said she won’t go anywhere. She will stand outside his home until he accepts her love. He went inside his home and watched Mayura, he said he hasn’t seen any stubborn girl like this…Read more

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