Cage Of Beauty 29 November 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 190


The Episode started with Vishaka calling Omkar and telling him that she is giving him 12 hours, if he can find Tara then he should search for her.

In the car, Omkar and Mayura’s head collided, Omkar said I don’t want to fight with you and collided his head with her head. Megha, Shankar and Sanjay saw the lady guard going somewhere and locking the door and they called Omkar. Omkar said he will come there. He asked Mayura to get a taxi for him, as Manjari gained consciousness and wants to meet him.

Vishaka kept his hand on the nurse’s mouth and asked her to be silent. She walked away wearing a nurse uniform. The Doctor came there calling sister. Omkar reached the place and searched for Tara. The Lady guard said there is an important call for you and she gave the phone to omkar. Vishaka asked Omkar if Tara is still not found? Omkar said Vishaka, Vishaka said what do you think, that I will be unconscious in the hospital?

she then warned him and said if anything happens to Tara then you will be responsible for it. Omkar said you have enmity with me and not with Tara. Vishaka said you should have thought of that before showing fake ghost of my brother and playing with my mental stability, a father’s mental balance loses on losing his daughter, I am giving you 12 hours to search for Tara else forget her forever. Omkar threw the phone and said vishaka.

Mayura searched in the files and thinks there must be something related to Omkar. She found Vishal industries and found Omkar’s company name in the file. She found out that Omkar filed a case against Vishal and thinks of Omkar’s words. She thinks, if Vishaka ji knows Omkar then why did she hide from me and thinks to get to the roots.

Megha suggested to Omkar that they shall tell the truth to Mayura. Omkar asked what is the guarantee that Vishaka will let Tara free. Sanjay told Omkar that his friend has traced Vishaka’s number and they shall go there, Just then they heard Tara calling Papa.

Mayura reached PS and enquired about Vishal. She came to know that Vishal committed suicide and thinks of how to find out. She got a call and became shocked. Omkar found the mobile in which Vishaka was saying that he shall solve the riddle and gave him 12 hours. He also found some papers there and thinks what does it mean? He connected the pics and realized that Tara was in the haveli.

Shankar said Mayura will find out about your truth. Mayura called Omkar and told him that Vishaka has escaped from the hospital and asked him to take care. She said she is leaving and will pick up Papa ji and him. Omkar said I need time, as the doctor is doing a test. Mayura said I will wait, as I need to talk to you. Omkar said you can’t come, visitors are not allowed.

Mayura asked if everything was fine. Omkar asked her to trust him and said I don’t want to trouble you. Mayura said ok and asked him to take care. She then asked the Doctor and Nurse, how did the patient run away from here and asked them to throw the board. Just then Vishaka came in front of her and smiled. Mayura said you, Vishaka said the real surprise is awaiting, which I will give you.

Omkar reached the haveli and found Tara unconscious in a secret room. He said we have to rush her to the hospital. They sat in the car and Omkar started driving, but then stopped seeing Mayura in front of his car. He got down and said I will tell you everything. Mayura said no need to tell me anything, what do you think, that I will hear your one more mistake,you said rightly that something which appears is not as it is.

Shankar asked her to listen to him once. Mayura asked him not to support him and said he has taught you betrayal. Omkar said you can scold me, but right now we need to take her to the hospital. Vishaka said her condition is bad, don’t know what he has done. Mayura rushed to Tara and said what did you do. Vishaka said he has excuses. Mayura took Tara in her car and asked Omkar not to touch her daughter.

Omkar asked Vishaka what did you do with my daughter, how did she faint? Vishaka asked how the tiger became a cat now. Omkar asked her not to think he is helpless. Vishaka said your drama was a good move, but what do you think that I will give you Tara,no. You didn’t reach her, I made you reach her as I know that you will forget that you are acting seeing her in such a condition.

She said she took advantage of the situation and exposed him in front of Mayura. Omkar asked what about the lies which you are telling mayura. He asked her to do whatever she wants to do with him, but whatever she has done with Tara is not justified. Vishaka said I was yearning for my brother for 10 years, now you shall get habitual as your yearning starts now.

Omkar told Mayura that Tara is in this condition due to Vishaka. Vishaka said what will I benefit by harming Tara and said if I was in your place then I would have beaten him so much. Mayura turned and slaps Omkar very hard…Read more

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