Cage Of Beauty 29 November 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 191


The Episode started with Omkar telling Vishaka that he didn’t do anything to her brother, Vishal committed suicide, I am sad about his death, but I didn’t do anything. Vishaka asked him not to mention her brother’s name from his mouth and said he was my world and you snatched him from me. She said she will separate him from his world, Mayura and Tara. Omkar said if Tara gets even a scratch then I will not leave you.

Shankar told Omkar that they shall go to the hospital. Omkar asked Vishaka not to get blind in the revenge fire that she herself will burn and he left. Vishaka said just wait and watch, to whom I burn in this fire. She took the firewood and burnt her hand. Mayura prayed to God and did aarti. Omkar came there and held the aarti. They then did the aarti together and prayed too.

Omkar asked her to listen to him. Mayura said she is not interested to hear one more lie from him. Omkar said whatever I have done is to get Tara and asked her to trust him. Mayura asked him not to insult those words and said that I always trusted you, but you always fooled and betrayed me, I agreed to all your sayings, but you have broken my trust,say anything, but don’t tell me to trust you.

Omkar said for the first time, I am not ashamed of my lie, she told her that Tara was with Vishaka and not with him, he feigned to be blind, just to see Vishaka’s moves but Mayura doesn’t believe him. Omkar said I was acting to be blind, but you were not seeing her truth. He asked her to make their daughter Tara wear the sacred thread. The Nurse told Mayura that the Doctor is calling her.

The Doctor told her that no medicine is working on her. Mayura asked Omkar to tell her what she ate in that 2 weeks? Omkar said he really didn’t know that Tara was with Vishaka. Sanjay came there and said Omkar is saying right, we were searching for Tara. Omkar said I found her just 2 mins ago, when you saw me with her.

Mayura asked him to give her reason to doubt Vishaka. Vishaka came there and showed her burnt hand saying Omkar has done this. Sanjay said she is lying, we all were there, Omkar didn’t do anything. Vishaka acted and smiled. Mayura threatened Omkar to send him behind bars,she took Vishaka from there to get her hand bandaged.

A Nurse bandaged Vishaka’s hand and she asked Mayura about Tara. Mayura said she hasn’t gained consciousness till now. She thanked her for exposing Omkar and told her that she had a doubt on her as she found something. Vishaka asked what did you get? Mayura told her about Vishal Industries.

The Nurse came to tell them that reports have come and Mayura left. Omkar tried to come inside the ward, but Mayura stopped him and got angry with him. Vishaka said your entry is banned. Omkar said once Tara gains consciousness, she will tell the truth to Mayura. Vishaka said I have poisoned her mind that once she gains consciousness, she will blame you. Mayura asked the Doctor to show the reports but the Doctor asked her to check it herself. Mayura read the report and it said that she hasn’t had food for 2 weeks, haven’t taken any tablets, hasn’t slept and is weak.

She said my daughter was made unconscious due to medicine. Omkar shouted at Vishaka and asked Mayura not to trust her, Vishaka is responsible for our daughter’s condition. Vishaka asked him not to lie and asked what will I get by harming Tara. She said I haven’t seen a father like you and asked Mayura if she saw such a man.

She said how can a father do this with his father and taking out his anger on his daughter shame on you, you could have done something with Mayura or me, but how can you make your daughter unconscious, if I was in Mayura’s place,i would have beaten him so badly that he wouldn’t have forgotten all his life. Mayura came to Omkar, turned to Vishaka and slapped her hard.

Vishaka asked what did I do? Mayura said your game is over and Vishaka asked what are you saying? Mayura said Vishal Gupta, do you remember? She said I got doubtful when you were shocked to hear Vishal Industries. She said Vishal Gupta was your brother who committed suicide as Omkar had filed case against his company.

Omkar said I wanted to tell you this. Vishaka said he is lying. Mayura said I thought for a moment that Omkar wanted to take me far from Tara, but you made one mistake. He might have made many mistakes, but can’t think of harming Tara. She said he doesn’t let Tara go out under the sun, fearing his daughter’s face will dry, he doesn’t have food until his daughter eats food, he is acting in front of the world to get close to his daughter and get a line of doctors.

if something happens to her. Whatever enmity you have with him, how dare you to harm my daughter. She asked if this is your truth, I will never forgive you in my life and said my name is not Mayura if I don’t hand you over to Police. Vishaka pushed Mayura and made her phone fall down. She took a scissor and kept it at Tara’s neck and threatened to kill her. Omkar warned her not to harm his daughter.

Vishaka said if you make a mistake then Tara will lose her life. Mayura pleaded in front of Vishaka not to harm Tara and asked what did she do? Vishaka said what did my brother do? She said Omkar had filed a case against my brother and snatched his haveli, compelled him to commit suicide.

Omkar said he had betrayed me and took money from me, if I had known that he will commit suicide then I wouldn’t have asked for money. Omkar snatched Dr’s stethoscope and threw it on the scissor. Vishaka paniced seeing the scissor falling down and run out closing the door. Mayura asked Omkar to call the Police. Sanjay called the Police. Omkar said he can’t let Vishaka run away, as she will again return to harm Tara. He went to the haveli and asked her to come out, threatening to kill her…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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