Mayura Battles For Her Life. Cage Of Beauty 29 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 115


The Episode started with Akhilesh turning after praying to God. Omkar was seated on the floor with folded hands and called him Papa. Akhilesh asked him not to call him Papa. Omkar held his feet and Akhilesh asked him to speak. Omkar said you said, I am guilty of you and your daughter, I am a devil and there is no forgiveness for my crime, beat him, scold him or punish me, but don’t separate me from my Mayura, how can I make you believe that I am changed and that devil Omkar.

Sangemarmar Sartaj is dead, I have done pind daan of that Omkar and made new Omkar born just like Mayura wanted. Akhilesh said he will never believe him. Omkar touched his feet and said I have changed, even I hate that Omkar. He said I am fulfilling a promise made to Mayura and trying to be suitable for her. He asked him to believe him once, he shouldn’t forgive him, but believe him and give him a chance.

He said he will fill her life with happiness, will not let any tears come out of her eyes and asked him not to make her go from her. He touched his feet again and said I searched for her day and night, as I believed that my Mayura can’t go away from me and asked him to believe him.

Mayura got flashes of her past with Omkar. The nurse said her heart beat is getting less and Neil gave her oxygen support system. Omkar asked God to make her fine and told Akhilesh that he has lost the right to call him Papa, but he can call him Sir and asked him to come. Akhilesh blamed himself for Mayura’s condition. Neil was still treating Mayura and gave her injection and the nurse came out. Omkar asked if Mayura was fine.

The Nurse said nothing can be said now. Akhilesh said if anything happens to my Minty then I will not leave you. Surekha and Dadi came there and asked Akhilesh about Minty. Akhilesh said she is fine and they saw Omkar. Dadi cursed him and asked Akhilesh to throw him out. Omkar folded his hand and said I am changed now, I am not that old Omkar, believe me.

Akhilesh said I have understood the devil inside the sadhu like got up, I will never believe you for the 7 births, you have given her immense pain and gave her scar of her life, my Minty has forgotten the pain given by you, don’t try to take advantage and get close to her,i will take Mayura very far from here.

Mayura opened her eyes and Neil said I am here, calm down. Mayura asked how did I come here? Neil asked her to relax, you fainted on the road, your dad and Omkar brought you here. Mayura tried to remember and said Papa was taking me forcibly, when Omkar came there and they had a fight. Neil said they don’t know each other, then? Mayura said don’t know what he said that made Papa angry. Neil said what did Omkar say?

Mayura stressed her mind and said he was talking about the rights. Neil said you are recovering, you made me worried for 2 mins, you are fine and out of danger. He went out and told Akhilesh and his family that Mayura is fine. Omkar thanked Neil from his heart and left. Neil asked Akhilesh and his family to come. Omkar went to Bappa and thanked him for saving Mayura and cried with happiness in his eyes.

Akhilesh asked Neil if there is something to worry about. Neil said not now, but you shall not take her forcibly from here. He asked him to tell what the problem was and Mayura said that he had a fight with Omkar. He asked why Omkar reacted seeing her as if he knows her. He said once you called me your son,so tell me the truth.

Akhilesh was silent. Surekha stopped him and said Omkar knew Mayura from before. Akhilesh the tried to stop him. Surekha said if we had told Neil, then this thing would not have happened. Neil asked what is the relation between them. Mayura thinks Papa can answer her, why was he taking her forcibly.

Neil was shocked to know that Omkar is her husband said Omkar had said that he was searching his wife and told them that he didn’t speak about his wife, after he met Mayura. The nurse informed Neil that Mayura went somewhere. Akhilesh asked where did you see her last? The nurse said with the patient Omkar.

Mayura and Omkar were going out of the hospital but Mayura refused to go with him and said I can’t go, maybe I said yes, under the influence of medicine. Omkar came to her and held her closer and they had an eye lock. She said Omkar ji, please, let me go. He said think again, if you go back then your family will take you away from your dreams to treat people for free and from me.

Mayura asked what happened between you and Papa, that you both had a fight. Omkar said, I said that you shall be allowed to treat the patients and for opening the homeo clinic. Mayura said but. Omkar said stay in the hotel till then, I assure you that you will be safe. Akhilesh, Neil and the others were searching for Mayura.

Omkar asked Mayura to come with him, you have less time, they must be searching you and Mayura looked at him.

Precap: Neil punched Omkar in the face and said he made a mistake. He said that Mayura’s parents told him everything and warned him not to come near Mayura and her family, else.. Omkar became furious and asked else what?…Read more

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