Omkar & Neil Fights Over Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 29 September 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 116


The Episode started with Mayura asking Omkar, why do he care for her so much. She said I trust you fully, but can’t go away without telling my family, if I go then they will get worried. Omkar asked her to call them and tell them that she is fine. Mayura asked why do you care for me so much, it is not that we have been in a relationship . Neil asked the ward boy to search for Mayura. Akhilesh said we have to call the police before that devil takes her away from here and Neil looked on tensed.

Mayura said my career and life is at risk, why are you worried? He said I have seen determination in your eyes to treat needy people and I have seen that it is your dream to be a doctor and work for many people, I want to help you and want betterment for you, like your family. He thinks he wants some time with her, so that he can apologize to her for his sins. He asked her to come with him. Neil came and stood on their way.

Omkar was shocked to see Neil. Neil asked what is happening here? Omkar said Mayura has to go from here right now, her father is forcibly taking her away from here. Mayura said she even wants to go with him. Neil called the nurse and asked Mayura to listen, he will talk to uncle. The nurse took Mayura forcibly. Omkar asked Neil to stop her. Neil hits Omkar and warned him not to be around Mayura.

Omkar said Neil. Neil said Mayura’s family had told me everything about you. Omkar said it is my past and I have changed now for Mayura. Neil said whatever you have done with Mayura can’t change and you are the example of evilness, if I could then I would have buried you right here, but unfortunately I am a doctor and my duty is to save people.

He warned him not to come near Mayura else…Omkar shouted Neil and asked who are you, you are her doctor and I am her husband,i will plead infront of Mayura and her family for her forgiveness. Neil said she has forgotten you and your name. Omkar said she still wears the locket of my name and told him that they are still related to each other. Neil asked which relation?

Omkar said this relation has changed me completely and because of this relation, he had a firm believe that she is a alive, they met each other in the devi maa temple, this relation is for all births and said he will win her heart once again. Neil said I won’t let you come close to Mayura. Omkar said nobody can stop her from coming to me, this time Mayura and Omkar will become Mayukar. Neil said you are patient and be a patient, else I will throw you out of here. I will not let you come near Mayura.

Omkar called him and showed Mayura and his wedding pic. He said this is the truth which nobody can change or wipe off, Mayura was my wife, is my wife and will always be my wife.
Mayura was coming back and wondered why Papa was getting angry at Omkar ji. She thinks why he wants to do so much for me and thinks whom to ask? Akhilesh saw her and asked where did she go? He asked if a stranger guy was more close to her, than them.

She said I trusted you papa, but you didn’t want to tell me the truth. She said she thought that she shall go with Omkar ji. Dadi and Surekha came there and hugged her. Mayura asked them how come they are here? She asked them if they lied about Megha,she became upset and went to her ward. Neil came there and asked them to relax. Surekha thanked him for saving Mayura.

Dadi asked until when we will save Mayura and asked Akhilesh to tell the truth to Mayura,she herself will hate Omkar. Neil said we can’t tell her the truth due to her health conditions. Akhilesh said what do we do, where to take her? Neil asked them not to go away from here and assured them that he will not let Omkar even touch Mayura.

Omkar came there and pleaded in front of the guard and Akhilesh to let him meet Mayura once. Akhilesh asked him to go and held his neck. Mayura came out and asked Akhilesh to stop. Omkar said I want to tell you something but your papa….Akhilesh, Surekha and Dadi folded their hands.

Omkar didn’t say anything and said your Papa is a really nice guy and I was wrong to take you away from here. Surekha asked her to come. Mayura looked at Omkar and left. Akhilesh told Omkar that if you had told her the truth, then it would be life taking for her. He said we didn’t tell her the truth about you, promise me that you will never tell her the truth.

Mayura came home. Akhilesh asked him to prove that he is changed and asked him to promise. Omkar swore on Mayura and said I will not tell her the truth and will not let her go away from me. Mayura looked at the orange chunari in her room and thinks of the trunk. She searched for the trunk and found it.

Omkar said that he will not anyone snatch her from them, but will win her and everyone’s trust. He said he is really changed and will take her with him with their approval. Mayura opened the trunk and became shocked.

Precap: Omkar planned a surprise for Mayura. Mayura thanked him for making her day. Omkar said this is the start, the real surprise is waiting. Neil showed restraining orders and said if you roam near Mayura or do anything and warned him. Mayura came there and called Dr. Neil…Read more

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