Vishaka Shows Up At Mayura’s Birthday Party. Cage Of Beauty 3 January 2023, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 235


The episode started with Mayura dancing around Omkar. He just stood there and gave an awkward smile. Mayura’s dad and brother came outside and they met Ishan’s mom. Sachin said maybe Ishan had a misunderstanding and they welcomed her in.

Omkar got flashbacks and started dancing with Mayura. They danced very romantically, Bela came back and was shocked seeing them dance. Mayura also got flashbacks. They both were lost in each other. Mayura’s dad, brother, and Ishan’s mom entered the house. Ishan’s mom as Vishaka look alike. Everyone clapped. Mayura and Omkar left each other before Mayura’s dad or brother saw them. Bela went to tell them but Sachin dismissed her. He introduced her to Vishaka. Bela went to get food for Vishaka. Mayura’s dad and Sachin took Vishaka to the other side as there is too much noise.

Ishan went to Mayura and said sometimes he doesn’t understand whether she’s acting or she really loves Omkar. It looked as if she was enjoying the dance with him. He reminded her what they organized party for and asked whether they are executing their plan. Mayura said she’s having a headache and went to get medicine. Omkar wondered whether she also experienced what he did and said he needs to talk to her.

Mayura’s dad gave Vishaka’s favorite wine to her. She said they did a good research. He said she must have done good research on them too and he hoped she will invest in their factories. She said she heard that locals are creating issues for the location, they have a leader too. She told them to oust the leader and she will be ready to invest. Mayura’s dad said he will take care of that.

Naina came to the party and me Omkar. He was surprised seeing her. She asked what is he doing there? he was supposed to be with her. He said he was about to leave. She asked why he lied to her and his mother. He said it was important for him to come. If he didn’t come, then he don’t know what Mayura would have done. She asked meaning?

Mayura was in her room. She was not feeling good and kept recalling her dance and flashbacks. Dayimaa came and asked whether she’s fine. She said yes she’s fine. Dayimaa asked whether she likes Omkar… She said it was just a normal dance. Dayimaa said he’s a good guy. Mayura said she never met him and she thinks he’s a good guy? Dayimaa said that he saved her from Sachin earlier and when they were dancing, his eyes was saying that he would do anything for her, would fight with the whole world. When you meet someone like that, you shouldn’t let such person go away.

Naina told Omkar that Mayura must be acting, she’s lying. Omkar took Mayura’s side saying why she would lie. What she will get? Naina said that she doesn’t know that, but Mayura is not as innocent as she looks. He said enough, he won’t hear a word against Mayura. He asked why she’s overreacting. He just came to a party. She said he just didn’t come to the party, he came for Mayura. She said he’s in love with her, right? She was sad as he shouted on her for Mayura. She told him that Mayura will destroy him and left from there. He then wondered what’s happening to him.

Vishaka met Ishan. Omkar looked towards that side but didn’t see Vishaka clearly. Vishaka told Ishan to introduce her to his friend as she needs to leave for an urgent work. Ishan said, Mayura. Vishaka murmured that he got a friend with that name . Ishan said he will go and get Mayura.

Mayura said Dayimaa said anything. She will do what she wants. It’s time to teach a lesson to Omkar. She came downstairs and met Ishan. She said it’s time to execute their plan. Ishan asked her to meet his mother first. Mayura’s dad and Sachin were still buttering Vishaka. Omkar saw Mayura and decided to tell her that he’s leaving. Mayura saw Vishaka and she was shocked. She then stopped walking.

Ishan asked what happened? She didn’t say anything. He said that he will go and call Vishaka to her. Mayura started getting clear flashbacks about Vishaka, her and Omkar’s deaths in their previous lives and she got dizzy. Omkar came to her and asked what happened? Vishaka asked Ishan where is Mayura?

He pointed to her but Omkar was standing in the way. Mayura fell unconscious in Omkar’s arms. All her friends gathered around her and Omkar took her to her room. Vishaka failed to see Omkar or Mayura. Ishan told Vishaka that Mayura is not feeling well and said he will introduce her to Mayura later.

Omkar placed Mayura in her bed and tried to wake her up, Bela thinks he’s too concerned. Mayura’s dad came and asked everyone to move back. He then told Sachin to call the doctor. Omkar told Dayimaa to massage Mayura’s feet with hot oil, his mother does that when he gets dizzy. Sachin called Omkar a street boy and told him to keep his street-boy-ways to himself, a Doctor is coming.

Omkar insisted Dayimaa to do the massage. Dayimaa told Mayura’s dad that such remedies do work. Mayura’s dad told her to do it then and Dayimaa went to get the hot oil. Mayura’s dad asked everyone to wait downstairs. Omkar was still standing there. Mayura’s father told Omkar to leave too, Mayura’s family members are there to look after her. Sachin dragged Omkar out of room and Ishan came there. Sachin asked Ishan to come in. Omkar was looksing at Mayura from outside.

Precap: Mayura confessed to Omkar that she invited him to the party to humiliate him but before she fainted, she remembered everything that they belong to each other and this is their re-birth. He didn’t believe her and thinks it’s a new ploy by her…Read more

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