Cage Of Beauty 3 November 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 161


The Episode started with Manjari asking the Nurse what was she making for that long. Shankar said it takes time. Manjari asked then her to turn. Mayura turned to her and told her that she has made the cake and brought it to Tara. Tara asked if it is for my doll, Mayura said yes and Tara hugged her. Shankar told her that he wants to live this moment with Tara and don’t know if it will come again or not. Omkar asked him not to say that. Tara asked Omkar to come as they cut her doll’s birthday cake.

Omkar took Tara to the hospital with Mayura and the guards. Mayura pretended to get a phone call and told Omkar that her mother fell in the bathroom. She asked Omkar to handle Tara and left from there. She called Dr. Khanna and asked him to make her talk to Tara. Just then Omkar came there. Dr. Khanna became tensed and called Mayura as Mandira and ended the call. Omkar insisted to see his phone.

Dr. Khanna said there is no treatment for doubt and told Omkar that he will do the session with Tara alone. He asked him to go and asked him to trust that there is no other way to go out. Omkar went out and asked the guard to look at the door. Dr. Khanna made Tara talk to Mayura. Tara identified her as Pari Maa. Mayura asked her to play game with her and hide, and don’t come out until she calls her. Tara became excited to play this game. Tara asked where to hide. The assistant asked Tara to hide in the medicine trolley and Tara hid in there.

The assistant then took her out, while Dr. Khanna diverted the guard to bring the medicine. Omkar was about to see Mayura, but she hid. The Assistant saw Omkar and became tensed. Tara dropped her doll and Omkar picked it up. A girl came there and said that it is her doll. Omkar then gave the doll to her. The girl’s mother told the girl that it is not their doll.

The Guard told Omkar that the Doctor asked him to get the medicine. Omkar came inside, Dr. Khanna told him that Tara went to the washroom. Omkar threw the icecream and grabbed his collar. He threatened not to leave him and went to search for Tara. Dr. Khanna asked Mayura to take Tara immediately. Mayura said Tara has not reached me and thinks where is she? She thinks to go inside,she saw Omkar and the guard searching for Tara.

She wore a mask and covered her head with the dupatta. She then thinks of how to go inside and helped an ailing woman go inside the hospital and went in with her. Omkar then called someone. Mayura came inside and asked a Nurse to take care of the old lady. She met Dr. Khanna and asked where is Tara? Dr. Khanna said even I am worried.

The Assistant said that the ward boy is missing, the one I gave the trolley. Omkar brought an Inspector there. Manjari said this is the fake doctor who kidnapped Tara. The Doctor said he didn’t do anything and knows that his licence will be seized. Omkar said you will lose your life.

Mayura searched for Tara and called Akhilesh. She said someone took Tara, now she is not with Omkar or her. Akhilesh said I will search for her. The Inspector asked Omkar to go home and said the kidnapper will call them for ransom. Mayura heard him and became worried. Omkar became worried and said I will not go away from here. He said Tara likes to hide and asked her to come out. Manjari said I think that we should go home, and showed doubt on Nayan.

Omkar called her and the phone rang there. Mayura then went out and attended the call. Omkar asked where is she? Mayura said she is at home. Omkar then asked if Tara reached home. Mayura said no. Omkar threatened Dr. Khanna and went out. Mayura thinks to reach home fast and thinks of what to do. Omkar and Manjari come home with the Police. The Inspector said we have to do a small set up so that we can trace the call.

Shankar said where is Tara? Omkar asked where is Nayan? Mayura came there and asked where is Tara? Omkar asked her to tell them if Tara told her of some place where she wanted to go. Mayura said she doesn’t know. The Inspector placed the set up to trace the the kidnapper once any call comes.

Manjari then did the God’s aarti. Omkar got the call and the kidnapper (Megha) demanded a ransom of Rs. 50 lakhs from him and ended the call. The Inspector said he couldn’t trace the call. Mayura told Shankar that she knows where Tara is ?

Omkar questiones Nayan about where Tara is and what she wants to do with Tara? She said why would she hurt her, she’s her mother. Nayan/Mayura revealed herself.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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