Mayura Learns Omkar Is Married. Cage Of Beauty 3 October 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 120


The Episode started with Mayura saying sorry to Omkar for disconnecting the call. Omkar asked what happened? Mayura said she is angry and asked him to end the call. Omkar asked her to tell him. Mayura told him that nothing good is happening in her life and said she wants to go to a magical world, where she find peace. She went to Neil and asked why did you agree to marry me? She asked, did I give you wrong signals?

No. I thought that you are helping me as a friend, but something else was in your heart, she saw a bouquet there and said what did you think that you will give me flowers and impress me. She threw it and said I don’t want it. Neil said enough, now I will tell you, what do you think, that I am a bad guy and gets bad thoughts for you, I didn’t bring these flowers for you,a patient gave it to me thanking me.

i didn’t agree for marriage when Akhilesh asked him, he asked me to know your opinion, then they will think. He told her that he has no reason to refuse and that he likes her and loves her and he doesn’t think that he has done anything wrong, the final decision will be yours. Akhilesh said I told Neil to tell Omkar’s black truth to Mayura, if needed. Neil asked what is the reason for your refusal, as you just think of me as a friend, or that someone else have taken the place in your heart.

I know everything and told her that Omkar is MP Ratan and he is married, Omkar came to Makar Sankranti function with his wife and mother. Mayura said Omkar ji is married and became shocked. She recalled their romantic dance and got teary eyes. She said that she has nobody in her life. Neil said I just want to see you happy and will never force you for anything. He then asked her to take a wise decision.

Mayura got a message from Omkar asking her to meet him at an address. She came to meet him to get her answers and thinks where is he and what is this place? She then heard Omkar saying that this is her magical world, where she wants to have 2 mins peaceful life and the light was switched on. Mayura saw the decoration as if it was a magical world. He came to her and danced with her. Mayura became happy and emotional to see his gesture and they danced.

Just then she recalled Neil’s words that Omkar is already married. She said this is wrong and cried. Omkar said sorry, I shouldn’t have done this. She said it was my mistake too, my Papa wants me to get married to Dr. Neil. Omkar became shocked and asked her to refuse for the marriage. He then said how can your Papa take a decision in a hurry? Mayura said how did you take the decision, I came to know about your truth. Omkar said I was about to tell you. Mayura said you came with your wife to the Makarsankranti day.

Omkar said Aishwarya is my wife but just for name sake wife, we have no relation with each other, that marriage was an anger and asked her not to take the decision to marry, when he is in her heart. Mayura said you are not in my heart. Omkar said your heart truth reflects in your eyes and Mayura said nobody is in my eyes. Omkar held her cheeks and asked why are you affected by my marriage truth and why did you come here on my sayings.

He asked her to refuse her Papa for this marriage. Mayura said this is wrong,she then got a call from Akhilesh and said she has to go. Omkar said I will tell you all the truth, tomorrow in the garden, then you can take your decision, I will not force you and asked her to come tomorrow, just one last time. Mayura said I will not come. Omkar said you will come, my heart knows.

Later Mayura thinks of Neil and thinks he is a good person but my heart don’t want me to marry him. She thinks, why does my heart don’t want to believe that Omkar ji is married and said he had said that his marriage was just a namesake marriage, she thinks her heart is asking her to agree to his sayings. Omkar thinks to apologize to her after revealing the truth, so that she can punish him.

Next day, Omkar waited for her in the garden. Aishwarya came there and touched him and he turned towards her. Aishwarya said she is happy to see him fit and fine and missed him so much. She hugged him forcibly,Mayura came there and Aishwarya saw her. Omkar asked her to move and said you will get hurt. Aishwarya continued to hug him and said I love you so much, don’t go away from me.

Mayura looked at the paper boat in her hand, threw it away and left. Omkar broke the hug and asked Aishwarya to go. He said only his wife Mayura has the right to touch him and told her that they have no relation and if she comes in between them then he will expose all her bad deeds. He called Bali and asked him to take Aishwarya to Jabalpur and make sure that she stays there only.

Aishwarya said she will crush Omkar and Mayura’s love, wherever she stay, she won’t let them come close. Mayura walked on the road and kept her feet on the burning coal. She then walked ahead and Omkar called her but she rejected his call and thinks why is my heart burning seeing Omkar with his wife and she cried.

Neil gave his and Mayura’s wedding card to Omkar and said this is the end of Omkar and Mayura’s story. Omkar came to a temple and vows to get Mayura back…Read more

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