Mayura Invites Bees On Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 30 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 73


Mata Rani came there as a child. Mayura then recalled promising Mata rani she will never ask her for help again, she will never believe in her, she won’t ask her for help. The kid said don’t worry, I am with you. She said who locked you?

A man came as well and said we live in a nearby village. Who locked you here? We are going to do a drama, they opened her, she came out and the man gave her water. Mayura drunk it and the man asked, who did it? How did you end up here? She said a demon. The kid said I will end him with this trishul.

Omkar was going in his car and Mayura came there. Omkar was shocked to see her. Mayura picked the tirshul and said enough of your sins and threw it towards Omkar. He dodged it but then Mayura was rather targeting a honeycomb.

The flies started biting Omkar and Mayura hid in a sheet. Omkar screamed in pain. He gets in his car and tried to drive but couldn’t. He came out and screamed in pain. Mayura smiled. Omkar then run to the market screaming and everyone looked at him. Omkar saw his face in the mirror and broke it.

He came home injured and run to his room and screaming in pain. He broke everything he sees his face in. Mayura said your pain is bigger than a woman’s? No one cares when a woman cries, you have injured my face, my heart and my mind, Imagine what i must be going through when you scarred my face.

When my face scares kids, Imagine what I feel when I saw the terror in my family’s eyes when they saw my face. Imagine the pain I went through. I made a mask for you. Hide your face with it. You will live my pain. You will be okay by tomorrow, If it doesn’t heal, use this medicine.

Omkar took the medicine and Mayura said I should be giving you poison but I am not a demon like you, we are not the same. A good person shouldn’t be doing the evil deeds. It’s up to you if you want to trust my medicine or not. But tonight you will know how long one night can be.

Mayura said I am sorry Mata Rani, I thought you left me alone, but you have always been there for me. Sanjay said I was very worried for you, you gave him a medicine as well. Mayura said am I doing right? He said yes you are. Omkar should suffer for what he has done,he needs to realize what is wrong.

Ashu said Mayura is home, Sanjay said he will take revenge to what he will do to Mayura,he will attack her back. Surekha said protect her God, Shankar said you didn’t give up, this fight is evil vs good. Don’t think about leaving it in the middle.

we are all with you. Mayura said I will fight this, many people are related to this war, Omkar should accept his mistake and never repeat them. Shankar said we will know tomorrow if he has realized his mistake or not.

Manjali said Omi open the door, you have not eaten anything. Omkar came out dressed in a suit and said you thought I will be scared and ashamed if I have swelling on my face,he threw her medicine on the floor. Shankar said where is he going? Mayura said he is planning something big.

Ashu called Mayura, she said Omkar left, he is angry. Ashu said he hates scars. Sanjay said be careful, Balli came there and Mayura’s phone’s battery died. Balli and his men hit Sanjay. Surekha and Ashu screamed, leave him. Omkar came to Mayura and placed a stamp on her face.

Mayura looked at it, It said divorced. Omkar laughed and said perfect. Mayura said divorced? I thought you are clever, I will remove it, he said it won’t remove until you sign these papers.

Mayura said I won’t sign them and give you a chance to ruin someone else, until you realize your mistake, I am not going anywhere and I have stamped myself on your face. Omkar said you will sign these papers before you this stamp removes from your face.

Omkar married someone, It’s was Mayura. She took off her ghunghat and Omkar screamed take this scar away from my eyes. Mayura said welcome to the cage of this scar Omkar…Read more

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