Cage Of Beauty 30 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 230


The episode started with Omkar reacheing the college and was surprised when he didn’t see Mayura. He tried to focus on studies but his mind was still searching for Mayura. He asked himself why he is getting bothered, it’s good that she didn’t come.

Mayura went to Omkar’s house. She had dressed up in a traditional dress and greeted Omkar’s mother. Aunty said she doesn’t recognize her. Mayura said she is Omkar’s friend, she studies in the same college with him. Aunty said Omkar went to the college but Mayura said that is why she came and Aunty was confused.

Mayura asked if she can come inside and Aunty allowed her. She entered and touched Aunty’s feet. She said Omkar had said that his mother wasn’t feeling well, so she came to take care of her. Aunty said she’s fine but Mayura made her sit and asked if she took jer medicine. Aunty said Omkar never mentioned anything about her. Mayura said she can ask him when he comes. Aunty said she will just call but Mayura stopped her saying he must be in class.

At the college, Omkar’s friends teased him that he’s missing Mayura. One friend said maybe Mayura got hurt because of his rejection. Omkar wondered whether he was too harsh on Mayura or is it that Mayura is up to something else.

Mayura continued her sweet talks with Omkar’s mother and asked about Omkar’s father. Aunty said, he passed away before Omkar was born. Mayura then asked her what she wants to eat, she will cook. Aunty said it’s not required and asked her if she doesn’t have class. She said she will take the notes from Omkar.

Mayura’s dad asked where is Mayura. Bela said she doesn’t last at home. She further said that he should control her as she’s a young girl. Dayimaa again asked Mayura’s dad about the birthday celebration but Bela said he’s very busy, celebration will only happen when he wins the election.

He agreed but then something stroke him and he told Sachin to make preparation for a grand birthday celebration. They will invite Ishan and his mother. Sachin said this way they can talk about business too. Dayimaa thinks they are making a business deal out of Mayura’s birthday. She wondered when someone will come in Mayura’s life and will selflessly love her.

The milkman came, Mayura said she will go and heat it but she doesn’t know which utensil size she should use. First she picked a glass and Aunty asked isn’t it too small? She then picked a cooker and Aunty told her to use ‘patila’ , Mayura was confused. Aunty said she will go herself. Mayura then thinks, she doesn’t know any work, how she will win Aunty. There, Aunty’s phone rang. Mayura saw it and quickly placed it on silence mode. Omkar wondered whether his mother got sick again.

Aunty asked Mayura if she wants to eat anything. Mayura said she will make something for her. Aunty asked, she knows kitchen work, right? Mayura told her not to worry. she went to the kitchen and was confused. She called Dayimaa for help and asked her to teach her cooking right now.

Dayimaa said that she never turned on a gas, how can she teach her cooking that quickly. Dayimaa told her to send her the address, she will cook and send something, while they were talking, Bela heard their conversation. She said she needs to find out which friend is this. Mayura said that she found a solution, she will now just pretend to cook.

She placed 2 tomatoes in water in a cooker. Aunty came and said she didn’t turn on the gas. How will she cook? She asked Mayura that she doesn’t know cooking, right? Mayura accepted it but said that she called her home and food is coming. Aunty taught her how to turn on the gas. Mayura was emotional when her mother’s topic came up. Aunty hugged her and asked if she will have tea. Mayura said only if she teaches her how to make it.

Omkar reached home and was shocked to see Mayura. He said now he understood why she didn’t come to college. He looked at her dress and asked what’s this drama now? Aunty asked what drama? Omkar said she’s number 1 dramebaaz. He then asked Mayura to leave his house immediately but she didn’t move.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of his house and asked what’s her problem? How dare she to meet his mother, that too in his absence. What’s her intention? She asked why he is shouting at her, he only said that she’s selfish, she is changing for him. She became a type of girl that he likes. Omkar said by changing dressing, a person doesn’t change. Mayura said she will change completely for him, she genuinely wanted to take care of his mother as she was sick. He asked how she knew that his mother was sick? Mayura was quiet.

Precap: Mayura was standing outside Omkar’s house. A storm started but she still didn’t leave. Omkar called her father and told him to come take Mayura away. He then went outside, he held Mayura’s hand and told her that he has no interest in her. She said she just wants his companionship. Bela saw them holding each others hands.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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