Omkar Gets Arrested. Cage Of Beauty 30 November 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 193


The Episode started with ACP Raghav asking Omkar to sit in the PS. He asked Inspector Pandey about his hair style and asked if swag was seen. Pandey said yes sir. Omkar got up and asked them to talk, and let him go,he said he is innocent. ACP asked him to sit and asked if you were innocent then why were you running away. He asked the Inspector Pandey about Omkar’s case. Inspector said nautanki.

ACP Raghav threw paper weight on him and said he is asking about the case and not his suggestion. The Inspector said Vishaka is missing, Mayura said she is not missing, but has escaped. ACP said if you are saying then it might be the same. Mayura said if she was hurt by Omkar then we would have found her. ACP asked then why blood was on your husband’s hand. Omkar said that doesn’t mean that something happened to her. ACP said might be, if she is hurt then she can’t go far. We shall go and search for her.

ACP broke the walnut hitting it on the wall and offered it to Mayura but she looked on. They then came to the haveli. Pandey showed the blood stains to ACP and said it was to divert them. Omkar asked Mayura to go to Tara. ACP told Pandey that they shall have mangoes and asked Mayura who kept it here. Mayura said there is a garden of mangoes here. ACP said lets go and have it.

Mayura asked him to go and search for Vishaka. He lifted the grass and found a woman’s dead body under it and everyone was shocked. Raghav said mangoes might be brought for this use and said that it is proved that Omkar is the criminal. Mayura asked Omkar what is all this and asked him to say that he didn’t do this to Vishaka. ACP said that the murderer has destroyed her face, but she resembles Vishaka and the Inspector said yes.

ACP said the dead person shall get peace and asked Pandey to send the body for autopsy. He asked Mayura to say what to do with her husband? He asked Omkar if he remembers anything. Omkar said I didn’t do this, I can’t do this. He told Mayura that he can’t kill anyone and asked her to trust him. ACP said we shall go to the PS and shall start everything from start and then you will remember everything, else I have one way. Omkar asked Mayura to believe him and said he is innocent. ACP said he has to enquire with everyone.

In the PS, Mayura asked Omkar how to refuse that she saw Vishaka’s dead body. She asked him to swear on her and said that he didn’t do this. Omkar took off his hand from her head and Mayura asked what does it mean? Omkar said I can’t tell am innocent, but will prove it. If Vishaka had done anything to Tara or her, then he wouldn’t have thought even once before killing her and wiped her tears and Mayura held his hand.

The constable came and said ACP is calling him for interrogation. Sanjay gave his statement to ACP and told him that he heard a scream in the haveli. ACP asked then what did you see? Sanjay then drank water. ACP asked what did you see? Sanjay said Omkar was dragging something. ACP asked what, dead body? Sanjay said I don’t know, but it is something for sure.

Omkar thinks of Vishaka’s threatening words. ACP came there and threw water on his face and asked him to accept his crime. Omkar said Vishaka’s dead body is not found, so it is not proved that I killed her. ACP said even you are like all criminal. Omkar said I can’t accept the crime to be different from others. ACP threatened him and asked him if he dragged Vishaka’s dead body.

Omkar said her face was damaged, so she might not be Vishaka. ACP gave him 4 hours to accept his crime and said else I know how to make you accept.

Mayura talked to Shankar and told him that she is with Omkar. Shankar asked if she is sure that Omkar can’t do this. Mayura said yes, that’s why I am standing by him. She said Megha and Sanjay went to get his bail. Shankar asked her to bring Omkar before Tara askes her. She heard song playing and ended the call. She went inside the PS and saw ACP watching dance of Inspector and Constables.

She told them to stop dancing, asked them to free her husband. ACP asked Pandey to go and said you are typical Indian wife, according to you, no good man is ever born in this world, rather than your husband. Mayura asked what do you mean? ACP showed Kundan, Neil and Piyush’s pic. He then showed Mayura’s pic to her.

Mayura asked what do you want to prove? ACP said this guy has ruined many families and even gave you so much pain, he gave you this scar and you trust him even now. He then appreciated her. Mayura threw the pics and told him that this is Omkar’s past, he can have many bad habits, but he can’t kill anyone when his daughter is in the hospital. ACP said Omkar must have loved his daughter so much. Mayura said he can give his life for her. ACP said and might have taken someone’s life for her.

Raghav told Mayura that he’s transferring Omkar to a bigger jail. Mayura told Raghav that she’ll bring Omkar’s truth to him. While Raghav was taking Omkar to the police car, Omkar attacked him and run away in the car…Read more

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