Neil Warns Omkar To Stay Away From Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 30 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 117


The Episode started with Mayura opening the trunk but couldn’t find anything. She went out and saw Akhilesh asking Surekha what is this? Surekha said this is Mayura’s favorite Jalebi with letter ‘M’. Akhilesh told her that he brought it as they are not going out now. Mayura wrote truth on the wheat grains. Akhilesh said the truth is that your accident was not an ordinary accident. Mayura asked what was it then?

Akhilesh said the policeman said that some kidnapper wanted to take you forcibly, you wanted to get saved from him and the car met with an accident. He said that guy escaped, but you fall in the valley with the car. Mayura asked why I can’t remember all this. Akhilesh said it is better for you and told her that when he saw omkar, he felt that he was that kidnapper, evil guy.

Mayura said Omkar ji can’t be that evil guy. Akhilesh said we didn’t see him, just wanted you to be safe and that’s why we were taking you out from Bhopal. He thinks sorry beta, we have to tell 100 lies to hide the truth.

Akhilesh met Neil and he showed him the papers. They came to Omkar’s ward and Neil asked the Nurse where the patient is? The Nurse said he went out to get some fresh air. Akhilesh got a call from Surekha and she showed him Mayura’s message on the mirror. Akhilesh thinks Omkar is behind this.

Mayura liked the decorations when she went somewhere. Omkar came there amd she got mesmerized seeing him. He also looked mesmerized by her and called her. Mayura said yes and asked what is all this, you said that you need to talk about the hospital project. Omkar asked her to take a breath first. He showed the paper boat and said it is for you.

Mayura turned and smiled. He said sorry to her and said I took your number from the hospital reception and called you here, so that I can make your mood fine and showed her jalebi. Mayura said it is my favorite but she said, all these decorations were not needed. Omkar said I can do this thing for you, shall we eat jalebi?” and Mayura said yes.

Neil asked Akhilesh to go home and said I will bring her home and looked at the papers. Mayura ate the jalebis and Omkar admired her as she ate. He signalled her to wipe the sugar syrup from her lips and he himself wiped it with his hand and she kissed him on his cheeks. Mayura tried to go but Omkar held her hand and they danced.

Mayura said thank you Omkar ji, you made my day. Omkar said this is just the start, I want to fulfill all your dreams. Mayura asked what are you going to do? Omkar said a surprise? He placed his hand on her eyes and showed her the board of the free clinic project with Mayura’s name written on it. He recalled Mayura asking Omkar, why he wants her to treat only ladies and said she is a Doctor and have to treat both, men and women.

He thinks whatever I couldn’t do as your husband, I will do everything. He said very soon, I will take up this proposal to the hospital. Mayura said I have no experience for this big responsibility. Omkar asked her to relax and said you have good intention than experience and that matters to him a lot. Mayura hugged him thanking him. Omkar reciprocated the hug and smiled.

Their hugged was interrupted by the car horn. Mayura said I am sorry. Omkar said that is my car beeping, I will go and check. He came out and looked at his car. Neil got down from his car and walked towards him. He said, I know that such a cheap man, will never get away from his cheapness and told him that he had kept a tracker in his car. Omkar said they call such person as mannerless who interferes between husband and wife.

He said he has done many mistakes in his life and advices him not to do this. Neil said no need, as you can’t touch Mayura from now onwards. He said you talks much, but I believe in action and showed him the court restraining orders and said if you go near her, harm her or do anything then it will be troublesome for you. He asked him to be 300 feet away from Mayura else he will see him in jail. He gave him the warning asking him to stay away from Mayura.

Omkar asked who are you to tell me? He asked what, do you think that I will get afraid from your warning, now I am changed,i have to apologize to her and ask for forgiveness. Neil said I am a doctor and don’t believe on your talks. He asked him to maintain distance from Mayura. Mayura came there and called Neil.

Precap: Neil told Omkar that he’s fine now. He came as a patient and he should leave as a patient. Omkar said he’s doing that to keep him away from Mayura, right? But Mayura will go to him by herself. Later, Omkar was outside and Mayura came to meet him. Neil told Akhilesh he can do anything to save Mayura. Akhilesh asked him to get married to Mayura…Read more

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