Mayura Defends Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 30 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 118


The Episode started with Neil asking Mayura what is she doing here? He said I have sent you home for rest and asked how irresponsible. Omkar thinks she didn’t hear? Mayura said she came to talk about hospital’s free wing. Neil said we could have talked about it later. Omkar said it is not Mayura’s mistake.

Neil asked him not to interfere between them. Mayura asked Dr. Neil not to interfere between Omkar and her and asked how can you talk to Omkar ji like this. Neil said you don’t care for your family, but cares for him. He asked her to come home and held her hand. Omkar became sad seeing her going. Mayura turned and looked at Omkar and they sat in the car.

Aishwarya thinks, old lady didn’t let me see the pics of makar sankranti and thinks she was looking beautiful. She checked the pics and happened to see Mayura. Just then Manjali coughed….Aishwarya went out and thinks Mayura is alive. Aishwarya with her face covered came infront of Neil’s car, as he stopped his car outside Mayura’s house.

She saw her face and became shocked. She thinks how did she get saved and why didn’t she open her mouth yet. She said Omkar didn’t take any action against me? And thinks to find out.

Omkar showed the restraining orders to the lawyer and told him that he don’t want to tell anything to her and don’t want to risk her life. The Lawyer said you can’t meet her after this restraining orders and told him that only she can meet you. Mayura asked Neil not to interfere and asked Akhilesh why he has problem with Omkar.

Akhilesh asked her not to misbehave with Neil and asked how did she come to know that Omkar is a good guy? Mayura got upset and left. Akhilesh said Omkar is playing same old game again. Neil said I got the restraining orders. Dadi said you don’t know him and Neil said I know him.

Omkar got discharge papers from Neil. Neil asked him to sit and said you can’t bear two shocks in a day. Omkar said you said that I shall be here for one more week. Neil asked him to leave from there quietly and don’t try to be Sartaj, else you will be kicked out and asked him to sign. Omkar signed on the papers and Neil said he has closed the free treatment project.

Omkar asked him not to take out his enmity on this project and said he really wants to invest in the project. Neil said it is closed now and asked him to shout and take out his anger. Omkar smiled and said I will not go to Mayura, but she will come to me with her wish, then your paper or any strength will not work and he walked out.

Mayura thinks of Omkar even in her dreams and smiled. She opened her eyes and imagined him sitting bedside her. He said you are seeing my dream and I am seeing you. He held her cheeks and looked at her. She also touched his cheeks. She got up from sleep and thinks why is she dreaming about Omkar. Neil then knocked on the door. Mayura asked him to come inside. Neil said he has to take her out and asked her to get ready.

She asked where are we going? Mayura said a special place? Mayura asked if he is lying and asked how Omkar ji is? Neil said he went out of the hospital after discharge. Mayura asked about the hospital project. Neil said the hospital administration has put the project on hold.

He brougt her to the village and said he knows that she always wanted to help people, medical facilities are zero here, so we will give them medical facilities and also help the kids here, we will educate and will tell them the importance of health care etc. He said they got the investor for this but he hasn’t met him, but then he came to know that the investor is a nice man.

They then saw Omkar with the village kids. Mayura said really, he is a good person. The kids asked Omkar to play with them. Omkar played with them and lifted one of the girls in his arms. Mayura smiled looking at him, while Neil got upset seeing him there. Omkar thinks he is a changed man now and don’t care about dirt. Mayura walked towards Omkar. Neil then recalled Omkar’s words. Neil got a call and went to attend to it.

Mayura said you are supplying free medical supplies to the people and don’t have any ego, and playing with the kids here and thanked him for his gesture. Omkar said he has learnt from someone that real fun is to live for others, he can even for someone’s betterment….Mayura then placed hee hand on his lips. The kids run around them and pushed her on him. They had an accidental hug and they looked at each other.

Aishwarya looked at them and thinks Omkar knew that Mayura was alive, why hasn’t he done anything till now. Mayura pushed Omkar back getting some flashback. Omkar asked her to come and rest for sometime. He made her sit and went to get water. Mayura thinks why she sees some flashes when Omkar is with her and thinks if he has some past connection with her.

Neil informed Mayura that Omkar is already married. Later, Mayura saw Aishwarya hugging Omkar…Read more

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