Mayura Warns Omkar’s New Wife. Cage Of Beauty 31 August 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 75



The episode started with Mayura saying I will stay here as per your order, I will prepare for the wedding with all my heart. Ash said look at my Omkar’s style and Ashu came there. He said you won’t do this Mayura, you won’t work in his wedding, we don’t care if he marries, you will come with me and Omkar held her hand. Omkar said leave her hand ex SIL. Shankar said what drama is this? Ashu said leave her hand.

Omkar said once I am married to Ash, I will throw her at your place. Mayura said papa, please. Ashu said no, Mayura said for me, please let me stay here. I won’t go, I am here, leave my hand. Omkar left her hand and Ashu went away. Mayura said I have to prepare for the first arti of the new bride, Omkar said sure and Mayura did Ash’s arti.

Manjali said she’s so pretty, Omkar said to Mayura there should be no shortcoming in the wedding preps, Manjali then took Ash and her mom inside.

Ash said I will be a princess, her mom said you will be so much respected in this house. Mayura said with a lot of scars and bruises, she took off her scarf and Ash said what, hide it.

Ash said please hide it, I will get scared. I will see nightmares. Her mom asked Mayura to hide it. Mayura said this stamp of divorce will go away but this scar won’t go from my face, I am telling you to save yourself from this condition, say no to this wedding, he did this to me, I won’t forgive him until he realizes his mistake, I don’t want another girl to go through what I did,he will cage you.

Ash’s mom then said you are not pretty now so you’re jealous of Ash’s beauty and luck. He chose the real beauty and will keep my daughter very happy. Mayura said please try to understand and Manjali said shut up. Why are you provoking my DIL to be. Mayura said to Ash, you have to get out of here, save yourself. Manjali said shut up. Mayura said this house is a cage, don’t marry here. Ash said Mayura is right, Manjali and her mom became shocked.

Ash said if this house is a cage, I don’t mind it. Even if I have to spend my whole life in this palace, I will. Mayura said what are you saying? She said girls are used to staying in a cage, if I have to live in a cage anyway, it has to be this big. All wives in our country stay in homes, If the husband is working and giving us everything can’t we stay home?

Mayura said being forced to do something is different. Ashu said you were forced because you didn’t want it, I am okay with it but I am happy to live as per Omkar’s will. Mayura said I also ignored red flags like you are but by the time you realize it it will be too late.

Omkar came in and said stop provoking my Ashwariya Mayura, don’t say anything to her. Go now, I have to spend time with her, I don’t want a thrid person between us. Omkar said go and mix the mehndi. My name should be dark on Ash’s hands, go now, Mayura left and Omkar shuts the door.

Mayura was mixing the mehndi and said you can’t stay happy Omkar. Your happiness means another girl’s life being ruined, you have to change and until you do, I will keep fighting this war. The color of my mission is a lot darker than this mehndi.

Omkar said to Mayura, you will cry every moment. Mayura said Omkar, the mehndi is ready and he went out. Ash said once I am married, I will get to spend all time with Omkar.

Mayura was in the temple and Omkar came there. Mayura fell on him and flowers poured on them. Mayura then stood up and said you collided with me again? Mayura there’s some love left with lots of hate, you can’t live until I am around you, do you really love Ash and her beauty? you weren’t even looking at her. You were looking at me and see you are still looking at me. Mayura’s dupatta got stucked in his watch. Omkar pulled it and said there should be no shortcoming in me and Ash’s mehndi and sangeet.

The event started, Manjali said Omkar, once Ash’s mehndi is done we will put mehndi on your hand. Ash screamed and said my hand hurts. Her mom said someone mixed a piece of sangemarmar in Ash’s mehndi. Omkr said Mayura.. Manjali said I will teach her a lesson, she said in heart, I mixed them so I can insult Mayura. Mayura said I didn’t mix anything. Manjali said shut up.

Omkar said it’s okay maa, she must not have seen it. Her face cannot be shown to the world, I feel pitty for you, hide face all the time. Ash said poor Mayura and her mom said shut up. Omkar said mom, is Mehndi over? Start sangeet. Manjali said I have invited dancers from Bhoopal.

Mayura danced instead of the dancer on jhaliya jhaliya.m, she danced around Omkar,held his hand and danced with him. Omkar was angry,he left and dragged Mayura with him. Omkar said your ego, I will shatter it. Your pride it will all burn down when I marry Ash. You will not stay here and no one will care about you.

Mayura said okay but I am here till tomorrow, I will decorate the mandap and get your bed ready as well, I am waiting for tomorrow. Like you changed my life in a moment, I might change yours as well.

Mayura became the bride. Omkar married her. Mayura took off the ghunghat, Omkar screamed and said hide this face from me and Mayura said welcome to the cage of Mayura’s scar…Read more