Mayura To Escape With Tara. Cage Of Beauty 31 October 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 155


The Episode started with Tara looking out of the window and saw the kids playing with their family. Omkar told Manjari that they will leave with today’s flight and will not be here after tonight. Tara came there and said I want to play holi, she told them that if her friend nurse had been there, she would have played with her. Omkar said I called her but she said that she is busy with her family and he convinced Tara.

Shankar got a call from Mayura, who asked him to make her talk to Tara. She said she has applied makeup for her. Shankar saw Omkar going out with guards and gave the phone to Tara. Mayura became emotional. Tara asked why didn’t you come to meet me. Mayura asked her to do as she said, so that her Papa wouldn’t take her away from there. Tara said ok, and said if you come here then I will surely come.

Omkar was doubtful and came near them. He placed his hand on Shankar’s shoulder and asked what he was showing to Tara on the phone. Shankar said I was telling her that if colors gets inside the nose, mouth or eyes then it will be a problem. Omkar said Dadu is right and Shankar signaled her. Tara sat down on the floor and insisted on playing holi. Omkar said she has not done this before.

Shankar reminded Manjari that Tara is stubborn like omkar. Omkar then asked Tara to stop it. Tara asked him to fulfill her wish. Manjari said she will be fine in sometime. Akhilesh came to Mayura and asked do you really think that Tara will do as you say. Mayura said yes, she is my daughter and will do so. If she can’t, then I will plan another plans, but will not accept defeat.

Surekha said time is passing away, you have time till evening. Mayura said I am sure that Mata rani will show me the way, by making me meet Tara. Omkar called Mayura and said Tara wants to play holi with you for the last time, so you have to come. Mayura said ok, but you fired me. Omkar said you will get a full salary. Mayura asked shall I come tomorrow? Omkar said you have to come today, right now. Mayura thanked God and said that Tara will be with her by evening.

Manjari asked her to tell what game she would like to play? Tara said holi. Omkar threw flower petals on Tara and said now they will play holi and Tara became happy. Omkar asked if she was happy now. Tara said yes and asked if her friend nurse was coming? Omkar said yes. Tara said she will wear white dress for holi.

Omkar told Manjari that he knows that she is thinking that he has failed in front of Tara, but he wants to give her happiness. Manjari said her skin will get ruined if she plays with colors. Omkar said they will play with flowers. Shankar asked for bhang. Omkar said they will celebrate and he will not let anyone come near Tara.

Megha and Sanjay came home from Dubai. Akhilesh signalled Mayura and she hid. He came inside and asked her if she will not meet Megha. Mayura said I don’t want them to get in any kind of risk, Megha have a happy union with her family. She applied color to them and asked about Mayura. Akhilesh said she is in the hospital and was unwell since she got separated from Omkar. Megha insisted to come and Akhilesh asked them to rest now.

Omkar and Tara came down to celebrate holi. Tara said I love you Papa. Omkar said I love you and opened his arms wide for a hug. Tara run towards him and went past him and hugged Mayura, surprising him. Tara said let’s play holi. She then danced with Omkar and Mayura. Mayura thinks everyone shall drink thandai and prayed to Devimaa.

Even Omkar drank the thandai and he fell down while trying to hold imaginary Tara and Mayura laughed. Shankar was also dancing with Manjari. Mayura thinks this is the right time to take Tara away from Omkar. Omkar came near her,held her hand and looked at her closely.

Precap: Mayura took Tara from Omkar’s house, some goons attacked them and Mayura slapped the goon…Read more

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