Cage Of Beauty 4 July 2022: Episode 1-2

cage of beauty


Scene 1
The episode started with the mandir and a family praying there with a girl smiling. The girl said we are here to get blessing for my sister that is going to be born soon. The father said, I pray for the baby’s health. His mother beside him said that if it’s a boy then there is nothing to worry but if it’s a girl then she has to be pretty, we don’t want a black girl as we have right now. Savita suddenly felt contractions and they had to lie her down. All the women covered her and had to deliver the girl in the mandir only. The father was tensed but then heard the cries of the baby and they all smiled. The grandmother said she is so pretty and white, she is my Mayura. Her sister said she is so beautiful.

Back in the house, the grandmother was looking after the preparations of welcoming the baby. They all were enjoying the gathering. A guest then said the grandmother is very happy, another guest said she is a pretty girl, she will become trouble in this neighborhood. The grandmother was playing with small Mayura and told Savita that you will have to give dowry for Megha (her elder sister) but people will give dowry to get Mayura. Savita sadly looked on and told her husband that Megha will become insecure in life like this and Mayura will have to be in troubles, it’s already difficult to be a girl in this world but being beautiful can be a curse too, her beauty might become a Pinjara (cage) for her.

22 years later
Mayura was in the market buying some birds. The seller said you buy them to free them, I cage them but you free them again. Mayura said they are pretty in the cage but not happy. She freed them and said if you are happy then you always look pretty. She was about to leave when some guys were ogling at her. Some women taunted her that she flaunts her beauty so boys will go crazy.
Mayura got a call from her grandmother and told her that she is not standing under sunlight so she shouldn’t worry.

Mayura came to her classroom and tried to find her report. A guy gave it to her and smiled. Mayura was shocked and went to the professor. She said I didn’t attempt the last question but I got 100 out of 100. The professor said because of your beauty.. I mean because of your writing. He moved closer and said you smell so nice.. He tried to touch her inappropriately. She said give me your wife’s number and I will tell her the name of the soap and she ran from there. Mayura stood in the corner and cried. Some girls saw her and taunted her that she went to the professor’s room and got her grades, she will earn money like that too.

Mayura came home and thinks, I can’t worry my family. She tried to apply a cream and saw I love you Mayura written on the car. She wiped it and tried to smile. She went into the house and said I am here. The grandmother saw the cream with her and smiled. Savita came there and asked her not to shake her feet, she asked how was her grade? Mayura said I want tea and Savita brought some for her. Her grandmother came there and did her aarti. Mayura was watching the TV and her grandmother said do I look like a fool to you? Did you apply sunscreen just now? You are beautiful but your father doesn’t have so much money that he can get a dowry for both of you. You just don’t care, you have to be pretty in the eyes of important people. Her father came there and asked what happened? The grandmother said she doesn’t care about her complexion, Megha is doing everything to become pretty but she doesn’t listen. Mayura said stop! I don’t want to be pretty, if I was not pretty then would you have thrown me away? Do I have to be your pretty daughter? Can’t I be just your daughter? and they all looked on.

Mayura sat with her family. Her father said I know your face troubles daily because of your beauty but I can’t. I would have accepted you in any form, you have to face all this harassing but I am proud of you never using your beauty to your advantage. We don’t choose our beauty, we get it from God so you got this beauty and a worrying grandmother. Mayura smiled and said Megha is very nice, why Dadi said such things to her? The phone rang and Mayura went to take it.
Mayura came to take the call but saw Megha taking the call. Megha said, uncle you can say no to that marriage proposal. She ended the call and said they keep dragging me like a burden. Mayura said they are just getting a proposal for you. Megha said I won’t get any proposal when you are here. Mayura said I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. Megha said enough, you are not that innocent, I come from court every day to hear that I can’t get married. Everyone came there. Mayura said you are my best sister. Megha said then find a marriage proposal for me, why uncle keeps trying to find a guy for me and can’t? She showed her safe box to Mayura and said this safe has a cap of cold drinks that guys drank when they come to meet for the wedding but what was their answer? Sorry, we like Mayura more than me. I won’t get married. Dadi said she doesn’t have a pretty face and long tongue too. Megha said you know what’s the difference between me and Mayura? The same difference between you and my mom. Mayura got a mom’s beauty while I got your ugliness. Dadi was hurt to hear that. Megha said I am trying now, she showed her the creams and said I am trying a lot and they sadly looked on. Megha said I couldn’t become pretty like Mayura. Mayura said I had a bad day too. Megha said I have bad days every day, it’s so difficult to be a sister of a pretty girl. Mayura said you think being pretty is easy but it’s not. Megha said it’s easy to say that when you have that beauty, God gave these troubles to everyone I pray and she left from there.

Mayura came to the mandir and cried. She said my sister is hurt because of me. My parents worry for me, I don’t want to be pretty, take it back but please free me from this pain. My father has to bear comments because of harassment. Will there be anyone who will see me for me and not because of my beauty? Who will free me from this Pinjara (cage)? On the other side of the mandir Omkar came out of the river and Mayura saw him.

PRECAP – The priest told Omkar that your fate lines show that you will get a pretty wife but not her love. Omkar drew a line with a stone on his hand. He then told the priest that I trust my stubbornness, my fate wanted me to be labor but my stubbornness made me a marble merchant. Now fate said that I will not get the love of my pretty wife but stubbornness said that I will earn her love. Later Mayura and Omkar met.


Omkar was doing pooja in the mandir. People were eyeing and talking that he is a bag man and rich marble Marchant but still prays to God like this. Another person said, he is our God. Omkar was praying near the river when he sees Mayura’s reflection in the water and said marble.. suddenly the winds blew and Mayura left from there before he could see her. He looked around but didn’t find her. He thinks did I see her or I got fooled? She was here, I can’t be fooled in recognizing a marble. He heard the priest talking to his mother. The priest said, he doesn’t have the love of his pretty wife in his fate. His mother said what? Omkar came to the priest and said Chanakya wanted Vidya but she was not in his fate so he made his fate. Omkar cuts his hand with a stone and said my fate wanted me to become labor but my stubbornness made me a merchant. Now fate said I won’t earn the love of a pretty wife but my stubbornness said that I will win her love. His mother said your hand is bleeding. Omkar said I have already found the face which will be my fate and I will win her. The priest said, a woman is connected to one man only and it might not be you, you can’t have a woman as per your stubbornness and Omkar left. His mother said, he has worked hard. Flashback showed how Omkar used to work hard as a laborer during his childhood but then due to his hard work, he made a name for himself.

Scene 2
Mayura came to college. Some boys followed and teased her. Mayura tried to ignore them but they stopped her. A policeman came and asked them to go away and they left. The officer told Mayura to give him a call, he is available for her and Mayura angrily left from there.
Mayura saw a seller on the street eve-tease her. Mayura asked him to stop it, it’s enough for me.

Omkar said to himself, I have changed my fate due to my stubbornness. Beauty is my way of life so I will win the love of a beautiful girl. He recalled the priest’s words that he will not get a pretty girl’s love. He looked at a marble bar and said I will make her fate mine and he started carving it.

Dadi was worried about Mayura not coming home. She taunted that she was worried because Mayura is beautiful and she shouldn’t stay out that much. Mayura came there and heard it.

Omkar was carving the stone. His mother came there and said your hand is hurt so stop. Omkar said I want that girl and his mother said we will try to find her. Omkar said I don’t try, I am stubborn so I have asked my manager to find that girl. His mother was stunned to see his passion. Omkar said, the girl’s face is so pretty that this marble can’t do her justice. His mother then prayed that he finds the girl.

Scene 3
Mayura came to Megha’s room and saw her sleeping. She recalled her harsh words and tried to silently go to bed. She crawled over her and hugged her. Megha asked her to move away. Mayura said your anger has to go away, I am not moving away. She hugged her tightly and Megha became emotional. Mayura said I am sorry. Megha said it’s okay, she tried to move her away but they both fell down from the bed and started bickering. Their parents came inside and smiled seeing them giggling at each other. Their father said we can start dinner on your bed. The whole family sat to have dinner there. Dadi thinks it’s not Mayura’s fault but she has to pecify Megha every time, this love might become their curse.

Omkar came to his office. His secretary Prakash showed him some girls’ photos but Omkar said they are not that girl. A man came there, Omkar touched his feet and greeted him. It’s was his brother. Bhaisa told him we have to go to a college function. Omkar said I remember but I asked you to find that girl, why are you so slow? We can’t win the race every time with turtle’s speed. That girl is special so why are you taking time to find her? Bhaisa said we are trying to find her, the whole staff is looking for her.. Omkar said I want results, not tries, you can’t even do one work. Bhaisa said we have called professional artists so you can tell them how she looks like, we will find her with a sketch. Omkar thinks that she was so pretty that only I can cage her beauty.

PRECAP – Omkar promised himself that he will meet that pretty girl before this day ends.
The principal told Mayura that our best student will welcome our guest the marble merchant.
Omkar’s mother placed a marble statue in the college’s auditorium and said this idol is proof of my son’s hard work and nobody’s evil eye can be cast on it. Mayura fell in the room and mistakenly drops the idol. Omkar was then surprised to see her.