Mayura Agrees To Marry Neil. Cage Of Beauty 4 October 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 121


The Episode started with Omkar calling Mayura and thinking why did she switch off her phone? why didn’t she come until now. He found the paper boat there and thinks, she may have saw Aishwarya hugging me and misunderstood everything. He thinks to meet her and make her understand everything. He found the restraining orders in his jeep and got upset. Mayura run home crying and washed her face.

Everyone became worried for her and ask her to tell them what happened? Akhilesh and Surekha made her drink water. Dadi asked her to wipe her face. Mayura said you people are not asking me where was I, since morning and not scolding me, rather than worrying for me. Akhilesh said my daughter is the world’s best daughter.

Mayura asked do you think that Dr. Neil is a good guy. Akhilesh said he is good and suitable guy for you. Mayura said my heart is not agreeing. Akhilesh said you look at him as a friend, but life is big, love fades up with time but friendship is stronger and asked her to think about it.

Omkar was standing outside Akhilesh’s house and saw Dadi going inside. Surekha asked Mayura why is she upset and asked her to go for Seminar. Some kids were playing there. Mayura saw Omkar standing outside, when a boy’s ball fell at her feet. She asked her mother to give her tea and came out of the house, reading Omkar’s message for her asking her to meet him. Omkar folded his hand and Akhilesh came there. Mayura said someone’s ball fell inside and Omkar hid.

Later Omkar waited for Mayura in the temple and Mayura came there. Omkar said if you had stayed there for sometime more then you would have known the truth of my fake wife. Mayura was about to go but Omkar said we both have felt something and asked if their relation can end. He asked what do you think that you will forget this feeling, asked if your heart and soul can forget this feeling. Mayura said you have broken my trust.

Omkar asked her to tell him looking in his eyes, that she don’t feel anything when he comes closer to her, he touched her and looked at her. Mayura then said no, I really don’t care or feel. She pushed him and shouted. Omkar said lie don’t become truth as you shout, it is clear in your eyes and eyes don’t lie, if you want to go then you can go, if you really don’t feel about this relation, go away from here. He held her face and said Aishwarya and my marriage is not true, it is just fake and there is no relation between us.

Aishwarya acted to come closer to him, to show her and told her that he is not lying and asked her to believe him. Mayura asked what is that? Omkar turned and saw I love you Pati dev ji card in the temple. Mayura went out and asked him to have shame for cheating on his loving wife. Omkar said I will not let you go. Mayura got some flashes and asked him to leave her. Neil came there and asked why she came there. He became angry at Omkar…Mayura then asked him to take her away from there.

Omkar reached the hotel room. Neil came there and showed his wedding card, said Mayura has decided to marry me this week. He asked him not to attend their wedding and assured him that he will upload their wedding pics on social media, and asked him to see and like them. He said here begins Mayura and Neil’s love story. He handover the wedding card in his hand and left. Omkar tore it and became angry.

He walked to the temple barefeet and said that he had made the first line on his hand with anger and stubbornness and made it more darker, now he is going to make another line on his hand, this time it will be Mayura’s love, he will not try to make Mayura his and will not do anything wrong.

her love will show him the way, if someone tries to close the way, then he will make his new wrong without doing wrong, but if someone does wrong then he will reply them, will not do wrong and will not let his love lost. He said Omkar is of Mayura and Mayura is his and until she remembers the truth and forgives me or punishes me, I won’t let her marry someone else and folded his hands.

Omkar came to Mayura’s house. She asked how dare he and he said he felt like. Akhilesh asked him to leave. Omkar said if he leaves, then how will the marriage preps happen? Later, Neil was beating up Omkar. Mayura cannot see it. She then screamed, noooo…Read more

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