Omkar To Fall Down The Cliff? Cage Of Beauty 4 October 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 122


The Episode started with Surekha and Nisha choosing a dress for Mayura. Dadi asked them to think about her and said she wants to look like a bride. Surekha said first we will select saree for you. Mayura felt lost and told Surekha that she doesn’t know if she is doing right or wrong. Surekha asked her not to think this and said even I used to feel the same, but look at me, if I could have gotten better than your father. Mayura got flashes of the past and asked Surekha if she has said this to her before.

Surekha said I made Megha understand at the time of her marriage. Akhilesh asked Mayura to select the saree. Surekha asked her to try the sarees and select and Mayura took the sarees with her. Akhilesh sat and told Surekha that they shall get her married, before she remembers everything. Mayura went to her room and thinks why is she seeing Omkar here, as he dislikes her saree. She thinks he is not going out of her mind.

Omkar said I will be audible to you too and you will like it. Mayura said you are here. Omkar placed his hand on her mouth and said it doesn’t look good that a man is in the bride’s room and asked her to promise that she will not shout, asked to blink her eye lashes. Mayura blinked her eye lashes and moved his hand from her mouth. Mayura asked how dare you to come here and asked him to leave.

Omkar said he came through the window, and heard her missing him. Mayura asked him to go. Omkar said I will choose the saree for you. He selected a saree for her and tried to make her wear it. He then made her wear it and looked at themselves in the mirror. Surekha said I will see Minty. Omkar said we both look good and said you will marry me.

Mayura said I will not marry you and asked him to go. Surekha knocked on the door asking her if she is fine. Omkar pulled Mayura closer and asked why do you want to do this marriage. A vase fell down on the ground. Akhilesh knocked on the door too. Mayura asked Omkar to go and said I am opening the door.

Omkar asked her to promise that she will meet him but Mayura refused. Akhilesh was about to break the door, when Mayura opened the door and said she was wearing the saree and she looked at the window. Surekha said the saree is good and asked her to get falls stitched and Mayura left. She told Neil that she came out of the tailor’s shop and was going home. She sat in the car and the driver took a different route. She asked him to stop the car. Omkar showed his face and said it’s him,he wants to talk to her.

Omkar brought Mayura to a secluded place and said sorry. He said he needs to talk to her there. Mayura said I have no interest to talk to you. Omkar said nobody can keep you far from me, not even you. Mayura said she is going and asked him not to stop her. Omkar pulled her closer and said although you are marrying Neil, but I am on your mind. Mayura said it is my right to think and asked him to let her go.

Omkar asked her to think. Mayura said I have thought and walked backwards. Mayura asked do you want to fall from the cliff, go and fall, I don’t care. He reached the cliff while walking backwards. Mayura stopped him, just as he was about to fall down. She asked him to stop. Omkar then walked towards her when Neil came there and hit Omkar in the face. Mayura shouted Omkar ji. Akhilesh came and held Mayura’s hand.

He asked if she is fine, if Omkar did something and said he followed them. Mayura said omkar ji fell down. Omkar asked Neil not to provoke him to get twisted way. Neil said I know how to make it fine and started beating Omkar. Mayura shouted no Neil. Omkar got up and started fighting with Neil. Mayura asked Akhilesh to stop them.

Omkar asked Neil to stop this fight and gave up his hand to help him get up but Neil threw sand in his eyes and beats him with a rod. Mayura asked Akhilesh to do something and stop Neil. She said Neil please. Neil then cleared the blood from the rod. Mayura freed her hand and run to Omkar to save him from Neil. She stopped Neil from attacking Omkar and covered him with herself.

Omkar asked why did you come to save me, as you know that I am in your heart. Neil said let him die and took Mayura with him. Omkar smiled and said I love you Mayura. Mayura was in the house and thinks of Omkar telling her that she is in his heart. She looked at her forehead which got filled with Omkar’s blood. Akhilesh came there and told her that today he is sure that Neil is the right guy as he saved her. Mayura was in a dilemma and thinks of what to do?

Mayura asked how dare he to come to her home. He said, not daring, he just felt like it. Akhilesh asked him to leave. He said if he leaves, then who will do the marriage preparations and decoration. Omkar called Neil and said he fixed a bomb in his car. If he starts his car, then it will explode…Read more

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