Cage Of Beauty 5 July 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 3-4


Omkar was at the river. He picked water in his hand and saw Mayura’s face. He said shadow won’t work, I promise I will see you before the day ends today, face to face. Megha was trying Mayura’s saree and she couldn’t handle it.

Savita said can’t handle the saree? Hindustani girls can handle saree easily. Megha said finally this saree is put to use. I am glad they kept traditional wear as a dress code.

Mayura recalled the principal said Sartaj ji would come, and she wants the best student to welcome her. Mayura said but I am not the nest. She said but you’re special. We want you to welcome her only. Dadi said my hoor pair looks so pretty. Mayura looked in the mirror and said I will welcome that Sartaj.

Omkar was getting Mayura’s pictures painted by many painters. His mom wondered who is this girl who won his heart so much that he called all the painters to paint her? Omkar looked at the paintings in anger. None of them look like Mayura. His mom said how will we find the girl if he didn’t like any of the painting?

Someone called her and said he’s the chief guest at the college, they are waiting. She said let me handle. Omkar burnt all the paintings. His mom said what are you doing? Sanjay will find that girl. Don’t worry. You know and understand everything. We couldn’t make you study but you accomplished everything.

You should go to college and stamp the degrees there. He said I can’t comprehend anything but that girl. His mom said maybe you find her there? There are so many girls in the college. He said let’s go, we are getting late.

Omkar’s mom called Sanjay and said ask them to sanitize the college before we reach there, they sat in the car and left.

Mayura entered the college from the back door because she couldn’t handle the saree. It got stucked in an idol, she pulled it and it tore. Mayura said no. I wore it for the first time. How much nonsense do I have to bear because of this Sangemarmar Sartaj.

She walked away and they arrived there. Omkar wondered who are you and how do I find you? The idols were being sanitized. The workers said these are for big people, let’s take it inside.

Mayura run to the restroom. Two girls said she thinks of herself as so smart. The special guests would be so mad when they see her, I have a plan. The principal said we have sanitized the whole campus. Please welcome. Omkar and his mom entered college.

His mom then took the arti plate. She said this is my son’s first idol, I will see it first and take the evil eye off. This is important because sangemarmar catches the evil eye very easily. This idol is the symbol of my son’s personality and accomplishments.

Mayura heard the girls talking that guys have placed firecrackers under the idol. It’s been taken to the auditorium and no one is allowed there. They were just doing that intentionally so she hears it. Mayura said in her heart oh God, it would make such a bad reputation for the college. I have to do something.

Omkar’s mom asked the principal to his turn back as well. She did the arti of the idol. Mayura was coming running there. She said in her heart these people are doing pooja. The firecrackers must be under the idol. I have to stop them but if I should do that the pooja would be disturbed.

She run inside and broke the idol and everyone was shocked. Mayura got up and Omkar looked at her. . Mayura got up and Omkar kept staring at her. Mayura said I am so sorry. I didn’t do it deliberately. Omkar’s mom said how dare she? Who let her in? She broke my son’s idol.

Who is she? How did she come here? She said no madam. The principal said you better stay quiet. You ruined our name in front of Sangemarmar Sartaj. Mayura said I am so sorry. I made a mistake. I heard some guys placed firecrackers under the idol so I came here to stop that. I am sorry. I collided with him still Omkar kept looking at her.

Omkar’s mom said looks like she’s the same girl whom Omkar was looking for. Mayura said please say something. Don’t stay quiet, you can scold me. Sanjay said he never acted so weird. She said let’s go out and they left. Only Omkar and Mayura were in the room.

Mayura said please don’t get me expelled. I have so many dreams, I am going to become a doctor. I have worked so hard. I am very sorry. He said ID? and she gave it to him. Mayura said please forgive me. He said Mayura? She said yes and he read her address.


Mayura said are you mad at me? He said I am happy and Mayura became shocked. She said no, I am really sorry. I made a huge mistake. Omkar said thank you, She asked why?

He said for breaking the idol. It wasn’t good, I got a chance to make it better. He said in his heart you don’t know what you have done for me. I wasn’t breathing without you. He said we will meet soon and Mayura became confused.

Megha said Mayura is safe because she didn’t have to come here. You could spare me to. Surekha said Mayura meets people, you don’t. It doesn’t look good.
They were at an engagement. Megha said as if you don’t know why I don’t meet people. The woman came and asked, where is Mayura? Due to Corona, the engagement is so boring. People fear coming to a place. Megha said safe. A woman said Mayura didn’t come? Surekha said she has a function at the college? She said could you find a suitable match for Megha?

Megha said to get at the test for my marriage, I will clear it. The woman said she talks a lot. Surekha said she’s funny. A woman said in this fun, she will get old. I know a guy in a village. Megha said I am a lawyer. The woman said you must be a lawyer but not pretty like Mayura that someone rich will come and marry you.

Dadi said things will happen when they are bound to. You go and attend to the function. Megha said this is why I don’t go to places.The woman asked her to bring her, there would be a guy. Megha said as if Mayura is the only girl. As if I am not a human.

Omkar said we will meet soon and cleaned something from her hair and he went out. Surekha called Mayura and said please come home as soon as possible.

Mayura came home and asked what happened dadi? Papa? Her dad asked, how was you function? Mayura said I broke the statue but tell me what happened? He gave her water. Mayura said mummy asked me to come home fast. He said your uncle told us there is a guy for Megha. Surekha said but she isn’t agreeing. Can you please convince her?

Megha was standing there and someone sprinkled flowers on her. Mayura came there as a groom and said your dream groom is here. She made Megha dance but Megha was angry. Everyone danced around Megha but Megha said stop it, don’t give me false hopes and she cried.

Mayura gave her a cold drink and said my heart said hopes never go in vain. You have to decide if you want to open door or not and she left the drink there. Megha opened the drink and took it and Mayura smiled. Megha gave it to her and she was happy.

Mayura said I have to go, I won’t come to the house until the family is here. I can’t ruin another proposal. He said you are not a thing, you are her sister. She said don’t be upset, I am fine we will see it later. She said to Megha, get married and leave this house so I can have the room to myself. Burn it.

Dadi said is she asking to burn the guy? She said my di’s hotness can make him burn and she left. Mayura said bye and she left. Mayura was at the door and the bell rang. It was the family. Mayura then run into her room. She said I can hide in the room don’t worry.

Megha’s parents served the family refreshments. The guy’s mom said the kids should talk to each other and try to understand each other. Dadi said yes those times are gone when you used to see each other after the wedding.

Her dadi said Megha, show Kundan your room. Dadi said yes go. Surekha said Mayura is there. She said go to the roof, it’s better. The weather is good. Kundan said are you okay with that Megha? She said yes.

Omkar did pooja and recalled Mayura and his mom came there. She said since Omkar saw her, his craziness for her is increasing. She said what are you doing with this shagun? He said you have to go to Mayura’s place with a proposal. You will have to take the Shagun.

Megha spilled tea on the guy’s shirt and she said I am so sorry. She said you can wash it there.. and the guy went into the room. Megha said in her heart, he will see Mayura and then won’t marry me. Mayura was in her room and the guy walked there. He then stopped and looked in the mirror.

Omi said you have to take a proposal to Mayura’s house. She said that college girl? He said yes she’s the one I was looking for. If you didn’t take me to college I wouldn’t have found her. She said will take the proposal to her, but you should speak to her first.

He said I don’t need to. I have decided to marry her, so I will. She said Guru ji said tomorrow is a good day. He said Guru ji also said Mayura isn’t in my destiny. I made my own destiny so I will make the good day on my own as well. Nothing can be better than today.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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