Omkar To Get Rid Of Neil? Cage Of Beauty 5 October 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 123


The Episode started with Surekha thinking how the arrangements for engagement will happen in a hurry. Dadi asked him to call the sweets shop. Nisha told her that she has brought the clothes from the tailor, but the light shop is closed. She asked Akhilesh to call. Akhilesh said nobody is picking the call since morning. Mayura looked at Omkar-Mayura ring ceremony board kept there and closed her eyes.

She then saw Neil- Mayura ring ceremony board. A door was opened, Neil came to someone and asked her/him to have patience and said he will get married to Mayura this week, then everything will be fine, everything. Akhilesh talked to the decorator, lighting man etc. He came to know that their shops was brought by some big company and was about to call the company, when the good vibes wedding planner came there.

Akhilesh said I didn’t talk to. Mayura came there and asked them to talk to her. She turned to him and the flower petals fell on her. She got on the chair asking the decorator to get down and fell on Omkar. The Nurse told Neil that Mayura is very lucky as he loves her so much. Neil smiled and said he loves her. He got Akhilesh’s call and became shocked.

Omkar told Akhilesh and Mayura that he came to do the decoration for the marriage. He said he has brought decorators, sweet shop and light man. Neil came there and told them that he has called the Police and asked him to decorate the jail. Omkar said he can see fear in his eyes clearly and that mayura will choose him in mandap.

Mayura said I will not choose you for 7 births as you are married. Omkar said if you are so confident then let me be here. Akhilesh said we don’t need decorations and asked him to leave. Omkar said if I stay here then Mayura can elope with me, that’s why I will leave. Mayura stopped him and said if you think that I will melt down seeing you here and will change my decision then you are wrong.

She asked him to stay back and do the decoation, also see her marriage with Neil. Akhilesh asked what are you saying? Omkar said it is our marriage, I will give my best. He then said I mean I will give the best as it is our first project of wedding planning company. He told Akhilesh that Neil don’t know me, but you know me. He said Omkar never accepts defeat, he has the strength of love with him.

Neil came to Mayura. Mayura said I have chosen you after much thinking and told him that she has allowed Omkar to stay there, so that he can see our marriage. Neil held her closer angrily and asked her to promise that she will marry him only. Mayura said Neil…He then said sorry. Mayura said I will marry you, I will break omkar’s ego. Neil thinks, nobody can stop me from fulfilling my aim.

Mayura asked Omkar to hang the board of Neil and Mayura’s engagement and decorate it too, with his hand. Omkar became sad, but decorated the board. He asked if she couldn’t bear this and looked at her. He said if you keep looking at me, then we will fall in love again. Omkar held her hand and said today we are getting engaged, so I thought to check your size, even though I know.

Mayura asked him to move his hand and told him to do his work and go from there. He kissed on her finger and said as you say Dr. Dubey and Mayura left. Omkar then took out Neil’s name from the board.

Akhilesh called Neil and Neil said he has gone for an emergency case and told him that he has changed the clothes and will be there. Neil looked at someone’s pic in the car and thinks he is near his aim. He got a video call from Omkar. Nisha asked Mayura if she would have married Omkar if he was not married because once, you said Neil was not your type.

Neil picked Omkar’s call. Omkar asked he was thinking how the engagement will happen without the groom. He then asked him to see the gift kept behind his car. Neil checked the box and found a bomb. Omkar said if you get down the car or drives it, then the bomb will explode. Neil became angry and said I didn’t know that you will stoop low.

Omkar said I can go to any length to get Mayura. Neil said I will tell mayura and she will not see your face after this. Omkar said nice meeting you, don’t meet me again….Neil looked at the pic in his wallet and the bomb blasted.

Precap: In the function,the lights went off. Omkar placed a ring on Mayura’s finger. Later, Aishwarya told Mayura that she is pregnant…Read more

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