Omkar & Mayura Ties The Knot. Cage Of Beauty 5 October 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 124


The Episode started with Surekha and Dadi happy seeing Mayura ready for the engagement. Akhilesh said Neil called and said that he has left the hospital. The light went off and someone came in a car. Akhilesh said Neil has come. Mayura’s phone fell down. She took him inside and asked what are you doing. Surekha said someone switch off the lights. The guy was Omkar and he made her wear the ring.

Surekha said you would have waited until the light comes back. Akhilesh switched on the lights and everyone saw Omkar making Mayura wear the ring and Akhilesh became upset. Neil found the bomb just blackening his face and thinks this will be proved heavy on you. He came there and shouted Omkar. He asked Mayura to throw the ring out. Mayura said it is stuck, I am feeling pain.

Neil said I don’t care if it is paining you and tried to take it out. Akhilesh said it is stuck, let it be. Neil said it will come out. Omkar said Neil…Neil asked him to be silent and tried to get the ring from her finger. Mayura shouted saying she is feeling pain. Omkar asked Neil to leave her hand and said Mayura can bear the pain, but not me. Neil said your game will be finished in 5 seconds and called the Inspector, asking him to arrest Omkar, he came here, although I have restraining orders against him.

Mayura said restraining orders? Neil said yes I have taken it and the Inspector handcuffed Omkar. Omkar said I didn’t come here, but Mayura herself gave me the contract to decorate here and told the Inspector to ask. The Inspector asked Mayura to say if she had given consent to Omkar to do the marriage arrangements. Mayura said I didn’t let him go and I gave him the contract of the marriage arrangements, this is the truth. The Inspector told Neil that if Mayura had called Omkar then we can’t do anything.

He apologized to Omkar and reminded Neil not to waste their time and he left. Neil asked Mayura why can’t you lie for 2 mins. Mayura said I can’t do that. Akhilesh said you should have lied. Omkar then saw her hand bleeding. Mayura said she wants to be alone. Akhilesh scolded Omkar and asked him to leave.

He apologized to the guests and said this function can’t happen today. Neil apologized to Akhilesh and said I couldn’t control my anger seeing Omkar. He said this was just a rasam, I will only marry Mayura. He asked him to make preparation of sangeet and said I will see how to stop Omkar.

Mayura thinks of Omkar and her conversation with Nisha. Omkar came there and held her hand. Mayura said Omkar ji….you. He lifted her and made her rest on the bed. She held his hand and kissed on it. Omkar sat at her bedside. She said I couldn’t understand you, sometimes I feel that you are egoistic, but you have just love in yourself.

He said I shall stay away from you, but I get restless when am away from you and i feel peace when I am with you. She asked who are you? Omkar said I am the one, with whom you are related for births and she slept. Omkar said nobody can separate us and left.

Neil asked the guards to see Omkar’s pic and said he shall not come here. The guards say ok and Akhilesh came there. Neil said this is high security guards and said they will make sure Omkar don’t come inside. Omkar came there and wishes him for sangeet. The Security guard asked them to go inside and told Omkar that he shall not go inside.

Omkar thanked them for giving him holiday and said if I make arrangements then when will I get ready for sangeet and Neil became angry. Omkar said Mayura…you are looking beautiful, he gave her flying kiss and told her that he will meet her in the evening.

Later in the evening, Neil and Mayura came for the sangeet. Omkar and Bali were drinking soft drink. Omkar said you are drunk Bali. Bali smiled and said yes, I am drunk..and he smiled. Nisha said that Mayura has made a special performance for Omkar. Mayura said yes Neil, I want to connect with you with my heart. Bali acted to be drunk and came to the guards.

The guards asked him to go from there. While they took him to send him away, Omkar entered the sangeet hall. Mayura was dancing with her family while Neil enjoyed the dance. Omkar came and watched her dance. Neil was about to go to her, but fell down. Omkar run and jumped there to hold her from falling down.

Omkar was dancing and Mayura told him that she hasn’t seen a cheap guy like him ever in her life. Instead of taking care of his pregnant wife, he’s doing drama that he loves her…Read more

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