Mayura’s Finds New Lover? Omkar Gets Jealous. Cage Of Beauty 5 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 79


The Episode started with Mayura thinking he saved Omkar but he didn’t thank her even once. She thinks until he apologizes to her, she will stay here with her face, this will be punishment for him. Manjali scolded the Servants for their careless behavior and said if anything had happen to my son. The Servant told her that they had slipped and the kadai fell down. Omkar found the powder on the floor and thinks how did this powder come here? He thinks Maa is allergic, Papa and I don’t use it, so whose powder is this?

He thinks Mayura and came to her. He said you tried to kill me, then came to me and saved me. Mayura asked what are you saying? She asked him to talk to her, looking in his eye. Omkar asked her to accept that she conspired to kill him. Mayura said she can’t lower like him and said, you didn’t care about my wound, you just don’t want to look at it, I really don’t care about what you think?

Omkar said I know that you hate me, so then why did you save me? Mayura said my humanity is the reason, but you can’t understand it, I shouldn’t have saved you. Omkar said you did a mistake and I will show what I can do with you. Mayura asked him to look in her eye and say it. Omkar said you will know, when I do.

Aishwarya asked Manjali if she is timepass as Omkar only thinks of Mayura and don’t have time for her. Manjali asked her not to cry as Omkar don’t like dark circles on the face. She said I will ask Mayura to make the kheer and said it is upto me, what she makes. Mayura was in the kitchen and asked Manjali why is she standing there? ,do you want to ruin my kheer? Manjali left and Mayura doubted her.

Aishwarya with Manjari’s help, added salt to the kheer using the sugarcane stick. Mayura looked back, but they hide. Aishwarya laughed and told Manjali that she is more clever than Chacha Chaudhary. Omkar welcomed Pandit ji and washed his feet. Mayura then brought the food plate. Omkar asked why did you ask Mayura to make food, Manjali said how would I send Aishwarya to the kitchen, what if her hand or face gets burnt and Omkar became silent. Pandit ji asked Mayura about the scar on her face and Manjali said it is her karma.

Pandit ji took Mayura’s side and said that the future depends on present karma. Manjali asked him to have sweets first. Pandit ji tasted the sweets and said he has never had such a tasty kheer. He blessed Mayura, finished the food and then blessed Omkar as well and left.

Manjari tasted the kheer and spits it, saying it is salty. Omkar said there is no salt as Pandit ji wouldn’t have eaten it. Mayura said she knows that she will ruin the kheer, that’s why she made it again and served that kheer to pandit ji. She said I have served that salty kheer to you. Omkar asked her mother, how she can add salt in Pandit ji’s kheer and told her that last time, he was scolded by other Pandit ji due to Mayura. Mayura said not because of me, Omkar became upset with Manjali. Mayura said Omkar got happy with her instead, even though he didn’t say anything and she left. Aishwarya said the nation wants to know, what will you do?

Later Omkar thinks of Mayura and thinks she is coming in his dream too now. He heard a noise attracting his attention,he found Mayura missing from her place and saw someone leaving. He thinks Mayura is going out and went behind her. He saw the veiled woman meeting someone and hugging some guy and he became shocked.

Mayura was seen taking water bottle from the fridge and thinks she has spoilt her sleep, for teaching a lesson to Omkar. She thinks don’t know when this thing will end. Omkar doubted Mayura and found them missing. He returned home and found Mayura sleeping at her place. He thinks, she is sleeping as if she didn’t go from her place.

He made her get up and looked in her eyes, asking if she don’t feel shame to hug a stranger man. Mayura was shocked and he asked her to reply.

Omkar fell down on the floor and spits the poison…Read more

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