Omkar’s New Wife Is A Cheat. Cage Of Beauty 5 September 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 80


The Episode started with Omkar asking Mayura why she is doing this, when I wanted you to be with me, you wanted to go away from me But now when you are near me, you wanted to go to some stranger man. Mayura said I was here at home. She then asked why is he feeling bad to see her going out and meeting someone. Omkar said but I…..Mayura said if I am going out and hugging any man, then why are you getting affected or feeling pain and asked if he accepts their marriage.

Omkar went from there and thinks what happened to me, I just hate her. Mayura thinks why shall I tell him and thinks why did he say that I was hugging any man? She thinks,is he making a story to insult me again. Omkar thinks he will have hatred for her with more intensity. He said I really don’t care, with whom you meet. Aishwarya returned and became shocked as her blanket fell down. She picked it up and went to her room hidingly. Mayura thinks, whom has he seen as his anger seems real.

Next day, when Mayura was wiping the floor, Manjali dropped tea intentionally and made her wipe the floor again and taunted Mayura. Mayura said scorpion and scared Manjali. Omkar brought Aishwarya there lifting her in his arms and told them that today he will feed her food with his hand. Manjali recorded as he fed her food looking at Mayura. Mayura smiled and didn’t care seeing him feeding Aishwarya. Omkar said I haven’t seen such a beautiful girl before and thinks why Mayura is not affected. Aishwarya saw Janu’s call and hid her phone with a cloth.

Omkar told Manjali that he is taking her beautiful bahu outside. Manjali said take her outside, her mother went to Narsingpur and Aishwarya became happy. Omkar made something fall down and Manjali said Mayura will clean the stuff. Omkar said no need and asked Mayura to come with him and his new wife, as her Dasi. He asked her to keep umbrella, juice etc for his wife. Mayura said ok as you say Pati Dev. Aishwarya messaged her lover that she will send the location and asked him to come there.

Harish asked Mayura not to go with them and said Omkar will come up with new ways to trouble you. Mayura gave him a tablet and asked him not to worry. She said though they are troubling me, there is no tension on my wife, but they have. Omkar asked Mayura to come,he then thinks to make her cry today. Aishwarya sat in the car, Mayura was about to hide her face but then thinks she came out of the pinjara.

Aishwarya asked for icecream, Omkar made her have icecream with his hand while her lover was calling her repeatedly but she rejected his call. Manish called her again and again. Mayura thinks she is not alone as God will not let her alone. Aishwarya told Omkar that she will not eat more. Mayura found the guy Manish looking at Aishwarya and he left from there. Omkar said lets go for shopping and Mayura said icecream can melt, but not me.

Omkar and Aishwarya sit in the car, Mayura knocked on the car window asking him to open the door. Omkar asked her to run behind the car and reach as fast as she can, else he will trouble her family members. Mayura thinks of Omkar torturing her family and run behind Omkar’s car,he saw her running and then found her missing.

Just then he placed a sudden break and found Mayura infront of him. Mayura asked him to stop the car and said the saree shop is here. She said, she knows all the streets here and asked Aishwarya to buy whatever she wants to, Omkar will not refuse for anything, being a kind hearted guy. Manish and Aishwarya looked at each other. Mayura was doubtful and thinks, she shall find out about Aishwarya.

Omkar fell down after consuming poison. Manjali then asked Mayura to save Omkar…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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