Omkar’s Life In Danger. Cage Of Beauty 6 January 2023, Friday Pt1: Episode 238


The Episode started with Sachin promising the villagers to take the money. He said you will get double money once the factory is set up and you will get employment too. He asked them to sign silently, else he know other ways too. His goon took out the sign and asked the villager to sign.

Omkar came there and threw the file. He told the villagers that what is the use of money, when they and their kids will get drinking polluted water. He asked Sachin to keep his money back and leave. His goon then attacked Omkar and Omkar hits him. Sachin said he has many men and asked until when will you fight, we will set up the factory here. Naina came there and brought the papers.

Omkar showed him the papers and said neither you nor your father can set up the factory here. He said just as the judge saw my mother and other’s medical report, the court passed the stay order. Sachin asked how dare you to get stay order for our project. Omkar said I tried to make you understand last time too, I will not let you set up the factory and play with people’s life. Sachin said I will see you and Omkar asked him to go and complain to his Papa.

Mayura was going to Jabalpur in her car and thinks she will find some proofs. She thinks my mummy, Papa and Tara will be there. Vishaka called Mr. Goswami and asked if he can’t handle a guy. Sachin came there and said that basti guy is flying high. Mr. Goswami said Vishaka can take back the investment and asked Sachin to kill Omkar. DM heard it and called Mayura.

Mayura asked her not to tell that someone came to know that she is not at home. DM said no, I told them that you are resting. She said your friend’s life is in danger. Mayura was shocked and called Omkar but he didn’t pick her calls. Mayura asked him to pick the call and said we have to complete our incomplete love story. Omkar tried to take auto to take his mother to the hospital. Mayura thinks she can’t let anything happen to him. She came to Omkar and pushed him, just as the shooter shoot at him.

Omkar got a bullet on his hand. Mayura shouted saying you can’t leave me again. She told Aunty and Naina that they have to take Omkar to hospital. Omkar’s mother asked her to move back and blamed her and her father for his condition. Mayura asked her to scold her later, but right now they have to take him to the hospital. Naina said she is right. Mayura rushed him to the hospital in her car and called the doctor.

The Doctor checked him and said he needs blood. Mayura said I have called the blood bank and arranged blood. Just then someone came from the blood bank and gave an O positive blood. Omkar’s mother asked how did you know about his blood group. Mayura said I read it on the college form. She thinks, how will i tell you that I know him from the past birth. Naina said father shoots while Daughter saves. Doctor came out and told them that Omkar is fine now. Omkar’s mother asked her to go before her father sends the goon.

Mayura went home and heard Mr. Goswami and Sachin talking about the girl saving Omkar. Mayura said she has saved him and asked if they are her family or criminals. Sachin asked her to talk with manners. Mayura asked what is Omkar’s mistake, you wanted to pollute the lake and wanting to get him killed. Mr. Goswami asked her to stay away from his business and politics.

Mayura said Omkar is my l…and then said friend. Mr. Goswami said I never thought that my daughter will be hurdled in my career. Bela asked what kind of friendship you have with him. Mayura said he is my friend and you have no right to kill anyone. Mr. Goswami said Omkar hates you. Mayura said so you will get him killed.

Mr. Goswami asked DM how did she go out and said that if she goes out then he will cage her in the house. Bela then smilesd happily. Mayura thinks if Dad doesn’t allow me to go to college then. She requested him not to kill Omkar and went to her room. Bela told Mr. Goswami that something is going on between them for sure.

Doctor told Omkar that his destiny is good that he is saved and got blood due to Mayura. He said you will be fine soon. Omkar asked his mother and Naina, if Mayura arranged the blood. Naina said it is all drama, first they shot you and then acted to save you. His mother asked him to stay away from Mayura. Naina asked him to stay away from the factory work too. Omkar said they are scared and understood that they can’t set up the factory, we have to see what will be their next attack.

Ishaan was exercising. Vishaka came there and asked if he will exhaust himself. Ishaan said Mayura is not responding to his calls or messages and Vishaka asked if she loves someone else. Ishaan told her that there is a cycle rider and that he helped Mayura to act to love him.

Vishaka said it is difficult to understand the person with name Mayura and asked him to show her the pic. Ishaan was about to show the pic, when the servant came and the juice poured on the mobile. He then scolded him. Vishaka asked him to clean the phone, he cleaned it and tried to show Mayura’s pic but Vishaka was gone.

DM asked Mayura to stay away from Omkar. Mayura asked how to leave him, who can fight with the world for me. Naina asked Omkar to have medicine. Mayura came there in disguise of a nurse. Naina said bandage was done already.

Mayura said, the case was critical so I came to check. He placed the glass down and felt pain. Mayura shouted Omkar and said you should have told me and scolded him politely. Omkar then looked at her.

Precap: Vishaka got shocked seeing Mayura’s picture. She said that she killed Mayura herself. Mr. Goswami told Mayura that Ishan’s mother came to meet her specially. Mayura said that she wants to meet her as well, she will stay at home. She then wondered whether she will be able to face Vishaka alone.

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