Omkar’s Wife Is Pregnant? Cage Of Beauty 6 October 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 125


The Episode started with Omkar dancing with Mayura during the sangeet. Neil, Akhilesh and others were shocked. The stage caught fire but Omkar continued to dance and drew Mayura closer to him. Akhilesh and Surekha became worried. A decoration cloth fell on them yet they still continued to dance. Akhilesh shouted Minty. Minty realized what she was about to do. She went down the stage and the fire caught her dupatta.

Omkar shouted Mayura and jumped down to set off the fire from her dupatta. Neil and Omkar set off the fire from the dupatta. Mayura run out and thinks of what she was about to do, why she can’t control herself when he comes near her, why she feels as if she lived that moment before. She said why her heart wants her to be with omkar ji. Aishwarya came there and said it is because you love him.

Mayura said you are his wife. Aishwarya said yes and told her that she is feeling bad. She said he used to love me, but since he came to Bhopal, he started to live away from her. She said Omkar saw something in you. Mayura said there is nothing between us. Aishwarya said I would have given sacrifice if the matter is about me, but now I am pregnant with his baby. Mayura became shocked and turned to her.

Aishwarya said I am pleading infront of you to leave Omkar for my baby. She asked her not to snatch Omkar from her and said my baby’s life will be ruined. Mayura recalled Omkar’s words that they don’t have any relation between them. She asked Aishwarya to get up and said Omkar ji said that you both don’t have any relation and your marriage is fake. Aishwarya said when a married man have an affair, he makes such excuses.

She said if you don’t believe me then I will show my reports. Mayura asked her not to show the reports and told her that my relation with Omkar ends right here, asked her to forgive her and take care of herself. She left and Aishwarya danced. Omkar searched for Mayura holding her dupatta. Neil came to Aishwarya, Aishwarya looked at him. Neil smiled looking at Aishwarya and Aishwarya also smiled.

She praised his plan and told him that we will have fun to separate them and yearn for each other. A flashback was shown, Neil thanked Aishwarya for coming to meet him and told her that he needs her help. He said I asked you to do this as I love Mayura so much, and I don’t have any intention rather than this. Aishwarya asked him to shake hands with her and he left. She thinks there is something for sure.

Mayura cried and thinks of Omkar and Aishwarya’s words. Omkar was also looking for her. Mayura thinks she hates him for his lies. Omkar said I love you Mayura, whatever I did is for my love. Akhilesh said why hasn’t she come by now. Surekha said even though Neil went to bring her, but I am worried.

Akhilesh said I will go and see. Mayura then returned home. Akhilesh, Surekha and Dadi called her but she walked as if she is in trance. Later during the mehendi function, Surekha told Akhilesh that she didn’t come out of her room since yesterday. Mayura came ready and asked if the mehendi designer came. Surekha said not yet. Dadi took off the bad sight off from her and told her, that the guy who loves her, shall always be with her.

Mayura became restless and feard something wrong will happen. Surekha gave her Nilgiri oil and asked her to apply on her hands. Neil came there and asked if all ok and Mayura nodded yes. Neil said I was never excited like I am excited today, to see my name’s mehendi on your hand. A guy (mehendi designer) came there and said hello didi. He said I will write the name after I bring shagun mehendi and he went to bring mehendi. While everyone was dancing, Mayura was lost in thoughts, Omkar came there and wrote Omkar on her hand.

Akhilesh asked how did you come here? Omkar said like Romeo came for his Juliet through the window. She pushed the table and the mehendi fell on Omkar’s hand. Mayura insulted Omkar and told him that she hasn’t seen a such cheap man in her life before. Omkar was shocked and asked if Neil lied to you. Mayura asked him not to go near Neil and told him that everyone made me understand but I trusted you so much and Neil smiled.

Mayura said you are a betrayar, instead of you to take care of your pregnant life and you are trying to romance with me. Omkar said this is a lie, I have no relation with her. Mayura pushed him and said your wife is pregnant with your child and you are lying. She said she is legally your wife and asked if he can change this truth? Omkar became shocked and hurt.

Neil and Mayura were about to exchange garlands when someone on a bike, with a helmet, entered and drove away with Mayura…Read more

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