Omkar To Tell Mayura About Her Past. Cage Of Beauty 6 October 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 126


The episode started with Mayura screaming at Omkar and asked him to leave from there. She became dizzy as she recalled some unclear flashbacks. He tried to go to her but Neil went before him and asked why he keeps coming back. Mayura’s mom asked Omkar to leave if he cares for Mayura.

He looked at Mayura and then left. The family members gave water to Mayura. Neil asked whether she is ok. She recalled Omkar putting a ring on her finger and writing his name on her hand. She told Neil that she is tired of Omkar, so she has taken a decision and she wants his support in it.

Omkar came to Aishwarya and asked how dare her say such a big lie to Mayura. He threatened her not to show up in Bhopal. She asked else what? He will beat her? He said she should be thankful that Mayura’s love changed the old Omkar. That’s why she’s still standing like that in front of him. But she should not forget that Mayura is his wife, ahe can do anything she wants, but he will marry Mayura. She said they shall see about that.

Omkar was at the wedding venue and the guards were still there. Nisha was going from there and he asked her why the guards are still there when the function is over and he saw the bridal outfit. She told him not to do anything, Mayura is getting married today and she left. He said if she marries, then it will be with him.

Mayura was getting ready and was lost in thoughts. Dadi asked if she took decision in a rush and asked if she is sure about her decision?

Omkar took the Goddess’ blessings saying he is using the wrong path to win his love.

The Groom arrived with Barrat and the guards asked the groom to move his sehra and It was Neil. He said good and asked them to stay alert like this. Mayura’s family welcomed him. Mayura’s mother said they would have been happy if his parents came too. He said they are in London and it was hard to do the arrangementss at the last moment and they went inside. Akhilesh was tensed but Neil assured him that everything will go fine. There is lots of security around the venue.

Omkar was outside,he thinks of a way to get in and smiled. The rituals began and the priest asked them to call the bride. Mayura came there and Neil stood up smiling and looking at her. Mayura got unclear flashbacks of her marriage with Omkar. Her mother then took her to the mandap.

She hoped for once that Mayura gets married to Neil, then Mayura’s life will be back on track. The Priest asked them to speak “Om” before exchanging garlands. Everyone became awkward. When Mayura said “Om”, Omkar entered on a bike and everyone was stunned. Omkar drove straight to the mandap and pulled Mayura on his bike. Before anyone could do anything, he drove away with her.

He brought her to a temple. Neil told Akhilesh to call the police and tell them that Omkar has kidnapped Mayura and he left to get Mayura back. Mayura refused to go with Omkar. He lifted her and took her inside the temple. He said sometimes you need to use wrong way to do the right thing and he made a fire. He said he truly loves her and cannot see her with someone else. They will marry today in that temple.

Neil called Aishwarya and said if she handled her husband, then this wouldn’t have happened today. She said no need to lecture her when he couldn’t do anything himself. He asked where Omkar could have taken Mayura. She said she will reach to him and hanged up. Neil said he can’t let Omkar spoil his plan.

Mayura asked Omkar what’s the madness? Does he realize what he is saying? He held her hand to do the 7 rounds. He told her that he knows that even she wants this. She should not stop herself. She said enough, she didn’t say anything when he spoiled her sangeet, mehendi, but she didn’t expect him to stoop that low and do all this in her marriage. She will never forgive him for this, he thought she will marry him after what he did?

He said he has made many mistakes and asked her to give him a chance to rectify his mistakes. She said she won’t stay there even for a second. He sat on his knees and pleaded with her. She asked what’s that drama now? He told her not to call his love a drama. He’s not having fun by doing all this, he is not feeling good by hurting her.

He was helpless as she wasn’t ready to listen to him, If he didn’t do all this, then by now, she would have been married to Neil. She said she doesn’t want to listen to anything, she just wants to go. He came in her way and said he wants to tell her the truth and she looked at him.

Omkar was holding Mayura’s hand and they were hanging on a tree branch. He said this time he won’t let anything happen to her and there Mayura regained her memory…Read more

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