Omkar’s Life In Danger. Cage Of Beauty 6 September 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 81


The Episode started with Omkar, Aishwarya and Mayura sitting in the saree shop. Aishwarya asked Omkar about the saree. Omkar said it will look good on you. Aishwarya’s boyfriend came there and signalled her. Aishwarya went to try the saree. Mayura asked Omkar to drink juice and make his mouth sweet. She asked, why your eyes couldn’t move away from me, your focus is good, you keep looking at me, I will go and see your wife, being your Dasi and she left. Manish pulled Aishwarya closer to him and Aishwarya said both Omkar and Mayura are here,what if anyone sees us.

The saleswoman stopped Mayura and asked her to go away from there as her customers are having problem seeing her face. Omkar said you are right and asked Mayura to go out and wait. Aishwarya asked Manish to say the important things and shared her plan. Manish said I understood and asked her to get ready, message me after coming out of the shop. Mayura went out and stood outside angrily. Aishwarya told Omkar that she liked some sarees. Mayura threw the board that everyone is welcome here.

The saleswoman asked why did you do this? Mayura said if any blind, handicapped guy come here, then you will tell that such persons are not welcome in your shop. Omkar asked her not to do drama and said he…Mayura said I know that you had asked her, but how she can do this being a woman. She said this wound is mine and I have bear this even though I didn’t do any mistake.

if something wrong is happening with a girl, then why only the woman/girl is blamed, why nobody questions a man, why only the women are blamed, I don’t need to hide my face but you need to change your thinking. The saleswoman said sorry Mayura and everyone clapped for her. Aishwarya sent a message to Manish asking him to come.

Manish brought the car and was about to hit Omkar, Mayura shouted Omkar and Aishwarya pushed him to safety. Mayura run to him and asked if he is fine. Aishwarya asked also asked if he is fine? And they went home.

Manjari talked to the Pandit and asked the Servant to come to where there is a good network. Her mobile fell in air and dropped on the pillow. Pandit ji told her that,the next 7 days are very difficult for Omkar and it is life taking for him. Manjari took the phone and said yes Pandit ji, she didn’t listen to him and ended the call. Mayura thinks who can try to kill Omkar. Aishwarya acted and said you are bleeding. Manjari called Pandit ji but he answere the call.

Aishwarya came back home and told Manjali that today she saved Omkar. Manjali became worried for him and said I thought you are just beautiful but you have used your mind well, if I come to know who has done this, then I will puncture that person. Omkar said he knows who has done this and looked at Mayura and Manjali cursed her. Aishwarya asked how can you do this with my husband? Mayura was going from there, when Omkar threw a knife at her but it falls on her dupatta.

Omkar came to her and held her hand angrily, blaming her for trying to kill him. Mayura said I didn’t try to kill you, if I wanted to, then I wouldn’t have shouted your name, diverting Aishwarya’s attention towards you. Aishwarya said you didn’t shout calling his name, why are you lying? Omkar asked her to accept that she tried to kill him. Mayura said she is a doctor and she saves life,she doesn’t take life.

She said if she wanted then she would have killed him, when he injured her face, she will not leave until Omkar realizes his mistake and changes from inside. Manjali asked Omkar to just kick her out,Mayura said use all means to kick me out, else you can’t of think what I can do and Omkar looked on.

Aishwarya met Manish and scolded him for his bad planning. Manish asked why did you save Omkar? Aishwarya said if Omkar had died, then Mayura would have asked her share in the property. Mayura thinks who attempted to kill Omkar. Aishwarya told Manish that they have to first kill Mayura, so that they don’t have to give anything to her. Mayura looked outside and found Aishwarya standing alone. She thinks what she is doing outside, late in night.

Omkar fell down after getting poisoned and Manjali asked Mayura to save her husband…Read more

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