Raghav Gets Exposed To Mayura. Cage Of Beauty 7 December 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 201


The Episode started with Mayura telling Megha that everything is messed up. Megha asked what has happened? Mayura said she doubts Raghav and said she heard him talking to someone about the CCTV footage and said she will question him. Raghav knocke on the door and said let me inside,i want to tell her something, he lied about the CCTV footage to her in the morning. He said he found something wrong in the footage and that’s why he gave it to an engineer for the check.

He said I was waiting for the result and don’t want to give false hopes to you, the footage was right and Omkar was the one in the footage and he murdered Vishaka. He said he tried his best and left. Megha asked Mayura if the footage was right. Mayura said the engineer also said the same, the one she gave the CCTV footage.

She said she doesn’t know what to do, how to prove Omkar’s innocence. Raghav walked away from there and recalled seeing Mayura sending the CCTV to the engineer while acting to take her pic, the previous day. He recalled going to the engineer and threatening to kill him if he tells the truth to Mayura.

Mayura found Vishaka’s postmortem file and opened it. She found her blood group A positive and said I remember that Vishaka had told me that her blood group is A negative. She thinks even the address is different,this file is fake and she thinks to know the secret.

Omkar was taken to the third degree room from his lock up. He asked Pandey why did he bring him here? Raghav did a poetry and said if you agree that you have killed Vishaka then the matter will end right here. Omkar said I didn’t kill anyone. Raghav said nobody will know whatever happen here.

He asked who gave him the right to commit murder. Omkar said Mayura lookind for proofs for his innocence. Raghav was about to hit him but stopped hearing the phone call. He picked the call and said he is coming. Omkar asked if Mayura got the proof of my innocence, your face color got faded fully. Raghav told Pandey to beat Omkar well and Pandey assured him.

Mayura went to the forensic dept and seeked the doctor’s help to check Vishaka’s file in the system. The doctor called another doctor and asked him to give the password. He was typing the password, Just then Raghav switched off the electricity by cutting the wires. The doctor came out and said you did right, she was about to see the file.

Raghav asked him to send Mayura out. Inspector Pandey was also beating Omkar, Omkar said I didn’t kill anyone. Mayura waited for the light to come. Raghav did a short circuit and burnt the computer in the doctor’s cabin. Mayura insisted to take the laptop, but the Doctor asked her to save her life and Mayura went out. Raghav thinks he has to do this, Mayura saw him standing far and hiding and she called him.

Megha, Shankar and Sanjay came to the PS and showed the video in which Pandey was beating Omkar. She asked Pandey to tell where Omkar is, else she will show the video to the media. Mayura asked why he came here? Raghav said he came for some case and asked if she got any proofs in Omkar’s favour, I want him to get a fair chance. Mayura asked the Doctor if there is any back up but the Doctor said sorry.

Mayura thinks first password was changed, then electricity went and then short circuit blasting the computer. Mayura got a call and became shocked. Raghav asked what happened? Mayura looked at him angrily and left. Pandey called Raghav and asked him to come fast. Mayura came there and saw Omkar injured. She cried seeing him with injuries. Megha asked her to meet him. Mayura said I will not leave anyone, this is wrong.

Megha said we will not leave anyone and left. Mayura then walked towards Omkar, Omkar said they forced me to lie, but I didn’t give up. Mayura went to him and sat down. She said I have lost and couldn’t get proofs of your innocence, a fire broke out in the postmortem office and I couldn’t get the real file from the computer. Omkar asked if she is fine? Mayura nodded no.

Omkar said I am not innocent and said I am not guilty of Vishaka’s murder, but I am guilty of yours, I hope we could return to that time, I would have changed the painful moments in happiness,am sorry. Mayura said even I have done a mistake and this time is not to point out old mistakes,we have to prove your innocence anyhow.

Omkar said I am getting punished for my doings and I deserve this. Mayura said I am sure that someone is planning against you. Omkar said who can be that person? Mayura said the person knows about my next step. Omkar said the person might be with you since the start. Mayura recalled Raghav’s doings, he mentioned his name and Omkar smiled.

Mayura came out and saw Raghav scolding Pandey for beating Omkar. Mayura asked him to stop his acting and asked why you are trapping Omkar in this case. Raghav asked what are you saying? Mayura asked him to speak clearly and asked what does he wants?

The next day was Omkar’s court hearing. Mayura said she didn’t even gather all the proofs yet. Raghav ordered someone on phone that his work must be done tonight. A few goons come and kidnapped Mayura and Omkar’s dad informed Omkar about it…Read more

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