Mayura Regains Her Memory. Cage Of Beauty 7 October 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 127


The Episode started Omkar telling Mayura that he wants to tell her the truth but it’s not possible. He asked her to believe him and asked her not to go. Mayura asked which lie do you want to present in front of me as the truth. Omkar held her closer and said I can’t let you go. Aishwarya came there and said what are you doing? Neel got the location sent by Aishwarya.

Omkar asked, how dare you come here and asked her to stop her drama and go from there but Aishwarya fell down. Mayura slapped him and told him that she didn’t know that he is so merciless. She asked Aishwarya if she is fine and asked who treats his wife and unborn baby like this. Omkar asked Aishwarya to tell the truth to Mayura.

Aishwarya said he is saying the truth and told her that she will kill herself and die here. She then threatened to burn herself and Omkar asked her to burn herself. Mayura asked if he has a heart or not? Omkar said she will not get even a scratch. He whispered to Aishwarya that he won’t let her succeed in her mission, and won’t let her separate him from Mayura again. Aishwarya said what are you saying, I just knew Mayura a few days ago.

He asked Aishwarya to say that they have no relation. Mayura said if you don’t have any relation with your wife, then you have no relation with me also. She asked who gave you the right to forcibly bring me her, with which right do you have to marry me? Omkar said being your husband and told her that he wants to remarry her again.

Aishwarya said Omkar ji,he stopped her and told Mayura that he wanted to tell her the truth but didn’t tell her due to her condition. Mayura asked him not to play with her mind. She asked how can this be possible? You are lying, I have no relation with you all. Omkar said we have very old and deep relation, I am married, but to you, that’s why I made i remind you of the past, we got married twice.

Mayura said if this had happened, then why would they have tried to make me married to Neel. Omkar said they know everything, it was my mistake, they wanted to change city, as they want to keep us separated. Mayura recalled Akhilesh telling Omkar that he has no relation with her and Mayura became shocked.

Omkar asked what happened to you. Neel reached there and found Mayura’s broken bangle pieces. He thinks it is for mayura, where is she? He called Aishwarya, but she rejected his call. Neel thinks where did they go?

Mayura was running while Omkar run behind her and shouted Mayura……He stopped and run again. Mayura reached the cliff, Omkar held her and asked what is she doing? He said if you fall and something happens then, you are my life and everything, although I have done many mistakes, I am your Omkar and you are my Mayura. Aishwarya looked at them from far and thinks if Mayura comes to know everything then my luxurious days will be over.

Akhilesh, Surekha and others come there. Neel asked them to search for Mayura there. Omkar asked Mayura to call him lovingly, like she calls him. Mayura said stay away from me and moved back. Aishwarya saw the tree roots near Mayura’s feet and pulled it without getting noticed. Mayura fell down from the cliff, Omkar shouted Mayura and jumped to save her. Everyone heard Omkar shouting Mayura’s name.

Omkar was hanging to the tree and holding Mayura’s hand, same like before. Omkar said I won’t let anything happen to you, Omkar won’t lose you, I will rather die but will not let anything happen to you, if my death is destined then I will die, but will not let anything happen to you. Mayura found his words familiar and then she got back her memory and recalled everything. She recalled how she fell down in the valley, the previous time and called him Omkar. Omkar said the way you called me…like before.

Mayura said I got my memory back, and I remember you. She said it is too late now, there is no advantage. Omkar said don’t talk like this, if God brought us here, it is because he can make everything fine. He asked her not to leave his hand this time. Akhilesh, Neel, Surekha and Nisha saw Omkar and Mayura hanging. Omkar asked Mayura to come to her senses. He managed to pull her up and brought her back.

Aishwarya thinks they are not dying. Akhilesh, Surekha and Nisha became worried. Neel looked at Omkar and Omkar smiled. Akhilesh asked Omkar to go away from Mayura. Neel asked if he has gone mad to smile. Omkar said yes, I am mad and told them that my Mayura remembers everything now, her Omkar and Aishwarya became shocked.

Neel said we shall take her to the hospital, as this is dangerous for her health. He lifted and took her to the hospital. Akhilesh asked Omkar not to come in her life again. Omkar said now the time has come to enter her life. Aishwarya thinks to do something and Omkar thinks nothing will happen to you.

Precap: Mayura tore and burnt all of her and Omkar’s photos. She told Omkar, that’s the truth of their relationship. Omkar forced Mayura to do a puja with him in a temple…Read more

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