Ash Makes Attempt On Omkar’s Life. Cage Of Beauty 7 September 2022, Wednesday Pt1: Episode 83


The Episode started with Omkar thinking how could I do this, and how can I think of this? and went out of his room. Manjali called him and asked if you is fine? She hugged him and thank God. He recalled kissing Mayura on her cheek and asked Manjali to get the stuff packed, i have to go from here. Mayura woke up and came out. She asked Manjali to tell her where is Omkar?

he is taken to the hospital. Manjali asked, do you think I will fall on your feet after last night. Mayura said I have to give him medicine and asked where is he? Manjari told her that Omkar has gotten the doctor and the medicine, offered her money and said you will not take it. Mayura asked where is he?

Manjari said he went for honeymoon and asked do you have any objection. She said Omi gave a message for you, asking you not to get his info. She said I will not tell you, even if you rub your nose infront of me. Mayura thinks Omkar is in danger and said someone poisoned him, when there were doctors strike and curfew in the city.

Aishwarya was in the car with Omkar and she thinks if anything had happened to him at home, then she would have accused Mayura, now what to do? She then sent a message to Manish, that she will send the location. Mayura told Shankar that someone wants to take Omkar’s life, how to make Maa ji understand. Aishwarya saw Manish on the way and asked Omkar to stop the car.

Omkar said let any Dhaba come, then I will stop the car and Manish followed the car. Aishwarya sent a message to Manish, asking him to meet her on the dhaba. Mayura saw the guards coming and got an idea. Omkar was still driving the car. Manjali got a letter from Pandit ji by post and read that Omkar’s life is in danger in the next 7 days. She became worried for him and shouted Omi…

Omkar looked at the couple and thinks of Mayura and him. He thinks what happened to me, why do I get lost in Mayura’s thought and this stupid Aishwarya, don’t know where she is? She took 30 mins already. Aishwarya talked to Manish in the dhaba and told him that they have to kill Omkar very carefully, if Mayura had been here then I would have put blame on her. Just then Omkar imagined Mayura coming there and smiled.

He asked himself to stop dreaming about Mayura and said I have come very far from you Mayura. Aishwarya said Mayura Didi. Mayura told Omkar that he did wrong by not taking her for honeymoon even after marrying her twice. Aishwarya thinks Omkar will die, and Mayura will be blamed for it. Mayura told Omkar that he might be thinking how she got here.

Shankar helped Mayura get the info about omkar’s whereabouts, they got the clue from the guards that Omkar was in the jungle. She recalled Omkar telling about his haveli in the jungle. Mayura said I have come and thinks, my revenge has its own limits. She said she can’t see someone harming him. Omkar said lets go home but Aishwarya said lets go, as we have come a long way. Mayura asked Omkar to come. Aishwarya signalled Manish and he smiled.

He followed them on a bike. Mayura was eating chocolate and asked Omkar if he would like to eat? She said ok, I will eat. Omkar stopped the car and asked Mayura to get down from the car. Aishwarya thinks what will I do? Omkar asked Mayura to be in the jungle alone and said, if I had refused then you would have done tamasha.

He then asked Mayura not to follow him and started driving the car. He said he is not going to the haveli. Mayura run behind the car and Aishwarya asked where are we going? Omkar said my friend’s factory guest house. Aishwarya said ok and asked him to stop the car, said I drank much cold drink and stopped the car.

Mayura run and stopped, she tnen thinks, if she should go back or follow the car,she then concluded that she shall go following the car tyres. Manjali and Shankar were on the way. Shankar said Mayura said that Omkar’s life is in danger. Aishwarya knocked on the car’s decky, holding a big rod of wood, Omkar got down, Aishwarya came behind him and hits him on his head, Omkar fainted and fell down.

Mayura reached the car and found his wallet. She thinks his life is in danger. Aishwarya and Manish dragged Omkar into the jungle to kill him…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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