Ash Buríés Omkar Alive. Cage Of Beauty 7 September 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 84


The Episode started with Manish coming there. Aishwarya was about to hit him and told her that she couldn’t wait for him, that’s why he hit Omkar. Manish said Mayura was coming here following my tyres impression. Aishwarya said it is good, Mayura will be blamed now for Omkar’s death. Mayura saw the danger sign board and thinks she has to go to this place. Manish and Aishwarya dragged Omkar and took him inside the jungle.

Manish started digging the land. Aishwarya then asked him to hurry up,she said, we have to bury this dead body fast. She thinks, he is really dead. Mayura found the pink flower garland there and sensed danger. Omkar was about to gain consciousness and moved his hand.

Mayura again saw the board, an accident prone area and thinks, surely there is something wrong. Aishwarya looked on while Manish was digging. Mayura was running to come there while Manish was still digging.

Mayura fell down while running. Aishwarya said this pit is much sufficient for Omkar, they then pushed Omkar inside the pit. Mayura saw the dead sign board and said I won’t let anything happen to you Omkar. Aishwarya said now Omkar has to die and Mayura has to get trapped, Manish placed mud on Omkar and Aishwarya asked Manish to come.

Mayura came to the car and thinks where are they? She found his wallet and phone in the car, thinks she will not take it. Aishwarya placed dried leaves on the ground, where they buried Omkar. Manjari, Shankar and the guard came to the dhaba to enquire about Omkar. The dhaba guy told them that the scar faced girl came and went with Omkar and his wife. Manjari said that danger must be Mayura in his life. Mayura found Omkar’s shirt button near the car and then his ring near the place where he was buried.

Aishwarya and Manish were riding on the bike. Aishwarya said that everything went as planned and said that she will act infront of the Police, as the wife whose husband was murdered. Mayura came to the place and prayed to Devimaa. She found the loose sand as the dry leaves was flown by the heavy wind. She checked in the ground and run to the car.

She found puja plates there and run to dig the land. Aishwarya and Manish were on their way. Aishwarya asked Manish to stop the bike, seeing Manjari, Shankar in the car. She said all the family members are searching him and said now see my acting and she poured water on her face. Mayura found Omkar’s hand and then saw his face.

Aishwarya came in front of Manjari’s car and told them that Mayura had pushed her down the car and was very angry. She said don’t know what she will do with Omkar. Mayura found his pulse dropping and pumped his chest. She said you can’t die like this, there is much remaining between us. She cried asking him to get up. She said I know you can hear me and asked him to get up, asked him to take revenge from her, curse her and she cried.

She said if anything happens to you, then what will I say to Papa ji,she hits on his chest and he gained his senses. She said Omkar….you are fine. Omkar recalled someone hitting him on his head and pushed her away, blaming her for everything. He said if my eyes wouldn’t have opened, then you would have killed me, I haven’t seen such an ugly girl before.

Mayura asked are you done? I feel pity on your understanding, you can’t see anyone’s goodness, but one day your ego will break and you will realize that everyone is not selfish like you. Omkar said that day is not today, I will see when it comes and walked away from there. Mayura came behind him, Omkar found his car tyre punctured. Mayura then thinks, someone wants to kill him and he is worried for the car, how do i leave him alone.

Omkar told Mayura that he loved her immensely. Mayura asked him to say that he had felt the pain of injuring her face and Omkar said the truth is….Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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