Cage Of Beauty 8 August 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 45

cage of beauty


The episode started with Mayura saying I found this ID card? Manjali said it’s his right to know the truth. Mayura said you care so much for me. You wanted to know if I am healthy or not, don’t worry about me please, let’s pray for the pooja. Everything will be good in our lives. Omkar said yes, I hope God listens to me, I will decide right and wrong then.

Piyush came to Omkar and said I wantred to talk to you. Mayura said he wanted to talk to you, please listen. Manjali said in her heart, the result isn’t out yet, don’t burn him more. Omkar left in anger and Piyush sat on his feet and cried. He said please don’t ignore me, please shout at me but please don’t ignore me. Remember when you were mad at me for sitting in the rides and I did and fell sick, then you saved me. I know you get mad when you care. Mayura said please listen to him once. Omkar slapped Piyush and he fell down. Omkar said it’s arti time, I will answer all your questions after that and Mayura became shocked.

Omkar did the arti and a woman came in with her head covered. She gave the report to Manjali and Mayura said I hope everything goes fine, something doesn’t feel right. Manjali gave the report to Omkar, she smiled, nodded and Omkar too smiled. Manjali said Omkar, take blessings with your wife. Omkar also said, Mayura come, I am your husband and you are a good wife. Come, let’s take blessings.

So our married life stays happy and they prayed together. Omkar went to Piyush and hugged him,he said please forget everything. Piyush said but there was some mistake. Omkar said bachay forget everything, we will bid farewell to mata ji like we do all the time. Mayura come and do our tilak.

Mayura said thank God. Megha said how can everything be fixed, something is wrong. Mayura did their tilak and Omkar’s dad came as well. He said do our tilak as well, I hope mata rani gives brain to people.

Everyone danced on dhol to bid farewell to Mata Rani. The report fell from Omkar’s hand but he didn’t notice. Everyone was happy,Omkar picked the idol and took it out. Mayura was very happy and went inside. She stepped on the report and picked it up.

Mayura opened, read it and she became shocked. The coconut then fell from her hand and she recalled fainting and Omkar slapping Piyush. Mayura said Omkar ji.. you ruined my trust. I was all a lie since day one, you fooled me and sat down crying. She said, why couldn’t I read your mentality.

Omkar came in and said Mayura what happened? Are you okay? This color.. but Mayura went away from him and screamed. Mayura said don’t touch me and everyone came in. Manjali said what happened? Mayura said no, not today. Omkar said Myura? What happened? Can I know the reason? Mayura showed him the paper and said this is the reason. I found this result.

Omkar said so? What’s wrong with it. It’s as what I wanted. Manjali recalled it slipped from her hands. Piyush said what is this Mayura? Mayura said do you have any shame? Okay let me be shameless and say it in front of everyone what’s written on this paper. Omkar wanted to know about me and that’s written here. It has a doctor’s stamp on if I am a virgin or not.

I am disgusted by your mentality, you stained by character? I was stuck there with Piyush in the shed and you doubted us? How can you even think so disgustingly? Is this your trust on our wife and brother?? Have some shame. I thought you cared for me and that’s why you called the doctor. You made me faint on your own to find out if I am virgin or not.

You never touched me so if someone else or Piyush.. Omkar shouted Mayura.. and Mayura shouted back Omkar.. She said I can’t call you ji, I can’t respect you because you are not my Omkar ji. This is your reality,Just Omkar, nothing else. This pooja is all a lie, you are lying to yourself as well. No devi’s follower does this. You have questioned by character but it stained your character. You are characterless not me.

Omkar dragged Mayura but she threw color on his face and run. Omkar caught and locked her in a big cage…Read more