Cage Of Beauty 8 August 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 46


The episode started with Mayura saying, money’s wealth can’t kill your mentality’s poverty. Otherwise, you would have known there’s no way to find out if a woman is a virgin or not, I am sure you gave a lot of donations to that hospital. I am a doctor, I know and understand. When a human has doubts in his mind they do things like these. You proved it today, such a big house but small mentality.

Mayura clapped and said wow. Piyush also clapped in anger. Omkar said bachay.. Piyush said I am not a child,my name is Piyush and everyone became shocked. He said I thought you care for Mayura and you want to take care of her and protect her from dirty people, but I didn’t know she has the most danger from your disgusting mentality. Is this how you treat your wife? Omkar said I had no plan on doing this, you and Mayura forced me to think all this. Piyush said no. Mayura said he’s your brother, you didn’t even leave him. Relationships are based on trust, I trusted you with everything. I had so many questions, yet I let them go on my trust. I found my mistakes in your madness, I found my care in your anger. You shattered my trust. Why did you do this? Omkar said before questioning me, you should have seen your ways.

Sanyal (Omkar’s dad) slapped Omkar, fell down and everyone became shocked. Omkar’s face fell in red color and Manjali shouted what did you do? He shouted back and said I am doing what I should have done years ago. Something should be done right today, I came here for this today. Sanyal slapped him again ab everyone became shocked. Manjali said in her heart, he was shouting at me. Sanyal said when years of silence is broken it makes noise like this. He slapped Omkar again and said you have no worth to question Mayura’s character. You will question a poise kid like Piyush? You pretend to be sartaj, I will through all your crowns. He said Mayura fogrive me,he doesn’t deserve you. We thought your love will change him,we are sorry. No one can change a donkey,he slapped Omkar again and Manjali cried.

Omkar recalled guru ji saying you don’t have her in your hands. Omkar shoved Sanyal and Mayura shouted Omkar ji.. Piyush and Sanjay picked Sanyal. Sanyal then said, he has lost his mind. Omkar said you are my wife, It’s my right to find out if you are loyal or not. I have no regrets, I am giving you one last chance, end it right here., If it doesn’t end, it will go way too far.

Mayura said my character and I are not dependent on your thoughts and chances, If you became husband I would have made you my crown. But you were the black rock on the way that you stumble upon, I stumbled as well. But it’s time to stand up. Everyone including my family kept saying I am so lucky, but I pray today no girl gets a man like you. Every girl who has been caged under a mangalsutra like this with a man like you, I hope they fly free. I am going to free myself from this cage and she broke her mangalsutra.

Omkar grabbed Mayura’s hand in anger and Mayyura said leave my hand. Sanyal said leave her hand, Piyush said leave her hand, Ashu said leave her hand and all men tried to fight him. Manjali called her servants, they all grabbed the other men and take them away. Manajli asked Mayura’s family to leave and Dadi said how can we leave our daughter here. Megha said let’s go before he kills us. They were kicked out and Manjali left as well. Mayura and Omkar were alone in the hall. Mayura said leave my hand but he dragged her. Mayura threw color in his face and tried to run but fells. She got up and stepped out of the house but Omkar grabbed her hand and Mayura became scared.

He dragged her back in and shoved her inside a huge cage. Mayura tried to get out and stood on the gates, scared. She looked at the bars of the cage while Omkar dragged her upstairs. Mayura was sobbing and things fall with her. Omkar threw her in the room and locked her inside. Mayura knocked and said Omkar open the door. You can’t keep me detained here. Omkar said no more hide and seek, It’s all upfront and open now.

The goons brought Ashu outside and Ashu said let me go, that’s my daughter,he has detained my daughter, let me go. Omkar, what do you think you are. Surekha and Dadi were crying and Ashu said you can’t bend us,our backs are straight. We won’t bow down, we will break this injustice, I won’t get tired. I will take my daughter from here. Mayura said you can’t keep me here, you can’t keep me detained in this cage, remember that. I will get out of here, I am free. Piyush was also locked in a room as well. He shouted Omkar open the door, how can you do that, I want my answers.

Omkar got suited up and said no one can shout in front of me. Whoever did, will suffer. Ashu threw stones at Omkar’s house and h caught it. Ashu said I will ruin your life, I won’t let you harm my daughter I won’t leave you and he threw stones. Surekha cried and said we made such a huge mistake. Dadi cried and said what happened to our daughter. Ashu said we beg you, please come back to your senses and let her go please.

Sanyal was drinking in anger and said I slapped your sartaj. What he is doing with Mayura, he will pay for years for his sins. Manjali said please calm down,my son is so troubled already,don’t make him angry anymore, what if he gets angry and does something else as well? He said what will he do? He will kill me? I don’t care. At least I will be free from being the father of such an evil person. Manjali said it’s his wife, you calm down. Why do you have to speak in between? Sanyal clapped and said wow? I should stay silent? Well done. A woman is another woman’s worst enemy. You proved it right and he clapped. This mother and son have messed up my life.

Ashu said I will go to police and media, I will tell everyone about your reality, I will expose you. I will free my daughter from your detention, I will do what I can. I will take her from here and Omkar smiled. Ashu fell down and Megha said papa what happened to you.

Mayura screamed Omkar open the door. Omkar said papa ji your SIL isn’t an ordinary employee of a bank, I am Sartaj of Jabalpur. Nothing moves in this city without permission, neither government nor police, you can tell anyone you want.

Mayura looked in the mirror and said this beauty is my curse, I am cages here because of this. Ashu said she is a devi, your end will be from her hands. Mayura said I will die but I won’t let my beauty define me and let me be caged here…Read more

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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