Mayura Is Caged Like A Bird. Cage Of Beauty 9 August 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 48


Omkar kisses Mayura’s cheek adn says how can I let you go away from me? I made your line in my hand. He shows his hand and says this is where you are. He says I trust my demand. Guru ji said you will leave me. I darkened this line with glass. Mayura is shocked. Omkar says I did tap all night to make you mine. she recalls Manjali said he did it for her health. Omkar says remember Kundan?

He was getting too close to you. I removed him from your life I wrote that letter. Mayura is shocked. He says those Kundan’s friends who were flirting with you I made them run from this city. Those goons who were looking at you with dirty eyes, I made them dogs. I got them married to dogs. I taught your cousin their limits with a shock. Mayura is dazed. Omkar says and about coming close to you, I took Piyush’s help.

He told me everything you like and I did it. Mayura is shocked. Omkar says his way and my face. Mayura recalls how he impressed everyone. Omkar holds Mayura’s face and says who does all this to get somoene? But I did. Mayura is disgusted. She tries to release herself. Omkar says I drew you in my hands. see closely. This is you in my hands, locked in my hands.

Dadi is worried about Mayura. Sanjay says I know he won’t harm Mayura. Mayura is under mental pressure thought. I have a plan to get her out of it. He says it will take some time. Ashu says we don’t have time.

Scene 2
Mayura says I won’t stay here caged. I will make you mine at any cost. You acn’t go away from me. Mayura shoves him. Mayura says I am disgusted by you. Don’t touch me. Shankar says he is annoying my daughter. Manjali says our son is Omkar. He says I have to save her. Omkar is nothing to me. Manjali puts knife on her neck and says you won’t go anywhere.

Mayura says you let me go Omkar. Enough of this. These bruises won’t hide the evil in you. You can’t shatter my wings. You can never keep me caged. My flight will make you lose your sleep. Omkar laughs. Mayura says laugh all you want. I will laugh at you tomorrow. Omkar says no you will laugh me me. He drags her to a big cage.

Mayura screams Piyush helps me. Omkar says I didn’t want to do this. But you forced me. Mayura says Piyush why are you not saying anything? please stop him. Piyush lokos the other way. Sanyal says please let me go. Let me save the girl. Manjali has a knife on her neck. She says go and see. He says this will bring maa’s wrath on Omkar. For him at least let me go. Let me stop him from this sin.

Piyush says he’s doing right. Trust me. Mayura says I can’t trust you. You broke my trust. I will never forgive you. Piyush says don’t shout. Bhaiya doesn’t like loud people. Omkar says did you hear? He is my brother, my bacha. He lives for me. Like fish dies without water Piyush can’t go against me. Sanyal says you should have stopped him in childhood.

Omkar locks the cage and wear the key in his neck. He says I am sorry Mayura. Birds don’t look good in sky. Beautiful birds look better in cages in front of eyes. Enough of drama. Sleep now, please. Omkar says turn off the light. Omkar says I am in front of your eyes Mayura if you need anything. Good night. Omkar sits in front of the cage, Mayura says if you don’t like birds in the sky something is wrong with your gaze not with the flying birds. I won’t live caged here. Omkar says sleep please. It’s late. You will get tired.

Scene 3
Ashu meets a woman. He says you’re a civil servant. Please help my daughter. Please release her. She says you got her married there. She will handle her family. You can’t handle animosity with Sartaj ji. Ashu says go from here. I don’t need your lecture. You people do such drama with us for donations. Go from here, we will work for our daughter.

She says yeah you do. They leave. Ashu says what will happen to Minty. Sanjay’s phone falls down. Ashu picks it. He sees Shankar has sent him a picture of Mayura is cage. Shankar wrote she needs help. Ashu is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Ashu says she is in a cage? My daughter is in a cage. He says your papa is coming to get you. He leaves.

Mayura is asleep in the cage. Omkar is next to her. Mayura wakes up scared. Omkar says I hope you slept well. We saw each other’s face today first. Today will be good. Mayura says how do you think like that? You ruined someone’s life and expect a good day. Omkar shouts and says shut up. He says if you say things like these your face would become dull.

Omkar says if you don’t like this place, we can go to our jungle haveli. Now you decide haveli or this cage? Mayura says in heart if he thinks I am not happy here he will take me somewhere. Omkar says tell me. Mayura says I am good here. He says let me get you ready. You will look so pretty.

Omkar takes Mayura to room. He shows her in her saree. Omkar says let me get you ready. Omkar blow dries her hair, does her makeup. Omkar makes her wear jewelry and fills her hairline. He says you look so good. Mayura says I wont’ lose. I will win at any cost.
Precap-Manjali says it’s a big pooja tomorrow. Will you do it? Omkar says yes like every year I will go to temple. Mayura says I will free myself tomorrow