Raghav Takes Bullet For Omkar. Cage Of Beauty 9 December 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 204


The Episode started with Mayura telling Omkar that the place is not safe and that they shall leave from there and Omkar nodded yes. He told her that when he was coming there, she was with him in his imagination and now she is really with him. Mayura said she also felt that he shall surrender. Omkar said I got this moment to live all my life with you and said he will surrender after this. She asked about his court hearing today.

He said I eloped from police custody so the court verdict will not be in my favour, we have to live our lives according to the court verdict, but for now I want to spend some time with you. They sat on the bike and left. Raghav came there and saw them going. He said I can’t ruin my plan by letting you go. Omkar and Mayura were on the bike smiling.

Omkar saw just married on a car and recalled their marriage. He said I love you Mayura. Mayura went to him and they fell on the grass. She then kissed on his cheeks. The Police came there and shouted Omkar. Omkar told Mayura that the time of their separation is here. He told Pandey that he is ready to surrender.

Pandey shot at him, but Raghav came there, pushed him and took bullet himself. Mayura run to Omkar and asked if he is fine. She saw Raghav getting bullet on his hand and asked if he is fine.

Raghav asked how is Omkar? Mayura said he is fine. Pandey asked why did you come in between. Mayura prayed for Raghav’s life in the hospital. Sanjay regretted to doubt Raghav and said Omkar is saved due to him. The Doctor said Raghav is fine now. Mayura asked Megha to take another date for Omkar’s case. She came to Raghav and thanked him for saving Omkar.

Raghav said if I had died, then would have atleast i would have been relieved that you don’t doubt me. Mayura asked him not to say this. He asked how is Omkar? Mayura said the Judge gave him life imprisonment. Megha was trying to change the judge’s verdict and to get another date. She said she will lose Omkar if they don’t win the case.

Raghav’s watch beeped and he said that his senior has messaged him and asked him to return to the case. Mayura recognized the beep sound and asked him to get back to the case. Raghav informed his senior. Mayura said I will go and get medicine for you.

Raghav pretended to scold Pandey for shooting at Omkar and Mayura left. Raghav and Pandey appreciated each other for their acting. He told Pandey that Omkar will be hurt seeing him back on the case.

Megha said that she requested the judge and took another date, we want concrete proofs. Omkar said that Raghav had planned this to win Mayura’s trust. He asked how did Raghav go there? Shankar said Sanjay told him about the phone number. Omkar said it is surely his trick, which Mayura couldn’t understand.

Mayura and Raghav came there, Raghav pretended to fall and Mayura held his hand. Raghav asked her to give the good news. Mayura said Raghav is back on his case. Omkar said that it was Raghav’s drama to gain her trust and asked her to understand him. Mayura asked him to trust her. She said the new ACP ordered to do your encounter and Raghav saved you. She said she trusts Raghav. Raghav asked her not to fight with Omkar for him and smirked. Mayura said let’s go from here.

Raghav asked Mayura not to get sad and said we are on the right track and asked her to drink tea. Mayura said I hope that something is found in the autopsy and CCTV footage. . Mayura said atleast it shall be proved that the body was not Vishaka or that the person in the footage is not Omkar. Raghav became tensed.

He got a call and said it was a waste call, I need to sit here,he felt pain and Mayura said I have a good homeopathy medicine. He thinks, it is you. Mayura asked him to take the medicine and asked him about his family, where are they? Raghav said they are living their lives and I am living mine, there is no cross where we can meet.

Mayura asked him to rest and said I will go home. Raghav said I will come with you, that goons are not caught, I can’t take the risk. Mayura said nothing will happen to me, I will go by myself. She said we will meet in the morning and left.

The next day, Raghav brought the autopsy report and CCTV footage. The Judge said, it is clearly written that the body is Vishaka. Omkar said that he didn’t kill anyone, he remembers that someone gave him injection and made him unconscious. The Judge said all proofs are against him. Raghav said you have done the murder.

Manjari came there and asked who dare he to call her son as a murderer. Raghav asked who is she? Manjari then scolded him. Omkar said she is my mother. Manjari said I came to show everyone’s Nani to him. The Judge said court case is going on here and I am the judge. Manjari said that’s why I came here with proofs and she then scolded Megha.

The Judge asked what is the proof? Manjari called someone and said he has tested the CCTV footage and will tell what is wrong in the footage and will also tell that my innocent’s son’s face was stick to someone’s body.

Precap: Mayura shared her doubts about Raghav to Omkar. Omkar said that Raghav has started loving her. Mayura said there must be another reason too. Later, she overheard Raghav saying on phone that his plan got spoiled and she asked what plan?…Read more

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