Omkar Gets Arrested. Cage Of Beauty 9 January 2023, Monday Pt1: Episode 240


The Episode started with Sachin asking Mayura, if she will show the sword to her brother. Mayura said I am with truth. Omkar came there and asked how dare you to keep the board amidst the stay order. Mayura said Omkar you are unwell already and asked him not to get involved in this matter. Omkar said I will not fall for your cleverness. Mayura said I am not doing any cleverness.

Sachin asked Mayura to come home, as the goon snatched the sword from her hand. He said you learnt sword fighting by your wish. A goon attacked Omkar, Mayura shouted Omkar and he pushed her. He beats the goon for trying to harm Mayura. Sachin took Mayura from here while she was shouting for Omkar. Naina thinks, what happened to Omkar suddenly. Omkar asked Sarpanch to make arrangements and keep some men to guard the place and Sarpanch said ok.

Mr. Goswami asked Mayura what happened to her, why she wants to halt his project work. Mayura asked why do you want to harm the basti people. Sachin said she is doing this for Omkar. Mr. Goswami asked her to be tight lipped and said Ishaan and his mother left, I have to bear humiliation because of you. He called Bela and said DM is not doing her work properly, he then asked Bela to keep eye on Mayura and Mayura went to her room upset.

Naina told Omkar’s mother that she doesn’t know what happened to him, it was like he was not in his senses seeing Mayura, his mother then prayed for his safety. Omkar asked himself to forget Mayura and focus on studies. He opened a book and found an envelope. Mayura told DM that she had left clues for Omkar in his room, when she went there. Omkar saw a Jabalpur card, Sangemarmar Sartaj card and also Narmada river written on another card. He thinks of Mayura’s words that this is their rebirth and that nobody can stop their union.

Mr. Goswami told Vishaka ji that she can invest due to Mayura and Ishaan’s alliance but if this doesn’t happen then we will be ruined. He told Sachin that they have to handle Omkar. Bela said she has an idea to make Omkar go away from their way. Mayura looked at Omkar’s pic and cried. She saw a reflection and asked who is there? Omkar came there and placed his hand on her mouth. Mayura said you are here.

Omkar said you had left something in my house, so I came to return it. Mayura asked did you remember everything? Omkar said you have started it again. Mayura asked why did you come to my room secretly to give me this? Omkar said nobody was at the gate when I came here. Mayura said whatever I told you was the truth. Omkar asked why didn’t you apply something on your injury.

Mayura said I am hurt and asked why did he feel pain when she was attacked with a sword. We have a connection and you care for me, when we met for the first time, you had said about ghaat, we met on Narmada river ghaat in our last birth. Omkar said there is nothing like previous birth.

Just then Mr. Goswami and Sachin came there. Vishaka said did Mayura know about me and avoided me intentionally. She thinks, if she remembers anything and thinks to find out. She thinks to handle the basti guy first and handle everything herself. She called someone and asked him to give the basti guy information urgently.

Sachin asked why did you come to Mayura’s room? Mr. Goswami asked him to take Omkar out and said he will talk to Mayura. Mayura said Omkar will stay here, you shall talk in front of him. Mr. Goswami said I am not a good father but I care for you, I swear that I will not touch Omkar. Mayura asked promise.

Mr. Goswami said I want to know what he is planning and what is in his heart. Omkar said I don’t want to talk to anyone, I shall leave. Sachin stopped him and said, Papa said that he wants to talk to you. Mr. Goswami asked Mayura not to worry and said nothing will happen to Omkar and he went out of room. Bela showed the lock in her hand and smiled.

Omkar’s mother was praying. Naina came there and asked where is Omkar? His mother became tensed and said I am afraid that he went for Mayura and she prayed to God to protect him.
Mayura looked at Omkar talking to Mr. Goswami and Sachin and prayed that everything shall be fine. Just then she saw the Police coming there. Mr. Goswami asked the Police to arrest Omkar as he attempted to kill his daughter.

Omkar said he is lying and asked the Inspector to call Mayura. Mr. Goswami said my daughter is not in the condition to talk after the attack and asked the Inspector to take him. Mayura tried to open the window but found it locked. She found the door locked too and asked DM to open the door.

Bela recalled giving the idea to Mr. Goswami and Sachin to get Omkar trapped in a case rather than killing him. She saw Omkar coming there and said the lamb is ready to be sacrificed. Omkar argued with the Inspector to call Mayura and take her statement. Inspector showed Mayura’s fake statement with her signature that he tried to kill him and Omkar was shocked.

DM told Mayura that Bela signed on her behalf and gave it to the Police that Omkar attacked to kill you. Mayura asked her to do something. DM said I will do something. She came to Mr. Goswami and asked if she shall give food to Mayura. Mr. Goswami said no, I gave her everything without her asking and that’s why she has become like this. DM said Mayura never got what she wanted, that is your love. Mr. Goswami told her that he will kick her out of the house and Bela said she will handle them.

Vishaka talked to Mr. Goswami and said you did right by handling the basti guy and asked what about Mayura. He asked what? She said I couldn’t meet Mayura, as she is Ishaan’s special friend. She said she wants to meet her and also talk about business.

Mr. Goswami said ok and asked her to have breakfast in his house. She asked him to make sure that Mayura meets her. Mr. Goswami assured her that Mayura will be here. Vishaka said tomorrow will be an interesting day for me. Mayura cried sitting down in her room.

Precap: Mayura told the media that police is trapping Omkar in a false harassment case. They’re saying that he attacked her but she confesses that he didn’t do anything like that. Mayura’s father, Vishaka watch this on TV and were shocked. Vishaka thinks, why does she feels that Mayura knows everything about the previous birth and decided to separate them. Vishaka visited Omkar’s house. He said, why does he feels like he has heard her name and seen her before….Read more

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