Mayura Learns Ash Is Behind The Attacks. Cage Of Beauty 9 September 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 87


The episode started with Omkar’s mother requesting him to not go anywhere and Mayura agreed. Omkar said he will go to a resort with his wife, Aishwarya. He asked his mother to take Mayura back home,he doesn’t want to see her face. Aishwarya thinks if Mayura won’t be there, then how will she put blame on her for whatever that she’s planning against Omkar. Mayura’s presence is a must.

Omkar thinks he hates Mayura, It doesn’t matter to him whether she’s in his life or not and he will prove that. He took Aishwarya’s hand and asked shall they leave? Omkar’s mother asked his father to explain to him. He said, to understand, one needs a brain which he doesn’t have.

Omkar and Aishwarya came to the resort. Aishwarya stopped outside saying she was going to call her mom.. After he went inside, she went to Manish and said this is their last chance, she couldn’t bring Mayura, but she is sure Mayura will follow them and come. They have to finish Omkar this time and Mayura saw everything.

She had a doubt on Aishwarya and Manish. She said Aishwarya is not as innocent as she’s showing, she then decided to expose Aishwarya in front of everyone, she won’t let any harm come to Omkar.

In the room, Omkar was recalling some romantic moments with Mayura. He asked himself why he’s still thinking about her. Aishwarya came to the room and wished h happy honeymoon. She asked him to look at her and he did but saw Mayura. He asked why he keeps seeing her, he hates her.

Mayura said because you can only hate someone if that person makes any difference to you. Omkar and Aishwarya were shocked knowing she’s actually present there. Mayura said this must be the first honeymoon where husband is with 2 wives.

He asked why she is there. She said to save him,he threw her out of the room and locked the door. A hotel staff brought in a cake saying,your wife ordered. Aishwarya wondered when she ordered the cake but still took it inside. The waiter informed Mayura her work is done. Aishwarya lights the candle and the fire alarm turned on. Mayura thinks now they must come outside.

Aishwarya thinks she wanted Mayura to come, but she’s spoiling her plans, It’s better she kills Omkar and puts blame on someone else. She told Omkar that this was done by Mayura and asked him to call the police and get her out. She further said it would have been better if she died in the jungle’s attack.

He got angry and said he won’t hear anything against Mayura. She asked him, he hates her, right? But from his actions, it doesn’t look it. He went outside and bumped into Mayura, he caught her from falling, they had eyelock, he left and she followed him. Aishwarya was then frustrated.

Manish saw Mayura following Omkar and wondered how come they are together. Mayura told Omkar why he doesn’t understand that his life is in danger. He threw water on her face and walked away.

Aishwarya thinks she was born beautiful, but now she wants to become rich. Omkar must die and if Mayura comes in between, then she will have to die too.

Mayura searched for Omkar and found him breaking wood in anger. She said she wants to talk to him butut he wasn’t interested and continued breaking the wood. On the other side, Aishwarya informed Manish that their plan will remain same, she will kill Omkar tonight. Manish asked what about Mayura? She said he has to keep Mayura away from the room.

A piece of wood went on Mayura’s face and she got hurt. Omkar rushed to her but she said she’s fine. She said she is not interested in bothering him, she only wanted to say.. He saw blood on her face and took care of her wound. Aishwarya saw them and said they hate each other only from outside. She asked Omkar what’s all this? She’s waiting for him in the room and he’s there with Mayura. It’s their honeymoon.

She took him and said they will have a lot of fun today. Mayura wondered what’s Aishwarya’s plan. She heard someone’s footstep, It was a waiter. He told her that she is not allowed there, only staff are allowed and she left. Manish was hiding behind a tree in a waiter’s dress. He said she got saved again,he has to stop her from going to the room and he thinks of what to do.

Aishwarya got dressed up in a red saree and was awaiting for Omkar to come out from bathroom. She thinks he can get ready as much as he wants,he will have a handsome death. She messaged Manish to keep Mayura away. Mayura jumped into the bathroom from a window. Omkar was getting ready there, Mayura again told him that his life was in danger and that Aishwarya was behind all the attacks that happened on him recently. Aishwarya was calling Omkar but he didn’t respond.

She wondered whether he’s actually inside. Mayura told Omkar that she always had doubt on Aishwarya, but today her doubt became true when she came to the resort. Aishwarya opened the door and got a message from Manish to call him immediately. Mayura informed Omkar that he must trust her. She saw Aishwarya meeting some guy and asked him to stay away from Aishwarya.

Manish told Aishwarya that he checked the whole resort, he doesn’t know where Mayura disappeared to. Mayura asked Omkar to return home but he said enough. Aishwarya wondered whether Mayura was in bathroom. She took a knife and went into the bathroom. She then heard Omkar not supporting Mayura and refusing to listen to her. She thinks that’s good and said, see Mayura one last time before dying, Omkar. After that your game will be over.

Omkar fell down, unconscious. Aishwarya told Mayura, she will see how she saves life of the person who spoiled her face. Mayura said she won’t let Omkar spoil his wife with her (Aishwarya) and they challenged each other…Read more

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