Mayura Challenges Ashwarya. Cage Of Beauty 9 September 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 88


The Episode started with Aishwarya coming to the bathroom,she asked Omkar what is he doing here with Mayura and acted. She asked do you love her even now. Mayura asked her not to talk nonsense and Omkar held her hand. Mayura asked him to listen her. He said I loved your beauty but i don’t love you now. He tied her mouth and hand and left with Aishwarya.

Mayura thinks Omkar’s life is in danger and I am tied here, how do I save him. Manjali told Shankar that Omkar’s life is in danger and today she will do jaap for the safety of her son.

Omkar thinks of Mayura and her words while Manjali did puja. Aishwarya thinks to make Omkar drunk and then make him fall on the stone to kill him, so that it looks like an accident. She asked him to finish the drink to forget Mayura. Manjari became shocked seeing the diya set off. Aishwarya thinks once he is fully drank, then she will kill him. Manjali told Devimaa that she will die, if something happens to her son.

Mayura also prayed to the Goddess. Aishwarya danced around Omkar and made him drink more and more. She kept a pipe on his way to make him fall down on the stone. He was about to fall down on the stone, Mayura came in time and placed a soft pillow on the stone to save him anx Aishwarya became shocked. Omkar fainted due to the drowsiness.

She tried to make him get to his senses. Aishwarya said it is good that you came here, I was afraid, you saved Omkar ji. Mayura said you left the knife in the bathroom, which you brought to kill Omkar, came in my use. She recalled cutting the cloth and holding it. Aishwarya said no, I didn’t leave anything. Mayura said now I understood your truth and asked her not to act.

She said I have understood that you are dying to become Omkar’s widow, but I am standing infront of you and Omkar, like a shield, Omkar didn’t give her anything rather than pain. Aishwarya asked what is your intention with Omkar. Mayura said I know how to keep up the relations, there is a difference between you and me.

She said you want to kill him for his property, I will not let anything happen to him until he regrets his actions and apologizes to me. Aishwarya asked her not to come in between her dreams as nobody can stop her.

She said nobody is bad than her. She said I will see how you save the person ruining your face. Mayura said I will not let the person’s life get ruined with you,the one who has ruined my face. Mayura took Omkar to the room and told Aishwarya that she will not leave him alone with her. She asked her to go to her boyfriend and discuss the plan. She said once you get the consciousness, I will tell you the truth, then….Omkar was unconscious, held her hand and said I hate you…Mayura. Mayura said even me…

Aishwarya suffocated Manish’s neck and asked him to do something before Omkar doubts them. Manish asked her to act to be an innocent wife and said it is ok if Mayura loses her life too. Omkar woke up in the morning and asked Mayura why she came infront of him early morning. Aishwarya said I was with you all night, but she didn’t listen, I have taken care of you. Omkar asked Mayura to leave as his head is paining him.

Mayura told him that she wants to tell him something but Aishwarya asked her to go. Omkar asked her to say it and go. Mayura sat on the bed and asked him to drink lemon water. Omkar asked, are you done? and asked her to leave. Aishwarya looked on. Mayura said I didn’t say as Omkar will not trust me now, but I will have my eyes on you.

She called someone said that Aishwarya was after Omkar’s money but she didn’t know about my planning, I want to get everything on my name and saw Aishwarya listening to her.

Mayura told Omkar to catch Aishwarya with her boyfriend, with whom she plans to kill him. Omkar then went to Aishwarya and she became shocked…Read more

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