Cage Of Beauty Friday, 22 July 2022: Episode

cage of beauty


The episode started with Mayura saying nothing would be better than you coming with me,smile for me now and he smiled. Mayura said more and later said let’s go.

Megha came home and Sanjay said who was your pagphera? Megah said very good. He said it feels good to see you happy and Sanjay got a call. Megha then recalled Omkar’s behavior with Mayura. Megha said I found the right weapon against you, your own husband Omkar. Soon, I am coming Mayura to take my revenge.

Piyush tried to open the file, he saw the video and said I will find out.

Mayura said Omkar ji what are you thinking? He said I have a press conference so am preparing for that, she said okay and Omkar asked her to rest. Mayura then gave him a flying kiss and Omkar recalled what a women said, that all girls loses thier beauty. He said I am not coming near you because I don’t want your beauty to fade away. Other girls lose their beauty after wedding but I won’t let that happen.

Omkar saw Piyush watching the video and asked him to get his file. He sat behind the laptop and deleted the video. Piyush came back and Omi wasn’t there. Omkar came back and Piyush said you scard me, where did you go? This is your file. Omkar said to Piyush go and sleep, I will need you in the event tomorrow but Piyush said, I am fine.

Omkar was having a dream. He woke up and said I won’t let this dream come true, why did I see Mayura going away from me, i will never let this happen.

Piyush said to Omkar, I got everything ready but why are we doing this event in the house? He said so I can stay close to Mayura. Manjali said call Sanjay and ask where he is, these boys are so useless. Manjali said Guru ji will come,his blessings are always with us. When we had nothing, he was with us. Mayura came Manjali asked her to come for parsad. Mayura fainted and Omkar run to her. Everyone became shocked.

Omkar took Mayura to the bed and asked the doctor what happened with her? The dcotor said I am checking. He said hurry up and Manjali asked him to calm down, let her check.. Omkar said tell me what happened to her, how did she faint? Show me your degree and told Piyush to call another doctor. He then got a panic attack. The doctor said she is just tired, she is fine, weddings are stressful. Omkar said I hate myself, I couldn’t care for her. Manjali said how else would you, you are the best husband. He said no ma, Mayura fainted and it was my mistake. What if she bled and got a scar? Manjali said don’t think about what happened.

Sanjay said I am late, Omi will be mad. He said to Megha you also come, you will meet Mayyura. Megha said no thanks you should go but later said wait, I will go. I want to meet Mayura.

Guru ji came and Manjali welcomed them. Manjali said please sit, you didn’t come for the wedding. He said Omi didn’t come, I prayed for him and called him later. Manjali said I am very sorry. He said I always pray for Omi. Manjali said, Omi is always scared something will happen. He said I told you omkar doesn’t have love in his hands. Manjali said he can’t live without this girl, please help me an he drew something.

Omkar sat with Mayura and said I won’t let anything happen to you and Piyush came. He said don’t worry Mayura will be fine and gave Omkar water.
Omkar came and asked Guru ji, you made my prashan kundli? Manjali said this is for Mayura’s pooja but Omkar said there’s no such pooja. What’s in the parshan Kundli? Guru ji said, it says Mayura will leave you, she is a free bird. Pandit ji said you can’t deny this prashan kundli.

Omkar cuts his hand and said I will make this line darker with Mayura’s name. Guru ji said, her beauty will not only ruin her life but yours as well, she will go away from you and Omkar said I will never let that happen.


Omkar shouted at the doctor and picked a stone,he said I drew Mayura’s line in my hands and now you are saying she will get out of my hands, I will write her darker. He cuts his hand, Manjali became scared and said stop it Omi. He said Mayura will be in my hands forever. Guru ji said her beauty will become a curse in your life, she is a free bird and he left. Manjali said, he is gone.

Omkar said we will do pooja for Mayura, call a good pandit. Manjali said but Mayura is sleeping and I don’t know if she will say yes for such pooja. Piyush sorry I came at the wrong time but the press conference is ready. Manjali said go Omi. Sanjay and Megha came and Sanjay said sorry I am late. Omkar said time is the real money. Manjali said I told you so many times, come on time.

Manjali was preparing arti and collided with Megha. Megha said your leaf fell down, I did it by mistake. Manjali said can’t you see and also do you guys always show up uninvited? She said this is my sister’s house, my husband might be your servant but I am not. Manjali said you can’t meet Mayura and Megha asked why? She said this isn’t your court.

Omkar came to make his deal,he said I have to be there for Mayura. Omkar called Manjali to ask if Mayura is okay. Megha sneaked into Mayura’s room and tried to wake her up but Mayura didn’t.

Omkar was locked in the office,he then broke things in anger and said I have to be home for Mayura.

Manjali came to Mayyura’s room and poured gangajal and Megha hid. Manjali said, why isn’t Omi back. Pandit ji said to Manjali, where is Omi? We have to start the pooja on time. Back there, Omkar broke the door. Manjali was waiting for him for the pooja and he came home running. Omkar said maa, I have to make Mayura’s beauty a permanent part of my life, I have to make her mine forever. Guru ji said her beauty can’t be yours forever and Megha heard all this.

Omkar started the pooja and Megha wondered what was going on there. Manjali felt like someone was there and she looked around. Omkar the brought fainted Mayura there. He said I have to make you mine forever, I can’t lose anything, I will make your beauty mine forever. Megha said he is crazy. Omkar tied ropes to himself and Manjali placed candles on his hand. Manjali said I hope Mayura understands what you did for her, you are doing all this for her. Manjali made a circle of fire around him and he stood on one leg. Omkar said I have written your beauty on my hands forever. Megha said he is totally crazy for her beauty,he is superstitious,Mayura will never be happy. She will be caged in this house. Manjali said you are such a great husband. I will tell her you did all this for her. How can she get out of the pinjara of your love.

Omkar said to Mayura I can see a stain on the moon but not your face and Mayura said Omkar loves my beauty, not me…Read more