Cage Of Beauty Monday 18 July 2022: Episode 18


The episode started with Mayura saying I will be safe in there with you. Omkar said as you wish. Mayura said okay then, we will be in the plastic mandap and di will be in the floral one and Surekha said let’s go. Mayura and Megha did the arti together and recalled their moments together. They the light the candles in the temple.

Mayura’s cousins went upstairs to pick stuff and Omkar recalled that they picked Mayura and electrocuted the floor. Manjali saw this happening but she stayed silent. She stood in front of the window and Omkar went inside. The guys fell down and fainted. Mayura and Megha placed the candles everywhere. Manjali asked,what did you do? He said why did they touch her? Manjali said they are her brothers. Omkar said brothers don’t pick their sisters like that. She gave him medicine and said calm down.

Ashu came to the room looking for Omkar and saw someone screaming in pain. Monu and Riku are burnt there and asked them what happened. He said someone came here, Piyush then said I will give them first aid,you go out. Ashu asked, are you okay?

Omkar and Mayura went inside the temple. Sanjay made Megha wear the mangalsutra and Megha’s hairline was filled. Omkar wiped Mayura’s tears and picked her in the rounds. He said I will always protect my wife, I will always keep her with me. He said in heart, I will take care of your health because sickness can affect your beauty. It’s my responsibility to take care of your beauty. You look pretty when you smile so you will have to always smile and the rounds were completed.

Manjali gave mangalsutra to Omkar and he made Mayura wear it. Omkar filled the hairline. Ashu came to stop it but the wedding was already done. He stopped and recalled what Monu said. Piyush said you are hashtag Mayukar now.

Megha cried and hugged Ashu at the bidai. He said don’t cry, your father is always here for you, this will always be your home and Mayura hugged Megha. Megha said I am really mad at you,but I don’t want to ruin your big life with my anger. The out house Sanjay and I will live in is near Omkar’s house and Mayura cried. Ashu was about to hug her and Omkar tried to stop her but Ashu saw it and Omkar stopped. Mayura hugged Ashu and he said don’t cry my daughter. I will always pray for you, this house will always be yours, If you ever feel upset come to your papa.

Mayura and Megha sat in the cars and left. Mayura was crying and Omkar wiped her tears. The car stopped and Omkar said welcome to your new house. Mayura said new house, new family and she came out. Manjali and everyone was at the gate. Omkar carried Mayura and Manjali said to Shankar you didn’t carry and he said I would have died. Omkar then brought Mayura inside the house.

Mayura kicked the kalash and entered the house. Piyush said I wish someone carried me like this as well. Manjali sprinkled flowers on them and did their arti. Mayura entered the house. A girl said to the othe, I used to live in Mayura’s neighborhood, guys used to climb walls to see her happiness, now they will peek in this house to look at her beauty. Mayura went inside and Omkar took off his Sherwani and went outside.

Manjali said you have to pick coins from the bowl and put in the other. The more you pick, the more love you will get and the less noise, the less problems you would have. Piysuh said come on Mayura and she tried to pick the coins as much as she can.

Omkar built a fence outside the house. Everyone claps for Mayura. Piyush tripped, all the coins fell from her hands on the floor with noise and Mayura stood up worried. Shankar said this had to happen. Omkar built a wire fence outside the house and said I won’t let anyone look at my wife. Manjali shoved Piyush and said how dare you ruin our rituals.

Mayura looked outside and saw the fence around the house. Mayura said how did it come here? It wasn’t here when I came.

Mayura and Omkar touched Manjali’s feet. Omkar said how did this scar come on your neck? She said from the jewelry. Omkar screamed call the doctor but Mayura said it’s just a scar, It will be fine. He broke the mirror in anger and said your beauty can’t have a scar.


The episode started with Mayura being scared. Omkar came and said what are these wires? Manjali said I got them placed for your safety, there have been many robberies, everyone knows this is a wedding house, so there would be jewelry. She said a lot of rituals are left, let’s go.

Ashu was worried. Dadi said you liked Omkar, what’s wrong now? Surekha said what happened suddenly at the wedding? He said my heart is sinking. Dadi said your daughters were your heartbeat and he said that isn’t the case, I don’t know what to do, I have to find out, I am going to the hospital to see Rinku and Sonu.

Omkar said to Mayura, if you are not comfortable with the rituals, I can stop them and carry you to the room. Imagine how it would be in the room and Mayura was shy.

The doctor said, looks like someone did this delibrately. Mayura said I am putting this key in the milk,the one who finds the other will rule them.
Omkar and Mayura tried to find the ring. Manjali said no cheating while then Ashu sat worried. He said I hope nothing goes wrong with my daughter, It’s her first day there, I can’t call her. Omkar found the ring and Manjali said see Omi has the key of your life, you will have to do all he asked. What will you do now. Mayura showed another key and said I will as well. Manjali said let them rest.

Mayura called Ashu and he said are you okay? She said yes very happy. He said are you fine? Mayura said yes all is good. how is Megha? Manjali calleld her out and Mayura said I will talk to you later. Ashu looked at her injured cousins and Manjali said I knew you would be talking to your family,come with me. Manjali said all the best, congratulations on being married and being a part of our family.

Mayura was in the room and said should I go inside the room. Piyush said should I shove you inside? He said I am your friend. She said thank God I have a friend, he said all will be good go inside. He shoved her inside, Omkar said Mayura.. and she became scared. Omkar was on the bed. She said everything is reversed and Omkar pulled her close. Omkar said nothing has been straight in our story.

Mayura texted Megha, I hope all is well in your new life, love you. Sanjay then came to the room.

Omkar gifted a locket to Mayura, It had a bird on it. Mayura said this is so pretty, it free bird, I should have gotten you a gift as well. He said nothing is more precious than you and he pulled her close. Omkar took off her Chunri and untied her hair. He took off his sherwani, took off Mayura’s jewelry and saw a scar on her neck.

Omkar said what is this scar? It wasn’t here before and he fell down. He said Mayura.. and panicked. Mayura said it’s okay, It must be from the jewelry. He said what is this scar? Mayura said this could be an allergy. He said this isn’t normal, he got a panic attack and said we have to go to the doctor right now, I can’t let anything happen to you now.

Omkar rushed to Piyush and panicked, he said call a doctor. Mayura became confused. Manjali said this way she will get to know his reality. Ashu asked Monu who did this? He said a tall slim man entered the room.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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