Cage Of Beauty Monday, 25 July 2022: Episode


The episode started with Mayura waking up and Omkar asked are you okay? She said my head is heavy. Omkar said you were weak and you fainted. Mayura said I last remember….. and asked, what’s on your hands, what is all this? Manjali said he did tap for you all night, for your health, that’s how your husband is and she took evil eye off them. Omkar said you are everything to me,but said in his heart, your beauty will now be a permanent part of my life. Mayura said you suffered so much, I am so lucky. Omkar said the doctor said you are okay just need to take some vitamins, I ordered them all and Mayura said thank you, but you have an event today, why aren’t you ready? You should go get ready.

Megha said I am ready Mayura, you have no idea what have I planned.

Omkar was getting ready and Mayura came to him. Omkar asked, are you okay? She said, you prayed so much, I am good. Mayura looked in the mirror and kissed Omkar’s cheek and said all the best for your event. Omkar said I don’t need anyone’s good luck.. Mayura said what? He said I need only yours, there would be a lot of people outside you should stay here.

Agastya was exercising and Choti came there and said stop all this and wear your t-shirt but he said, it’s hot. Choti said let me fire you, you can enjoy outside. He said don’t threaten me all the time, It hurts my heart. Choti said no fun in work hours, we have to go, get ready. Choti tripped over his speaker and he said you broke my expensive speaker. Choti said I am so sorry,he laughed and said I was just kidding. Choti said you are such a drama, do what your boss asked now. He said yes let’s go and Choti said be presentable. Choti’s dupatta got stuck in his watch and he said if you look so good, how will people care about my preps? You look good with lose hair, so you will go that way.

Choti was looking for the papers,she fell and Agastya held her. He said you find reasons, you keep pulling me to you but Choti said leave me. Choti said I thought I was gone but I felt someone would save me, Guddan sense, my mama had it too. I know there are people around me like DJ, Aarav and now you, you saved me thrice, we have made a real connection in a few days. Choti laughed and said stop day dreaming now, let’s go now. He said my day and dreams both begin with you, I think you are in love with me, I don’t want to get into this, I am all fun with my freedom. She said I think marriage and love are a lot of responsibility, our connection is based on trust, I was brought up in a positive environment. He said but this world is negative, you have to be careful. Choti said I think if you don’t harm others, nothing wrong would happen to you. Reporters were taking photos of Omkar and Megha walked aside. Mayura slipped on the oil Megha left there and fell down.

All the reporters saw her and said she’s so pretty,we always heard that Omkar got such a pretty wife. Everyone congratulated her for the wedding and all the reporters surround Mayura. Omkar said do you guys have any shame, my family and wife are my personal matter. Please keep your cameras here. Sanjay will delete all photos you took of my wife, Sanjay will delete them and return your cameras and Megha said your husband is crazy.

Piyush said to Manjali, I am going to Omi to speak to him but Manjali said, they are husband and wife you shouldn’t speak between them. Sanjay and Piyush double checked the camera and Piyush said I hope Omi isn’t very angry. Omkar shoved Mayura and said I asked you not to come outside yet you did and with such revealing clothes, I was enough to look at you,am I not not enough for you that you had to come outside, I only care about the fact that you came there when I asked you not to, I can’t watch the world looking at you. Mayura said please.. but Omkar shouted go Mayura and recalled what happened.

Omkar said they were all looking at Mayura. Mayura then said Omkar only loves my body and beauty not me.


Mayura came to her room and cried. Manjali gave water to Omkar but he threw it away. He said maa, they all saw Mayura with their dirty eyes. Manjali said everything is fine, don’t worry. Mayura cried and said how could I do such a big mistake and recalled what happened. Megha came, hugged Mayura and said forgive me. Mayura said, Imade a huge mistake. Megha said it was my mistake but why is he so mad,it wasn’t your mistake. The way he said you wanted to present your beauty it was so disgusting, does he talk to yo like that often? Mayura said you are getting him wrong, I made the mistake. Megha said I am your sister. It isn’t a big deal. The way he spoke to you, I didn’t like it.

Manjali came and said the home stuff shouldn’t be told to outside, outsiders can listen but shouldn’t comment between husband and wife. Why is she speaking between you and your husband? Megha said you are right but Mayura is my sister as well. Manjali said you can meet her but you can’t talk about my son, don’t give us lectures in this house, Mayura you have hurt Omkar and you are here speaking behind his back, you are his wife, keep up to your name and she left.

Ashu said all wedding expenditures are done for the wedding. Surekha said you spent all PF on it? He said megha did double expenses and Mayura did one fourth but it doesn’t matter.

Megha said to Mayura, the way they spoke to you isn’t okay but Mayura said you are getting them wrong, please go and Megha left. Megha said I didn’t like it, If you think from the right mind you will also see what the reality is and she left.

Omkar was pooja and Megha looked at Omkar. Mayura said, he said he loved me as a person, he didn’t love my face. Piyush was standing with her and Mayura said it mattered the most to me to find someone who loved me and not my face. Piyush said if Ashu asked you not to go out at night was he being selfish? Mayura said he cared for me, he has seen the world. Piyush said Omkar was also saving you from the same world,he had the same vision of the world,he was also protecting you like your father,he is very nice. Every girl wants a husband like Omi, he only loves you, I will charge for more lectures,I know you will handle the rest, see you!!

Omkar was meditating and Mayura walked towards him and Manjali was listening to them. Mayura said I made a mistake, I will fix it. Manjali said, she understood at the right time, hope she handles herself and Omi as well.

Mayura packed the saree and said whatever disturbs my married life, I will lock it forever, I will never repeat this mistake, nothing is more important than my family and husband, nthing can come between us, I will fix this mistake.

Omkar came to the room and It was all decorated with petals. Mayura made a heart on the mirror and gave him a cake with sorry written on it and hugged Omkar. She then said, I am completely stupid, please forgive me. Omkar said don’t call my Mayura stupid and kissed her forehead. Mayura hugged him and he got a call. A girl said, I am calling from the glam magazine, sorry for disturbing at this hour. Some reporters say that your wife is very pretty, can I feature you and her on our cover photo,can I get an interview and some photos? Omkar said never call me again. Mayura said thank God you are not angry anymore and Omkar shouted you don’t want me to be angry. All the reporters, all the media was talking about you saying how pretty are you, how fair are you. They all want your photos and interviews, I know what kind of pictures they publish, I told you not to come out. What will I do now? Mayura cried and Omkar said, I told you never to cry, It dulls the face. Why dull such a beautiful face? and he left. Mayura said please listen but he said don’t come after me, I will come home when I am calm.

Mayura looked at her shadow in the water and Mayura recalled everything Omkar said. Mayura said Omkar didn’t care about my beauty then why did he say crying dulls the face?

Omrar told Mayura he cannot watch any stain her face and washed her face. Later, Mayura think, Omran loves her beauty only. After knowing that truth, she must take a decision for herself and she stepped out of the house.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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