Cage Of Beauty Wednesday, 20 July 2022: Episode

cage of beauty


The episode started with Mayura crying. Omkar said don’t cry,he wiped her tears and said it’s okay. Mayura said I feel very bad, I am so sorry, please forget what happened, don’t mind what my papa said,he really cared for me and would never say it otherwise. Omkar said parents care for us that’s why they scold,they love us,he loves us, that’s why he was careful and Mayura hugged him. Omkar said in heart, whoever tries to keep my Mayura away from me, I would keep them away from her.

Piyush said to Ashu, I am sorry about what happened to Rinku and Monu, I will try my best to find out who did it. Ashu said okay I am leaving,I have to think about somethings and he left. Piyush wondered who could do it. He said wedding video, it must have some clue. Piyush was watching the video and his phone fell in the fishbowl, the phone then stopped working. Piyush tried cleaning it but it still wasn’t working.

Dadi said to Omkar you shouldn’t have done this, thank God Mayura handled it. Surekha said do you want to ruin your own daughter’s house, Megha is already not happy, please handle it now, Ashu said I will and he got a call.

Mayura was getting ready. Surekha sent her a voice note, are you okay? Everything will be fine. Omkar hugged her and said if you smile everything will be fine. Mayura said we have to get ready, the rash is gone as well. He said, it can never come back. Mayura said don’t you have any meeting or call? He said I will leave when you have your munh dikhai, I don’t want to leave you and he kissed Mayura’s neck.

Omkar made Mayura wear her jewelry. Omkar made her wear chunri and said you look so beautiful. Mayura coughed and said you are getting late. He said I don’t mind, you can stop me. She said yes I am sangemarmar’s wife. He said yes I am also your husband, I have some right on you. He came close to her and Mayura said I am so lucky to have you. He said I am luckier. Manjali asked Mayura to come downstairs and Mayura run. Omkar hugged her and straightened her chunri.

Mayura came downstairs and a woman said no matter how beautiful a girl is, she becomes a mess after some time. No beauty, only duty, once a child is born, everything is over, all the beauty will be gone and Omkar heard it.

Manjali brought Mayura and took off evil eye from her. Manjali said don’t put evil eye on my DIL, she’s so beautiful. A woman said she’s a fairy and everyone praised her beauty. She said Manjali you look dim in front of her. Manjali said they are praising you, don’t worry, they are my friends.

Ashu came there, Manjali recalled she called and invited them. She said it would be fun to insult them and take revenge now. Manjali said come in, meet your daughter and do the shagun. She gave sweets and said put them in the thaal, I can’t ask the servants to do that, please go and put them on Mayura’s lap. Ashu was confused because they were all women.

Manjali made Ashu fall. Mayura run to him and said papa.. are you okay? When did you come? Manjali said bhai sahab. Omkar said are you okay? He said I am fine. Omkar said don’t cry Mayura, he is fine. Manjali said he.. Omkar said how did this happen ma? Mayura said he must have slipped it’s okay. Omkar said how did this happen ma? I am asking you something. Ashu said I am fine. Omkar said papa ji came but Mayura isn’t even happy.

Omkar said she’s worried and crying. Ashu said I came with sweets, It’s all okay. I came to apologize. Omkar said you don’t need to apologize. Mayura said Omkar said you did this out of tension. Manjali said I apologize to you, you came here and.. Ashu said don’t say that, It isn’t your mistake, It’s no one’s mistake and Ashu left. Omkar also left and Manjali was in shock.

Mayura said to Manjali, I am so sorry about what happened. Manjali said for the first time my son talked to me so loudly. Mayura said I am sorry,he got so mad at me. Manjali was upset and went to her room. Mayura also stood there upset.

Manjali cried in her room and said I was so insulted in one day. Mayura said I won’t let this happen, I have to unit this house.


The episode started with Mayura saying, I can’t let these relationships disperse. Omkar called Ashu and said I want to apologize papa ji, don’t keep any grudge against us, take care of yourself and Mayura heard him. Ashu said I was wrong about Omkar,he called and apologized himself. Mayura said, a girl is most worried about the fact if her husband would love her parents as much as she would. Would he care for them? You have taken all my worries away. Surekha said thank God everything is fixed. Ashu said no one could be better than Omkar. Mayura defended him and he cared for her parents, I was so happy to see their healthy relationship. Surekha said I told you Mayura would handle everything. Mayura said we assured papa but we have to think about maa ji as well, she is my maa as well and she is very hurt, we can’t let her be like that. Omkar said you are right, If ma is upset then the whole house is upset, I can’t watch her like that. Mayura hugged him and said that’s what I expected from you and they slept together. Omkar kissed her forehead and Mayura slept next to Omkar.

Manjali was crying and Shankar said this had to happen. She said my Omi insulted me in front of everyone,this has never happened before, I did all that for him. My son is not mine anymore. It’s 11, it’s his medicine time, I have to give him his meds. Omkar recalled shouting at Manjali while burning something. Manjali said what are you doing, stop it. Omi said when we were at Sangemarmar’s place, you used to work there. You used to cook all night, I used to irritate and you used to say that you will hit me but you never did. She said but you never irritated either. He said hit me maa, I insulted you today, I shouted at you, hit me please. Manjali hugged him and said I know you love me the most and Omkar hugged her. Mayura looked at them and said thank God everything is fine now. Omkar said forgive me maa and she hugged him. Manjali then gave him his meds. Omkar said I can’t see Mayura in trouble either and Manjali said I will always remember that.

Manjali called Ashu and said I am coming to meet you soon. Omkar came out of the restroom and Mayura pretended to faint. Omkar said Mayura open your eyes,he became worried and Mayura laughed. She said you look so hot I had to faint. He said don’t put up a joke like that again. Mayura said I married you, it’s my right to joke. He said don’t go, bring mama and papa here. I was thinking how would I live without you untill evening and now you are going for a day. Mayura said I will be back soon. Mayura said let’s go and do the arti,let me keep these jewels near maa ji. Omkar said in heart I can’t stay away from her, I have to do something.

Manjali called someone and said can you hear? I have been calling for so long. She left her room and all the files open. Mayura came in and saw that Manjali isn’t there and she saw the medical reports. Manjali came and said are you checking my things? Mayura said no I brought these jewels, they would be safe with you. Whose reports were these? Actually, I am a doctor so. Manjali said you haven’t cleared yet. Manajli said I am sorry for what happened, he is my son,he touches my feet,go and get ready for pagpheray and Mayura left. Manjali said she can never see his report.

Ashu was cooking at home and Dadi said, this house was so empty without them, our daughters are coming back. Ashu made jalebis of their names and said everything was going wrong but it’s all fine now. Milk spilled form dadi’s hands and she said this is not a good shagun, I hope everything stays right.

Omkar came to Mayura and filled her hairline with sindur. Mayura asked, was it less? He said now it’s good, you should always look like my wife.

Manjali said to Mayura come back by evening. Mayura hugged Megha. Omkar dropped her off and said I will do it my way…Read more