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In the mahal, moora is being questioned. Minister asked, Queen Nandini, did you see rajmata killing pandugan? and did you also see her slapping your brother. Nandini replied, yes. The Minister continued, even Mali was present, did you see him too? Mali replied, maharaj but I, and the minister cuts in, just answer what you are asked to, Malayketu answered yes.

The Minister then asked, rajmata do you accept it? rajmata said yes. He the said, the accused has accepted it. but I have an information, pandugan wasn’t I’ll, he had plotted all this act so that he can rule over Magada. she added. Nandini cut in, no ma, even the doctor had examined him. Moora showed them the weapons pandugan had while attacking the doll thinking it’s Chandra. Nandini said, ma maybe he attacked it as a doll, and if you had doubt why didn’t you inform maharaj earlier?

Moora replied, I have answers to this too, these are bindusara’s toys, which were turned into weapons, no ill man can do it, it’s all pandugan’s plot. Chandra said, call the doctor, the doctor came in and said, pandugan wasn’t taking his medicines at all and he should be having seizures but nothing of it was examined.

I also have few letters of pandugan, moora conitnued, here you go and hands the letter over to chandra, he read it and mora said, all those attacks in the mahal were organized by pandugan and we have Mali with few proofs.

Mali tells everyone it was pandugan who had kidnapped bindusara. Nandini thinks, my own brother cheated me? and kept me under such a big lie?

Chandra walked to mora and said, I’m sorry ma, you had to go through all this because of me? and as by proofs, pandugan was here to kill me and my son. Rajmata is declared innocent and mora walks away. Nandini tried to stop her but she left. Nandini said, ma I made such big a mistake, because of my brother you have faced this insult, I have to go and talk to ma.

Nandini said to mora, I’m sorry. Moora replied, I don’t need anything, please leave. Nandini continued, ma when I had no one, you stood by me, please at least look at me, I beg of you and nandini falls in moora’s feet, and says I can accept your anger but not this. only Chandra can make decisions for you, and you said I’m not illegible to be called a mother, and anyways you have decided not to listen to me so better I leave. moora said. Nandini replied, no ma I will rather leave, please stay.

Chanakya was performing pooja when his students walked in, Chanakya said to him, yes tell me and he was told pandugan is dead, you can now tie your hair. he asked who killed him and the student told him, it was rajmata.

Acharya Chanakya’s oath was competed and the difference between Chandra and Chanakya dissolved and he got acharya back to the mahal.

Soon Nandini and Chandra passed their six months gap and they both came close together. Chandra was waiting for Nandini’s answer and Nandini accepted Chandra’s love, they accepted each other as husband and wife.

Eight years letter when all was going well, it was time for a new storm waiting to enter Chandra and nandini’s life.

Nandini was waiting for bindusara for his practise session, bindusara makes his way to the fort and Nandini said, today I shall punish him. bindusara rushed to her, calling her ma. Nandini asked, where were you? give me your hand, where were you? bindusara showed his hand which were full of tamarinds. Nandini was in tears and he said, I heard you say you wanted to have tamarinds so I got you some.

Nandini remembered she similarly use to get them for her pitahamaharaj. Nandini hugged bindusara and bindusara said, nothing more than your wish, not even my studies, please taste it, Nandini tasted it, and she feels nauseous and giddy.

Nandini and bindusara were asleep when Dadi walked to them. Dadi woke Nandini and asked, when will your son leave you alone? bindusara replied, is my ma fine? Dadi said, your ma will soon be a mother. bindusara asked, but she is already my ma. Dadi answered, now you will have a baby to play with you. bindusara said, really I’m so happy I will inform everyone and he left. Dadi said, now look after yourself and also Chandra is coming back and you will not go he will come to you.

Bindusara shouts and announces to everyone the news, he walks to mora and said, choti ma will soon be a mother and left. Moora thinks, is this a happy news or a sad one? she always was with bindusara, will she ignore him afterwards? Helina practising with her son and he is very weak.

Apma said, don’t waste your time. Helina said, he is my son, he has to be more stronger than bindusara. bindusara rushed in and said, badi ma, and puts sweet in her mouth and says choti ma will soon be a mother, I’m so Happy and left. Helina said, this can’t happen. Apma said I was worried about this.

Chandra is welcomed in the mahal, bindusara rushed to him and hugged him. Chandra asked, why are you so happy and bindusara answered, choti ma will soon be a mother. Chandra rushed with bindusara to Nandini. Mora said, he never did this before, he left? my Aarti went away. Dadi said, even suryagupta was like him, he ran to you when Chandra was in your womb, mora blushed.

Chandra said, Nandini the baby is kicking. Nandini said, this happens after four months. Chandra continued, I’m scared but I met an astrologer on my way and he said, our son will be like his father. Nandini said, Chandra you scared me, I will be so happy to have a son like you. Chandra said, but he will look like monkey. Nandini cuts in, Chandra and it’s him. Chandra said, my son will be hit by his wife too and they both shared a merry time.

Precap: Apma said to Helina, use the step mother weapon now. Nandini said to Chandra, now most of my time will be for bindusara. bindusara asked Nandini, is he her step son.

Still On Chandra Nandini 12th January 2021, Tuesday Update On Atinka Tv

Helina stopped bindusara and said, you cant go in. bindusara said to her, it’s my study time. Helina said to him, it’s maharaj and Nandinis personal time,and also she will soon be a mother and she won’t give you time anymore,so go and study alone.

Nandini said to bindusara, I’m so sorry,I know you are angry and you should be,will my son never talk to me. bindusara said, when I’m late I’m punished so why not you. Nandini replied, I’m sorry I had to be with your pitahamaharaj and here’s the stick, punish me. bindusara hugged Nandini and said, I can never be upset with you and punish you.

Apma and Helina saw them and said, this failed too,no one can separate Chandra and Nandini. Apma said, now we should concentrate on bindusara and Nandini, target bindusara with the reality of a stepmother, he is a child and will be hurt and then bindusara will be in your hands. Helina said, you are right,and soon Nandini will be helpless.

Helina adds drugs to bindusaras glass and said, when he drinks this it will be easy to trick him. bindusara rushed to Helina and asked what is it. Helina answered, look I got you something, have it come on and bindusara drunk it. Helina then said, you must be tired come here I know you are tired of waiting for Nandini,and now let me talk to Chandra and get you acharya. bindusara replied, no need,choti ma will help me. Helina said no dear,she will have her baby now and you are step, you see.

bindusara asked, meaning. Helina said, Nandini when she gives birth to her baby,you will become her stepson because durdhara is your mother and unfortunately she isn’t with you,and now Nandini will give her baby first preference and then you, after eight long years she will have a baby. bindusara said, but he will be my brother. Helina said, but step brother. bindusara said, but you didn’t say anything like this about me and your son,he is my brother too.

Bindusara said, am I not your step son. Helina hugged him and said, no you are my son too,but there’s difference between mine and Nandini’s love,come on finish your drink,now come I will help you practise with the swords. Helina thinks soon after you will wake up with a reality I want you to think.

Chanakya in Sabha said, we have two good news,one is we will have new Yuvraj and maharajs win and so it’s a sign the new baby brings happiness to Magad and we shall celebrate it,and all neighbouring states are welcomed. helina heard Chandra arriving and hides bindusara. Chandra said to Helina, I’m here for a good news. Helina replied, I know Chandra,but you didn’t arrange any such celebration when me and durdhara where to give birth.

Chandra said, Helina I was here to tell you could invite your father for the celebration but look at your useless thoughts and don’t you remember what durdhara went through when bindusara was born. Helina said, all I’m saving is bindusara shouldn’t know who killed his mother. Chandra got upset and left

Nandini said to Chandra, don’t come close till I ask you too. Chandra asked, who will stop me. Nandini replied, bindusara was so upset because of you,I reached late during study hours. Chandra said, then you should be punished. Nandini replied, my son will never punish me he said so,I’m his mother. Chandra said, Nandini he is future king of Magad,and he should learn to keep relations and justice separate,like I have always done,didn’t I get ma in Sabha. Nandini said.

I know but for now,don’t divert the topic, I don’t want bindusara to be neglected,I want to give him all my time. Chandra replied, okay and see from today onwards bindusara won’t sleep with us,he moves a lot,he might harm the baby. Nandini said, no he won’t,look he is small and in these age he can mistake it,let me deal with it my way. Chandra says okay.

Apma threw a box at Helina and said, this will burst magads roots. Helina said, ma we want to separate chandra and nandini. Apma said, this will, just take this box to bindusara,these letters will do the work and Helina reads it,and said, ma what is it,durdhara hasn’t written it and you killed her and not Nandini. Apma said, we all know it but not bindusara so we can mould situation as it is,so go ahead. Helina said okay ma. Apma said, just wait for the blast.

Bindusara rushed to Nandini and Nandini said, come here look I got you new clothes, do you like it. bindusara answered, yes I do. Nandini said, I shall send it to your room and bindusara asked, but I sleep with you,so I will dress here for celebration. Nandini replied, you are big now,and you can manage alone now my strong boy and now also see you move a lot when you are asleep and at times you even wake your pitahamaharaj and it may harm your little brother.

Bindusara asked, am I your step son. Nandini answered, no you are my son,you gave me motherhood,you won’t go anywhere you will stay with me. bindusara continued, you said I’m strong so I will sleep alone and runs away. Nandini thinks how did he learn about being step ,did I show lot of excitement and neglected him.

End Of Chandra Nandini 12th January 2021, Tuesday Update On Atinka Tv

Chandra waa talking to his kids,and said, so tell me who all is gifting what. Helina’s son said, I shall not tell anyone that I’m gifting her an idol, they all laughed at him. Chandra said, I shall see you all later and left. Helina walked to bindusara and asked what will you give, bindusara answered, it’s a surprise. Helina asked, so you won’t tell me okay.

bindusara replied, don’t be upset I shall tell you and shows a sapling. Helina started laughing. bindusara said, it’s tamarind sapling and now she won’t have to go out to get tamarinds. helina said, very good now hide this gift, your brother when he will find it he is very naughty he might exchange it, let’s hide it here and now get it out while gifting it.
Guests awaiting for Chandra and Nandini and said the decoration is so beautiful, when will kings beautiful and favourite queen Nandini arrive. Dadi said they will soon join us.

Chandra walked to Nandini and said, you look so beautiful and I will keep loving you. Nandini calls him monkey again and Chandra said, stop calling me that and pulled her close.

Pre cap : During the celebration, Nandini asked, here is my son,so what have you got me. bindusara also asked, did this woman kill my mother. Chandra cuts in, is this the way you talk to elders,and slaps bindusara. Nandini started crying.

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