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Chandra Nandini 13th January 2021

Read the written update of what will happen on chandra nandini 13th january 2021 on Atinka Tv here on ETH STUDIOS

Welcome to ETH STUDIOS, this update on chandra nandini will shock you, in this update Bindusara would learn a lie which said it was Nandini who killed his mother, and then begin to develop hatred for Nandini. Stay tuned and watch.

Malti walked in and said, I didn’t see you hugging each other and all are waiting for you. Chandra and Nandini met the guests and took a seat on the throne. Dadi saw nandini’s earring hanging on Chandra’s robe.

Malti signs Madhav about it, every guest slowly realised it. Mora didn’t like it. Nandini whispered, look how happy everyone is. Chandra responded yes but it’s something weird, am I looking like monkey. Nandini replied, that’s not possible, only I find you as a monkey. Chandra was talking when Nandini saw her earring and tried telling Chandra about and tried taking it.

Chandra responded, not in front of everyone! not here, we will go to the bedroom and do whatever you wish to. Chandra asked, and why are you wearing one earring? malti finally walked to Chandra and showed him the earring and then Chandra handed over it to Nandini. Champa naresh congratulated Chandra and gifted him a painting of Balkrishna. Nandini gratefully said, this is the best gift for a mother, thank you.

Nandini was about to take mora’s blessing but she walked away, Chandra asks where is bindusara? and let me tell you, he will give you the best gift. Nandini replied, I know that, but where is he? bindusara went to take his gift and found the letter box, he kept it back but a letter fell off the box, and he read it. It said, Nandini I’m scared of her, she will kill me, by daharabi. bndusara read other letters too, which reads.

Nandini wanted to kill my baby and gave me poison through food and I have to keep quite because no one shall trust me. Helina looking at bindusara, and said, my plot worked and I’m sorry son, and now I know you will do the rest. bindusara read ahead. Nandini will do anything for Chandra, bindusara matches all the letters to Helina and Chandra conversation when he was hidden.

Bindusara started crying, and said, you will have to answer me, choti ma. you gave my mother pain, and then he left with anger written all over him. Helina walked back to the location and took away the box. Nandini asked where is bindusara and asked bhadraketu, did you see bindusara? he replied mami (aunty ) no I haven’t, bindusara walks in.

Nandini said, look my son is here and where is my gift? I know it will be the most precious one. Helina said, you will burn into ashes soon. bindusara asked, did this woman kill my mother? everyone was shocked to hear this, answer me pitahamaharaj. Chandra got very angry and said, bindusara, you can’t misbehave, mind your words. bindusara continued, is it because this is the truth? this woman killed my mother. Chandra walked to bindusara and slapped him hard, and he fell on the ground. bindusara looked at Nandini in anger.

Helina rushed to bindusara and said, he is just a kid. Chandra responded, he cant cross his lines, Helina. bindusara pushed Helina, throws his gift at Nandini and left.

Nandini looked at it in tears ,and remembered how bindusara got her tamarinds, and so might have got her the plant and thinks so he didn’t forget it? Nandini then said, Chandra we need to go and see him and rushes to bindusara. Bindusara thinking about Helina calling him step son, and he was tried to be killed by Nandini and then Chandra slapping him.

Nandini said, Chandra how did bindusara think I killed dahara? and if he takes it to be true, I can never reach my son again. bindusara burns Nandini and Chandra’s sketch. Nandini walked into the room and saw him do that. Chandra was about to scold him but Nandini said, Chandra please stop it, control your anger. bindusara son, listen.

bindusara interrupted, don’t call me your son, I know your true face and left. Nandini breaks down and said, how did he think of this and how did he find about this? Chandra said, firstly he should never learn about who killed his mother and, secondly let me go and talk to him.

Mora said, Chandra how dare you slap him in front of the guest? just because of Nandini? he is your son for Christ sake. Chandra replied, ma, he is the future king, he should know how to behave, won’t guests the question this? is this how a king Is brought up? and this isn’t the way one should behave with his mom. mora cuts in, you are saying this? one who sentenced his mother to death on irrelevant things.

Bindusara in the rain, nandini rushed to him and said, at least listen to me. bindusara responded no way. Nandini continued, I didn’t kill dahara, she was my best friend, bindusara cuts in, liar. Nandini said, someone is trying to trick you. bindusara replied, if I tell you I have proof? come let me show you, and took her to the box with the letters but found no box, he looks around for everything, and messed the whole room, and then said, you hid them right?

but now I know the truth, you killed my mother. nandini said, son Listen to me. bindusara cuts in, I’m not your son, and then he left. nanidni remembered the day dahara asked a promise to look after bindusara as a mother.

Pre cap : grown up bindusara was Magad Yuvraj.

Welcome to ETH STUDIOS, this update on chandra nandini is a very sad one, in this update, Bindusara’s hatred for Nandini increases to the extent that, while Nandini was falling from a mountain, Bindusara left her hand to fall and die. It’s so sad to realized that Nandini is no more. How will Chandra take this? Keep watching.

Still On Chandra Nandini 13th January 2021, Wednesday Update On Atinka Tv

Chandra asks Helina, do you have any idea who must have told bindusara? Helina responded, no! in fact I was worried, because it would have put me and Apma ma’s relationship with him in trouble. Chandra said, right, your mother killed dahara, and so we never put this topic forward let’s get everyone and talk to bindusara.

Mora said, Chandra it’s my order you shall not loose your calm over bindusara, Bindusara walks in, Chandra looks at his cheek and remembered slapping him hard and walked to him and sat beside him, and began consoling him, I’m talking to you as a father and not a king, bindusara stood up and got aside.

Chandra said, don’t be scared, I won’t loose my temper on you, we are all worried for you, how did this come to your mind? your choti ma loves you and she didn’t kill your mother. bindusara asked, did you throw choti ma out of the mahal once? Chandra responded, yes because the proofs were against her but later it was proved she hadn’t killed your ma, ask anyone here. I still regret my decision.

bindusara then asked, who killed my ma? Helina nods to Chandra and Chandra responded, you aren’t big enough to know this answer. bindusara cuts in, maybe because choti ma killed my mother that is why you don’t want to tell me the truth, and then he left.

Chandra walks away too. Mora walked to Nandini and said, few years back our relation was broken and now again because of you the relation with your son has been spoiled and walked away. nandini in tears and bindusara too was asleep. he thought it’s nandini beside him but found out it’s Helina.

Helina said, I know you can’t sleep alone and so I’m here for you. bindusara said, my brother? Helina says don’t worry he shall sleep alone tonight. I will give you company today, you are my favorite son, you see.

Adonis woke up and said, granny I need ma, Apma replied, go to sleep, she won’t come, and dare you open your eyes. Helina said, here I got you your favorite juice, you will feel better. bindusara took it and felt drunk again and fell off to sleep. helina thinks you aren’t my favorite son but my biggest weapon and for this I need to give you this drug.

Next morning Chandra walks to Nandini, he saw Nandini preparing to leave with a bow and arrow and asks, where are you going? nandini replied, I thought of going hunting with bindusara, I don’t want to loose him, I need some time alone. Chandra said, but you need to look after youself too and so take guards with you. Helina was hiding and listening.

Bindusara woke up to dasi discussing who will be the king, bindusara or nandini’s son? dasi replied, only when bindusara wasn’t in this world only then nandini son would be the king, also bindusara is a step son. he won’t have any importance afterwards, bindusara runsaway. Apma and Helina give the dasi money, and said, leave Magada soon.

Bindusara thinks about being a step son. nandini walked to him and said, you like hunting right? lets go together, and I’m your mother, why will I harm you? just spend some time with me and all your misunderstandings will be gone, bindusara didn’t answer. nandini continued, ok this means you won’t come, bindusara responded, I will surely come and nandini hugged him.

Nandini and bindusara in the jungle and she hunts a bird, bindusara said choti ma your aim is so good, there’s no one like you in Magada, guards go get my hunt, bindusara said. ma, look at that hill. my friends said we can hunt there, lot let’s go. nandini responded, sure son let’s go. bindusara thinks, you killed my ma to get my father and now got me to hunt so that you can kill me, and your son can be Yuvraj.

but now I shall kill you and at the top of the cliff, he said, ma look, aim, nandini responded, I can’t see anything, little back, step back and Nandini slips off, bindusara held her hand, and said choti ma don’t worry just don’t leave my hand, I shall protect you. bindusara remembered helina’s pricking words and is in tears and left her hand. nandini got shocked and fell off the cliff. bindusara said, this is because you killed my mother. nandini thinks about the promise she had accepted from dahara. bindusara didn’t even look at nandini, and left.

End Of Chandra Nandini 13th January 2021, Wednesday Update On Atinka Tv

Bindusara in tears rushes to Chandra. Chandra in Sabha, and got worried seeing Bindusara crying. Chandra asks yes! what happened? Bindusara hugged him and said, choti ma fell down the cliff, I tired saving her but she slipped, I couldn’t save her. Chandra asked, when guards were with you? how did this happen? she is alive. nandini can’t go, go and look for her.

Chanakya said, Chandra calm down its hard but we will try. Chandra says I will go and look for Nandini. bindusara thinks even if you the search whole planet you won’t find choti ma.

Chandra and the guards went looking for Nandini, ‘body floating in the water. Chandra climbed a mountain and called for Nandini. Chandra said, I will find my Nandini she can’t go, she can’t leave me.

Precap : Magada had changed a lot, bindusara was a Yuvraj but his hatred for Nandini hadn’t been dissolved. Chandra didn’t loose hope and kept looking for Nandini.



Chandra Nandini Written Update


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