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In this update on Chandra Nandini 18th March 2021 Pt1 Thursday Update On Chandra. Mohini pushes nandini from the cliff in this update, and from the push, Nandini finally regains her memory. Chanakya also learns that it is bheemdev and mohini possessing chandra’s body. Mohini also burns bheemdev’s body so that he can stay in chandra forever. Keep watching. First press the bell icon so that you won’t miss the next update on chandra nandini. 

The episode begins with Chanakya going to Chandra’s room, seeing chandra wasn’t around he says. good Chandra isn’t here and so before he comes, I have to look for some clue, Chanakya checks around everything, he finds two black magic dolls. so I was right, he said. there is someone possessing Chandra’s body. who is it? I have to find out before he reaches his aim. He said.

Mohini who has possessed nandini’s body sends her to the cliff where Bindusara had pushed her before  Nandini as Mohini reaches the cliff and then gets back to her body. Nandini thinks, what am I doing on this cliff? I was with maharaj in his room, And why do I find this place similar. (it’s the same place Bindusara had pushed Nandini 10 years back. Nandini has memory flashes. Mohini slowly walks to Nandini and thinks goodbye to Nandini. Chandra is mine. Mohini is about to push Nandini. Chandra stops her. He then slaps her but Nandini gets a push and slips. Nandini was falling off the cliff when Chandra held her hand and said.

Still On Chandra Nandini Update 18th March 2021 Pt1

 I had lost you once, but not again. Nandini remembers the past. Chandra pulls her up and asks, are you alright? Nandini replies, yes Chandra. Chandra then asks. are you scared? Nandini says you are my Chandra. I remember my past. She said and hugs Chandra. Nandini tells him, I was here with Bindusara to hunt and then I slipped. Bindusara did hold my hand but then he was small so he couldn’t save me.

Chandra says I was like a dead man without you, but I knew you will come back to me, I had trust in our love, and look. you are with me. Nandini says yes Chandra even when I had memory loss, I felt a connection with you but why is Mohini and Bheemdev lying?

Chandra says today Mohini is trying to kill you, they proved they are here against us but remember, don’t tell anyone in the mahal that your memory is back.

Nandini then asks him. how did you know I’m here? Chandra replies, I followed you. Bheemdev waiting for Mohini says, she is doing all on her own, today I will teach her a lesson. Mohini walks in. Bheemdev asks, where were you? Mohini says calm down, because of you Chanakya is alert. Bheemdev says it’s better we run away or else he will kill us. 

Mohini says have you lost it? we are so close to our mission, we can’t. Bheemdev says Chanakya will kill us if he finds it’s us. Mohini added. maharaj swanand has left for Magada and he will kill us too, so it’s better we do our work, and so do one thing. get into Chandra’s body, and then we can do as we want, and even maharaj swanand can attack Magada.

Bhadra and others tell Chanakya what has happened in the past days. Chanakya hears all and asks them to leave. Chandra and Nandini walk into the mahal. Chandra says I won’t spare Bheemdev and Mohini. Nandini thinks. he is just like Chandra. I hope I don’t have to see his evil part again. Bheemdev enters Chandra’s body, and he walks away, guard informs Nandini that Chanakya wants to see her.

Bindusara gives Nandini cold looks. Nandini remembers the past and thinks. I know why you didn’t save me and the reason behind it too. I see the hatred in your eyes and die every minute, but I will still love you, and I know you choose a wormy path but I will get you on the right track. Chanakya says, I know the truth Nandini, its because he is possessed. Nandini asks what? Chanakya replies, yes its like someone enters his soul and controls him.

 Nandini asks who is it? Chanakya says I don’t have proofs but I doubt Mohini and Bheemdev. Nandini says you are right because Mohini tried killing me. Nandini tells him the whole incident and says. I also remember the past now. Chanakya asks how did you reach there? Nandini replies. I don’t remember, Chanakya says, see it means you were possessed too, and so it’s Bhimdev and Mohini. Nandini says we need to tell Chandra.

Chanakya says no Nandini, we shouldn’t tell this to anyone, we have to find who is in Chandra’s body’s because his body is important for us and remember whenever chandra behaves weird you should know he is possessed. Mohini makes arrangements to burn bheemdev’s body.  She says, sorry I have no other option. Chandra as Bheemdev having drink.

End Of Chandra Nandini On Atinka TV Today

Nandini walks to Chandra and says some time before he was alright, why isn’t he taking any steps against Mohini and Bheemdev, and calls Chandra. Chandra says Nandini what happened when I wasn’t here? Nandini says nothing much. Nandini tries to figure out who was in Chandra’s body as either Mohini or Bheemdev. where always with Chandra. Chandra feels something and says I have to go to Mohini and leaves.

Chandra as Bheemdev sees his body on fire and says Mohini you are burning my body? Mohini says this will help us. He says I have seen how you look at Chandra.

Precap : Mohini says I know your secret I shall reveal it. Helina presents there too. Chandra as Bheemdev gets angry and kills her. Nandini says we have to save Chandra.

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