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Panditji tells rajmata that in every five years this Kalash pooja is performed where a Queen of mahal has to fast and walk barefooted to get gangajal into the mahal, and then with it she has to perform the pooja of lord shiva, and rajmata will perform that queens pooja later and this spiritual pooja ends and now you have to choose a queen for this pooja.

dadi informs her that Helina and Nandini are both eligible for the pooja so she should choose wisely. moora tells her that tomorrow Magada shall learn about my decision. rajmata hands dasi a letter.

Nandini asks dasi, where is chandra? dasi replies that he is with rajmata, Nandini says ok and walks along the said direction, she sees Mali playing with bindusara. Nandini gets angry and takes him back and says don’t dare touch my son! who gave you the permission?

mora walks to her and replied that she allowed him. nandini says ma but he was the one who tried killing my son. I know but he was trapped into it and he has apologised for it and I’m binudsara’s dadi. I can take care of him, do you take me under your doubts as well?

Chandra walks in and asks moora what she is saying. moora stops him and tells him not to interrupt because she is speaking with nandini. she then asks Nandini to answer. ma I can never do this, moora says then accept it, I trust mali and so you’ve got to trust him also.

I’m sorry it’s impossible as a mother, nandini telle her. you aren’t his real mother Nandini, but a step mother, durdhara is his mother, after her it’s me who has right over him. moora said. ma if law made relations then you would never take your enemies daughter as your own, and allow her in this mahal, ma I learnt from you to think from the Heart.

but it’s unfortunate that now I see a daughter in law and remember now you aren’t a daughter but a daughter in law. moora replied.

Nandini upset in tears thinking about moora’s words. Chandra walks in and sees Nandini upset and says, I’m sorry I couldn’t repair this curtain, don’t do it alone and offers to help.

Chandra sees she is lost, and says I loved it last night without this, and when you slept on my shoulder, wow! and all night we slept hugging each other, nandini unaware about what Chandra is saying just keeps saying yes and yes.

Chandra says when last night when you kissed me and so can you kiss me again, Nandini asks what kiss? that impossible. Chandra says last night you did everything and you said yes now. nandini says no I wasn’t aware. Chandra says I know you are thinking about ma, nandini asks, how do you know?

I’m your good friend, I can read your mind. he replied. Chandra you know, I didn’t feel bad when ma scolded me because it’s true I’m bindusara’s step mother but I felt bad when she called me daughter in law as if I lost my mother. Chandra reminds her that his mother’s anger is like a camphor and it disappears instantly.

and as time passes ma will forget this and no one can be upset with you for long. he assured her. and now what about last night do you remember? Nandini says enough Chandra nothing happened and leaves.

Clovie stops a dasi, and warns her that no one can be allowed to see queen Helina because she is resting. Apma asks the dasi to give her the letter. the dasi hands her the letter. Apma reads the letter and says I shall give it to you, go now. the dasi leaves.

clovie says Apma queen you can go in, Apma ignores her and goes in, Apma says Helina you are sleeping when time is in our favour? Helina says ma my head is aching, be clear. Helina rajmata has a letter for you, tomorrow will be Kalash pooja and you shall perform it. she reveals. great, helena shouted.

now we see the difference? Helina says ma I have no interest in pooja and all that, but this pooja i will surely participate because rajmata chose me. no you won’t because nandini will, apama said. Helina says but ma I have been chosen?

Helina, nandini will perform this pooja and rajmata will misunderstand it as nandini forced Chandra and so he made these changes. Helina says but in this letter it is clearly stated as Helina, Apma says have you forgotten your mother can imitate anyone’s handwriting.

Nandini in tears, Chandra walks to her and asks what’s the issue, rajmata wrote me this letter.. look ma is upset so maybe she has done this in anger, chandra said. ma has chosen me for Kalash pooja I’m so happy, Chandra says see didn’t I say ma will forgive you? just give her some time.

Apma says Nandini with this game of mine you won’t just go away from Magada but also loose that special corner from everyone’s heart because you aren’t as experienced player as I am and so you shall surely loose this time.

Chandra says Nandini do you know if I had to choose between you and Helina who would I choose? I mean who would have such fate as mine who has two wives whichever you choose the other one will be upset and then if it’s Helina, the Kalash pooja would be on my head.

Nandini smiles. Chandra says but still I will always choose you because you deserve it, Nandini gets happy and hugs Chandra, Chandra shocked. Nandini asks why are you starring at me? Chandra asks what did you just do? I hugged my friend, now bye I have to make arrangements for pooja. she replied.

Chandra says Nandini this was a sign that one day you will accept me so than you for getting me back to life.Chanakya calls Chandra to meet him at midnight and says a king has many problems and dangers awaiting him. Chandra asks what are you pointing at, Chanakya says tomorrow’s Kalash pooja, and Nandini will leave for it and it goes through a dense forest and has lot of wild animals and so it’s necessary that she comes out safe.

Apma says Nandini will proceed for pooja but won’t return, she should be buried somewhere in the dense forest. I guess that’s not difficult. Chanakya says Chandra it’s a kings duty to guard her queen along with the people also, not because she is your ice but also because she is a queen to her people.

Apma says Nandini should die, it shouldn’t be a big problem to kill her in that forest but remember it should look like she got tired and died, the man says this time Nandini will die. Chanakya says Chandra you should accompany Nandini and remember neither Nandini nor Magad should know about you being with her.


Nandini wakes up in the morning and sees Chandra starring at her and asks him, why are you starting? I was just, chandra stumbled. Nandini looks at the clock and says oh god. Chandra says nothing of this happened. I’m late, ma must be so angry, nandini said.

I have to go bathe and make arrangements, talk about it with ma, chandra suggests. I was about to wake you up for this, but you looked so innocent and beautiful while bathing I couldn’t wake you up. chandra tells her. Nandini then blames chandra for being the reason why she is late for the pooja.

because of you I’m late, she said. why blame me? if you look so beautiful while you are asleep, what’s my fault anyways? chandra flirtfully said. I was thinking today will be a tough one, so I thought i should allow you to sleep for some more time, and Nandini I hope you will do it this day too? will you be scared? chandra asks.

why will I be? nandini replied. I know it will be tough but I will make it. Chandra says but the forest has many dangerous animals but you always truimph over them, you always have proved it, and there’s something else too but I know you are strong.

Chandra however difficult it will be, I will make it the to end. nandini boasted. how about security? after all you are a queen. chandra asks. no need, I will talk to you later, because of you I’m so late. nandini said and leaves.

Nandini even I want you to complete this pooja and ma will be very happy. chandra says to himself. Nandini making arrangements. Malti walks to her and says you look upset did jijaji say something? no this Malayketu makes me so worried for binudsara, I mean I know you are all here for him and there are guards but still you know I’m his mother. nandini said with worry written all over her.

Malti says and I’m his masi just like a mother, don’t worry I will look after him. you focus on your pooja, I won’t go away from him for even a minute.

Madav asks Chandra, bhaiya, where has you relation status reached? Nandini is upset, chandra answers. Madav tells chandra that it is a norm for women he should talk more to nandini. if it was war, I would easily win but am finding it difficult to win nandini’s love.

Madav suggests that chandra gives her a gift and she will be happy. Chandra asks nice but what should I give her? flowers, madhav suggests. ladies loves flowers. he added. clovie hiding and listening to all this. Chandra asks a dasi to get Nandini’s favourite flowers.

the dasi gets it and Chandra asks her to go and give it to Nandini. Madav says bhaiya you will spoil everything you should go and give it to her yourself. chandra takes the advice and leaves to give the flowers to her.

Clovie with flowers. a dasi stops her and says these are wrong flowers, clovie says I’m taking it to queen Helina, shut up or else I will ask her to behead you. Clovie says queen Helina these are king Chandra’s favourite flowers and he makes ornaments out of it, and helps Helina wear them.

Helina says but these are itchy, clovie says maybe it’s because these are wet so. Helina says Apma ma look I’m wearing Chandra’s favourite flowers ornaments how am I looking? Apma sees her skin turned red and starts laughing.

Helina asks why? am I not looking pretty? Apma says these are itchy flowers look at yourself in the mirror. Helina gets angry over clovie and runs after her.

Chandra walks to nandini with flower ornaments hiding behind him. I came to check whether you have arranged for everything, he asks. yes I have, nandini replied. no one thing is missing. Chandra added. nandini says, let me go and ask dadi, she and about to leave when Chandra stops her and says no need.

he touches her neck. Nandini asks what do you mean? we are so close friends that you have always done so much for me, Magada and my family and in return I’m doing this so please don’t thank me. chandra said. I’m Magada’s sister and daughter and it’s my duty to serve it, but what gift did you get me? she asks.

Chandra shows her the flower ornaments. very beautiful, where did you get these from? she asks. Chandra replies that he made them. Nandini says no ways, Chandra says ok don’t believe but can I put these on you? Nandini agrees and he puts the ornament on her. they both come very close to each other, nandini asks is something else missing too? Chandra says no its complete, it’s perfect like you.

Panditji gives a brief introduction about the pooja and says this pooja brings peace in the city and a queen has to fast the whole day and bare footed go get gangajal and bathe the shiva, and then perform Abishek.

Nandini says Panditji I shall perform this Pooja and walks to him, moora and Chaya upset, moora thinks but I had clearly stated Helina in the letter. Helina and Apma act as if they were unaware. Panditji places the Kalash over Nandini’s head.

Apma tells Helina to look at how moora is burning with anger. now time for act two, she said. now Nandini will leave for pooja but will never return. Helina surprised. Magada cheers for Nandini. dadi was very happy. nanidni proceeds for the pooja.

Moora thinking about Nandini’s words about asking Chaya to leave the mahal and then performing the pooja. Helina walks in and says yes ma, moora says am I just rajmata to you or you do consider me as your mother?

Helina says ma I respect you more then my own mother, and I also know you love me too. mora says then why didn’t you talk to me about the pooja that you didn’t want to perform it? why did you ask Nandini to take over? Helina replies, what ma? you choose me? why didn’t you tell me? in fact I was so upset that you never give me a chance.

mora asks what are you saying? I sent you a letter? I received no letter, helena lied. who dare challenge my decision? moora said with anger. who else if not chandra, Helina said. I mean maybe he didn’t want me, but Nandini to perform the pooja. after all he loves her a lot, you know it too.

Chandra supported Nandini even if he had to break his promise towards Chaya. helena said. mora says no ways he is my son. I hope so I should take my leave, helena said and leaves. mora says Chandra will never break my trust I should talk to him and goes to see Chandra.


Mantri tells her that maharaj isn’t in his room, he isn’t in the mahal also, mora asks where did he go?
mantri says Chanakya Acharya knows it. mora meets Chanakya and asks him, where is Chandra? Chanakya says I’m sorry it’s a security reason I can’t tell you. moora says I’m his mother, it’s very important I should know it.

Chanakya says I know but you should promise me you won’t share this information with anyone. mora says yes, Chanakya says he is with queen Nandini to guard her so that the pooja is performed without any hurdles and she returns safe.

Mora thinks this means Chandra changed the letter for Nandini? no Chandra you shouldn’t have done this, mora leaves angry.
Nandini walking barefooted in the forest, Chandra covered in leaves keeping an eye on her and says acharya was right it’s my duty to guard you. A man covered in blanket also keep an eye on Nandini and he sends a snake along her path.

Malti playing with bindusara, pandugan looks at them and says both Chandra and Nandini both aren’t in mahal today I shall kill binudsara I just have to divert this Malti. The man says this snake is the most dangerous and it’s one bite and maharani Nandini will be dead. Chandra sees the snakes approaching Nandini.


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