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Below Is Chandra Nandini 7th January 2021 written update on Atinka Tv.

Mora stops Chanakya and said, Chandra is just doing this under emotions, please stop, not just Nand’s family end, but also the development of Magad is your dream.
Nandini replied, Chandra, acharya can’t leave, Magad and everyone here needs him, if my promise is the problem take it back. Chandra replied, it’s his decision and my promise wasn’t one by a husband but by a king, and it’s a kings duty to guard and serve everyone who asks for help.

Chanakya apologized, sorry rajmata I can’t stay here and break my oath, and I have to leave for my oath, our paths are no longer the same and so it’s impossible to stay, allow me and Chanakya left. Nandini asked Chandra to stop him. Chandra replied, I didn’t ask him to leave, he is just being emotional.

let him be alone and he will be fine. Chandra and Nandini in balcony. Chanakya saw them while leaving and remembered the day he met Chandra and every teaching he has given him. Chanakya’s eyes were filled with anger.

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Apama said to Helina, this is a big game, Chandra choose Nandini and not Chanakya? now it’s his turn to choose between Mora and Nandini, and with this decision, the Mahal will be on fire and Chandra will be just yours. Nandini said to Chaya, I think you should write to mali’s mother and ask how she is. mora replied, sure she should , so that you can misuse the letter and throw someone out of this mahal, you played a big game, you did the impossible.

you made chanakya acharya leave the mahal and created differences between Chandra and Chanakya? who is your next target, do you want all of us to leave, we will, my son isn’t mine anymore, at least maybe when we will leave, I don’t have to argue with my son. Nandini was in tears and she asked, ma please why would I do this? Mora cuts in , stop calling me ma, and stay away from my family, this throne will be yours but keep my family away.

Nandini helped pandugan bandaged and he wrapped all the bandage around himself. Nandini smiled and said, let me get you out. Pandugan replied, look, I look like that attacker I had seen him. Nandini asked so will you recognise him? pandugan replied, yes I will.

Chandra in Sabha said, I said I shall punish the person who attacked pandugan, I didn’t know who it was but luckily, pandugan had seen his face so now justice will prevail. pandugan, I shall punish the person, he said. don’t worry I’m with you, tell me who it is amongst all of them. pandugan pointed at Mali and says he attacked me. malayketu replied, he is lying. Chaya trust me I didn’t.

Chandra asked, are you sure he attacked you? pandugan walked to Mali and said no it isn’t him and they all took a breath of relief, and walked to Madav and said he attacked me. Madav cuts in, what, I didn’t bhaiya. Nandini then said, bhaiya look carefully and tell us.pandugan acts as if he is confused and points at everyone and said, look pandugan made fool of you.

Mora said, look Chandra pandugan made fun of you, he pointed at your family, and you trust this mad person and not us? Chandra said, ma. Mora cuts in, enough. Nandini then said , ma this is my mistake, Chandra isn’t at fault I should have first confirmed the news and then informed Chandra. mora got angry and left.

Nandini tells Chaya to try and understand . Chaya replied, I know your true face now and walked away. Mali walked to a secret place and pandugan placed a knife on his neck and started laughing and said, don’t worry I’m not here to kill you, this is what you feel when someone back stabs. Mali replied, you are taking this wrongly. I didn’t want to kill you.

Chandra and Chanakya had doubts on you, that you have hands in bindusara kidnap and now look with this one game, we have diverted Chandra’s attention from you, and also our biggest hurdle Chanakya is out of the mahal, and remember Apama and Helina shouldn’t know you and me are together. pandugan replied, you are right we have one aim, Chandragupta and his families death.

mali then said, some time more and soon our aim will be to have Magada to ourselves and the situation will be in my hand. pandugan replied, Chandra will die but by my hands, unlike you who needs a women’s help to enter Magada, and remember if you taking yourself as a king of Magad forget it, it’s just me.

mali asked, then who will be a king? a mad man who ran away from the mental hospital? and how dare you challenge me? now let’s me see how you succeed, my next game will be a special one, he said and left.

Nandini said to Chandra, come let’s talk to ma. Chandra replied and completed Nandini’s sentence, all happened because of you, ma is upset, you have to do put things right. Nandini said, but this issue is very delicate. Chandra cut in, see sit down, you didn’t do this on purpose, since you were worried about pandugan. you were worried and just informed me.

Chandra consoled Nandini and one by one removes Nandini’s Jewellery. Nandini continued, even I should have acted thoughtfully but reacted quickly when you told me about the attacker. so clam down.

if we go to ma now,s he would be more upset, chandra said. so let her take her time and clam down, let time console her, you are her daughter, you love her, and everyone loves you, you love everyone and you love Helina as well. Nandini asked don’t I love anyone else?

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Chandra got close to Nandini, and they both felt each other. Chandra said, yes dadi ma you love her too. Nandini asked, what? Chandra replied, so you don’t love her? Nandini said, no I love her but can’t I love someone else. Chandra replied, yes the dasi who gets you food, you love her a lot. Nandini still asked, isn’t anyone else I can love? Chandra replied, yes say it, who else.

Nandini replied, yes my friend and he told me some questions shouldn’t be answered but felt and understood, I’m very sleepy good night, and she dropped the curtain. Chandra thinks, you look so beautiful even without jewellery just like a painting, you are not just beautiful by looks but also by heart so why won’t anyone love you?

precap: mali said, pandugan today we shall play this last and important game, just get Chandra into the Sabha when I tell you too.
Mora said to Helina, I shall answer Nandini, she snatched my son look what will i do now? Chandra said, I had given pandugan abhaydan then who did murder him? get that person here, mora is brought in handcuffed.

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Chandra Nandini 7th January 2021 written update

Nandini was thinking about Chandra when dadi walked in and asked, are you thinking about Chandra? Nandini replied, yes dadi. what is it? dadi asked.
Nandini said, no I meant, nothing. I was reading this book. Dadi replied, yes what does this book has about Chandra? don’t worry it happens in love. Nandini said, no dadi.

Chandra walked in, and Dadi said, Chandra you know Nandini was reading the book backwards and also not eating well these days? Chandra replied, let’s call a doctor. Dadi asked, what if his treatment doesn’t work? no need of a doctor, nandini said.

dadi is here to talk about tomorrow’s Janmashtami arrangements. yes and I was also here to talk about bindusara, I think he should have a brother or sister. dadi said. Nandini and Chandra were blushed. Dadi continued, you are husband and wife why this shyness? and so tomorrow, Nandini you shall perform the pooja, so that you will have the blessings, she said and he left.

what was dadi saying about diseases? chandra asked. nothing, nandini replied and left. Pandugan said, with this I shall kill you Chandra and Magada will be mine. Mali walked in and pandugan asked, what are you doing here?

I know you are angry but let’s get back together and focus on chandra’s death, I have no interest in this throne, but chandra’s death is my aim. pandugan then said, good this throne is mine then. padmanand’s son pandugans!

after pooja, I will send Chandra to the Sabha’s house and you kill him there, mali tells padugan. he replied, I was waiting for this day. Mali then said, come let’s begin with this friendship and hugs pandugan and thinks, with Chandra’s death you will be imprisoned and Magada’s throne will be mine.

Nandini asked herself, why am I always thinking about Chandra? Chandra walks in, let me help you, he said. Nandini dropped her flowers when Chandra touched her hand and said, go the other way I will manage myself here, and still thinks why did I feel this when Chandra touched me? what’s wrong with her? chandra also thinks the same way. control your emotions, nandini said to herslef. Helina saw them together. she gets angry and left.

Helina said to mora, ma look, I got you a gift, and sits beside her near her feet and says I feel so good near you. I need your blessings too. Mora replied, you are my daughter too, you don’t have to sit on my feet. ma, look, i got a Balkrishna for you. Mora replied, this is given when you want a woman to expect a baby.

Helina then said, this means I should be gifted it, ma binudsara is my son too but even I want to be a mother. Mora replied, I understand your emotions, it’s a woman’s biggest happiness. ma but when will I have these feelings? because Chandra loves Nandini and I have nothing when she is the subject, she added.

Mora said, this isn’t so, you are the mukhyarani here, you can do anything, what’s the hurdle? anyways ma I have arranged pooja today and I want you to be there and perform the Aarti. I hope with your blessings I will have a baby next year. helena tells her. yes I will perform the Aarti, moora agrees and Helina hugged her.

Chaya commented, how beautiful is this arrangement. your bhabhi did it, chandra said. Chaya said, Helina? its very nice. no I meant Nandini, chandra corrected. where is ma? she is unwell and resting she won’t come, let’s begin with the pooja, helena said,

let’s begin if rajmata won’t participate, panditji added. Nandini steps in and begins with the pooja. Nandini calls Chandra to join her. Mora walking towards the pooja. Helina walked to her and said, ma sorry I tried stopping but Nandini and Chandra didn’t want to delay pooja, I’m very upset too ma, I couldn’t see the insult, Nandini should have understood but look.

Mora walked to Chandra and Nandini performing the pooja together and was very angry. today our mission shall be completed, mali said. In the bedroom, Nandini felt the current again and Chandra asked what’s wrong? Nandini also asked, what’s in your hand? I know you are up to a prank, and why are you smiling? I feel some current when you touch.

Chandra asked her, where did I touch? tell me. nothing, she answered. Chandra said, no let me and touches Nandini’s cheek and she says see i felt it again. Chandra said, see. you touch me,/ Nandini touches him and feels It. Chandra said, this is in your mind? Dasi informs him that the security minister is waiting for him and that its urgent. Chandra replied, I’m leaving now but I shall continue later.

Mora said, Chandra for you, your mother isn’t important any more? the words of insult still prick me. Helina said to ma, Chandra isn’t at fault its Nandini. Chandra has been turned into puppet, she targets you, me and Chaya, it’s her game for this throne, for now I’m worried if it’s not bindusara who will be next? Helina what do you mean? moora asks.

I heard pandugan say only Nandini’s son will be the next king of Magada, for now it’s fine, but what will happen when Nandini will have a baby? Mora said, first its father, now his daughter. I won’t let anything harm Chandra.

The Minister said, maharaj, Amartya has been found and he is up to his new army and on his go to attack Magada, its only acharya Chanakya who can deal with this problem. Chandra replied, I’m acharya’s student and it will be as a thank you to him when I stand on his teachings and find Amartya. Chandra then left.

End Of Chandra Nandini 7th January 2021 written update

Mali gives the minster money and says remember no one should learn that it’s me behind you? minister replied, but I shall always remember you and come back when I need you. Mali got angry and killed him and said, no one dare trick mali, and he doesn’t leave any signs behind.

Nandini said to dadi, you are right I’m unwell. I hear music, I see Chandra everywhere. Chandra entered the room. Nandini said look Chandra, it’s so hot here. Chandra replied, no it’s so pleasant here, and what’s wrong why are you behaving so weird? and when Chandra touched her, she felt the current.

Chandra picked her up and puts her in bed but she slips, they both looked at each other and Nandini thinks today I don’t want you to go. Chandra said to her, I’m sorry my leg slipped I hope you are fine, and I have to go and he left. Nandini thinks, am I really in love?

Precap : Nandini accuses moora, you aren’t rajmata but a murderer. Chandra added, ma you murdered an innocent person and so you will also be punished.

What Is Chandra Nandini?

The popular series, was produced by Ekta Kapoor under her banner Balaji Telefilms and is directed by Ranjan Kumar Singh. Starring Rajat Tokas as Chandragupta Maurya and Shweta Basu Prasad as princess Nandini, the story-line is loosely based on the true life story of Chandragupta Maurya.

Who Is Chandragupta Maurya?

Chandragupta Maurya, his full name from the historical story, was the founder of the Mauryan dynasty (reigned c. 321–c. 297 BCE) and the first emperor to unify most of India under one administration. He is credited with saving the country from maladministration and freeing it from foreign domination. Rajat Tokas, is a 28-year-old Indian who is thence featured in Chandra Nandini telenovela series as Chandragupta(from history).

What Is Chandra’s Real Name?

Rajat Tokas, is the real name of the central character in the popular telenovela series, Chandra Nandini.

Who Is Nandini In Chandra Nandini?

Queen Nandini was one of the three daughters of Dhanananda, the ruler of the Great Nanda Dynasty which ruled Northern India around 322 BC. According to reference in Jain Literatures Queen Nandini was married to Chandragupta Maurya as a war compensation and Dhanananda was sent to exile in the forest, became a Jain Monk.

What Is Nandini’s Real Name?

Shweta Basu Prasad, is the real name of Nandini, Chandra’s last but became first wife characterized as Mukhya Rani.

Will Nandini Give Birth In Chandra Nandini?

Nandini dies in Chandra Nandini, giving birth to Magadha’s Prince. Helena and Apama plans to kill Nandini and her baby so that Nandini’s baby cannot come into this world. But Nandini gave birth to a baby boy named Ashoka.

Is Nandini Wife Of Chandragupta Maurya In History?

No, in actual history, Chandragupta maurya did not have a wife named NandiniChandragupta maurya only had 2 wives, Durdhara and Helena. Background: Some historians believe that Nandini was Chandragupta maurya’s cousin (maternal uncle’s daughter) but some popular cultures portray Durdhara as daughter of Dhanananda(Padmanand in the TV series).

What Is The Name Of Nandini And Chandra’s Son?

Ashoka, is the name of the son born by Nandini and Chandra in Chandra Nandini series.

Who Is Ashoka?

Ashoka is the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya in chronological history, the son of Bindusara, also born by Nandini in the telenovela series.

Is Chandra Nandini A True Love Story?

No, Chandragupta Maurya according to history never married princess Nandini. This makes the character of Nandini in the popular Chandra Nandini telenovela series a fictitious character, or a twist in the true story produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Chandra Nandini 7th January 2021 written update



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