Nandini And Chanakya Free Chandra From Evil Mohini And Beemdev Spirit

In this Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021 Pt2,Nandini sacrifices her life to save Chandra from the evil possession of bheemdev and mohini. And through the sacrifice, chandra finally gains consciousness. Keep watching. In the beginning of the update, Chanakya asks, how did this happen?

Nandini replies, he made a fool of me, because not just Bheemdev but Mohini is also possessing Chandra.  this is difficult, Chanakya said. Nandini asks what is the solution? chanakya replies, I met a tantrik but it’s like, we need five elements and also love to be sacrificed which means we need a person who can sacrifice for love.

Dharma comes to meet Chandra according to their plan and tells him that Nandini and Bhadra are conspiring or making a plan against him. Dharma tells chandra that Bhadra is sitting for a Yagna after which he will become very powerful. Chandra goes from there and hears Nandini telling Bhadra to become powerful and defeat Chandra.

Still On Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021 Pt2

Nandini also tells Bhadra to sit for the Yagna and he will become extremely powerful. Later, Chanakya asks Nandini whether she wants to put her life in danger. Nandini agrees and says she is sure that their plan will succeed. She very well know that Chandra will come for the Yagna. And as expected, Chandra comes there and asks them to stop. Chandra warns Bhadra that he will kill him.

Chandra tells Nandini that he was not expecting her to double cross him. Chandra seeing that Bhadra is a threat to him says  that instead of bhadra, he will rather sit for the Yagna to become the most powerful person in the world.

Nandini thought to herself,  this is the last time she will see chandra as she is about to sacrifice her life to save chandra. Nandini hopes that Chandra does not remember her and miss her too much after he regains his consciousness. The priest begins with the Yagna.  Chandra and Nandini sit beside each other.

Nandini tells Chandra that she loves him a lot. The Priest asks Chandra and Nandini to stand up. Nandini suddenly pulls Chandra into the fire and the evil soul leaves his body. Nandini was still in the fire about to get burnt and then Bhadra pulls her out of the fire.

After Chandra regains consciousness. He asks what is happening to him. Chanakya reveals to him that he was under the control of Bheemdev and Mohini’s evil soul. Chanakya then explains everything to Chandra. Chandra asks Nandini that she risked her life for his sake? Chandra tells Chanakya to make an announcement in Magada that he and Nandini are returning together and there should be a big welcome for Nandini as she has regained her memory. 

Chandra and Nandini re-enter the palace and are given a warm welcome. Helena wonders how come Nandini has regained her memory. Helena welcomes Nandini too. Bindusara pours alcohol over Dharma and warns her that he will make her drink alcohol soon. Helena asks Bindusara to come and see what is happening. Helena tells him that Nandini has returned.

And her returning  will change a whole lot of things. I will no longer be the chief queen, helena said. Nandini will take him away from her path and she will tell Chandra that he had pushed her off the cliff in childhood. Later, Chandra thanks Nandini for her sacrifice. 

End Of Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021 Pt2

Nandini tells Chandra that she used to think about him and their moments together. Chandra teases Nandini saying that she makes his heart stop. Nandini and Chandra romance with each other and Chandra carries Nandini to the bed. Chandra and Nandini share a romantic eye-lock. Chandra caresses Nandini with a feather. Chandra is about to kiss Nandini but Helena suddenly comes there. Helena apologizes to them for disturbing them. Chandra asks Helena what is the matter. Later, Chandra and Nandini are talking to each other when Bindusara comes there.

Chandra gets angry. Nandini calls Bindusara her son but he shouts at nandini and asks her not to call her that. Bindusara warns Nandini not to tell her about the past incident at the cliff. But Nandini tells him that she does not remember it. Bindusara asks whether she does not remember anything. Nandini reveals to him that she remembers everything but she is not going to tell Chandra about it. But  Bindusara tells Nandini that they both can never make peace.

Precap: Bindusara blames Helena for manipulating him for so many years. Bindusara asks Helena to tell him the truth about how she has used him for so many years Helena laughs heartily. Bindusar stabs Helena with his sword. Chandra rushes to the scene and finds out that Bindusara has stabbed Helena.

Watch out for the next update on chandra nandini. In the next update, helena’s evil deeds finally get revealed before bindusara.

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