Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021 Pt1 Episode 347



In this Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021, the soul of both beemdev and mohini who are dead, possess chandra. They fight with each other in Chandra’s body as to who will own his body. Chandra starts hitting himself trying to kill himself. Chanakya then finds a solution to save chandra from the evil spirits of Bheemdev and Mohini. 

In this beginning of the episode, yes see how shameless. Bindusara. dharma I can’t believe, dharma also said. Nandini replies. maharaj isn’t behaving well. He is like two split personalities. I did this to calm him down. Bindusara asks, do I look like a fool. Nandini says why don’t you understand. the truth is. Nandini remembers Chanakya telling her not to share the news but thinks, Chanakya acharya. I have to tell Bindusara the truth. She said and tells Bindusara the truth.

Bindusara starts laughing, and says wow. Chanakya meets a tantrik and tells him the situation. tantrik says there is only one  way to save chandra and that is the sacrifice of love. 

you find it funny now but soon you will see the truth, Nandini tells Bindusara. Bindusara says how should I believe this? Helina walks in and says Nandini isn’t lying. Bindusara sees blood on helena’s face and asks about it, ma how did you have blood on your face, he asks. Helina replies, it’s not mine, it’s Mohini’s. Chandra killed Mohini. he is not the Chandra we know. I see an extreme fire in him, he isn’t scared of anyone anymore.

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 because he is in a kings body, Bindusara said. dharma asks, so why is he doing this? Bindusara replies, so that he can rule over Magada. But now I will handle him. Helina says you won’t, he will kill you too. Nandini says I have a way, with this medicine, we have to trick Bheemdev and give it to him. Then Chandra will be alert,  that’s scary I won’t go, helena said. Nandini says I will go, I will do anything for him, you all should go to sleep. Nandini said. Bindusara says no, I meant I will be nearby so that if Bheemdev attacks I will be there to help, dharma says I’m with you. Helina also agrees. me too.

Nandini walks in the room and sees Chandra asleep, this is the right time to give him this, she said. she takes the medicine on a needle and about to prick it into Chandra’s body. Chandra wakes up and says, I knew you will do this. Mohini enters Chandra’s body too. now let’s see who conquers, she said. Bheemdev says you destroyed my body, get away, both quarrel. Chandra starts hitting himself. 

Nandini gets scared. She then calls Bindusara and dharma  Bindusara asks what is this? I will explain later, Nandini said  go and catch him or he will kill himself.  Bindusara controls him and Nandini pricks the Medicine into his body. let’s tie him up or else he will kill himself, Nandini said. because both Mohini and Bheemdev are in his body.  and they are fighting on who will conquer.

Swanand gets a note from Bheemdev that he will not work for him; he is now the king of Magada. I will go and get him at your feet, Amartya promised. swanand asks him to calm down. Bheemdev has helped us and as Bheemdev is in Chandra’s body, this is the right time to attack Magad. his stupidity has helped us. Nandini watching Chandra asleep says, God please help us. Heal my Chandra. Chandra wakes up and asks Nandini, why am I tied? let me free, and I won’t leave that Mohini too. Nandini thinks so he is Chandra but it can be Mohini too who is playing tricks.

Chandra tells Nandini. I’m in pain. please untie me. I can’t stay here. I have to save our Magada from Bheemdev and Mohini, and added. Nandini, I will hug you once too, I love you a lot. Nandini says Chandra please.  Chandra says okay at least come to me once, maybe you will feel your Chandra. Nandini in tears hugs him. Chandra asks, did you hear something? Nandini replies, yes, that you love me. 

Chandra replies, but I’m upset you aren’t even hugging me properly. You don’t even look at  me, like I will be lost in my eyes  Nandini says I want too. Chandra says Don’t lie, you want to leave me, I know how I lived these years without you, and I can’t live anymore. Nandini says stop crying, this isn’t the truth. Chandra says ok go then. Nandini unties him and says, don’t ever say I will leave you, and says. Chandra I will never Leave you. Not knowing that Nandini was being tricked to release Chandra. Chandra holds her neck tight and it’s Mohini who says, I will kill you later, now I have important work to do.

Chandra as Mohini walks in anger killing all the soldiers. Bindusara sees Nandini, and asks. are you fine? Nandini says don’t worry about me. let’s go and get Chandra. Bindusara stops Chandra. Chandra and Bindusara get into a fight. Bindusara shouts, should i kill the ones who have always served you? both fight. Chandra gets back and says son, but he is possessed again, and Chanakya stands in front of him. Bindusara says acharya step back. he is possessed, Chanakya throws a powder and Chandra faints.

Chanakya asks, how did this happen? Nandini replies, he made a fool of me, because not just Bheemdev but Mohini is also possessing Chandra.  this is difficult, Chanakya said. Nandini asks what is the solution? chanakya replies, I met a tantrik but it’s like, we need five elements and also love to be sacrificed which means we need a person who can sacrifice for love.

Nandini was contemplating on how these five elements will meet. love and sacrifice, what all is this? She asks herself. Nandini tries to crack the code, and she did it. yes I found it. She  calls a dasi and asks her to gather everyone. Nandini says acharya I cracked the code,  and tells him about it. dharma says ma how could you?

End Of Chandra Nandini On Atinka Tv: 19th March 2021 

This is a life risk you are taking, Chanakya said.  this is for my husband and Magada’s king. Nandini replied. Nandini says dharma he shouldn’t have any doubts on you. Dharma says yes ma, I will do as you say. Bhadra also asks Nandini. mamishree why all this? Nandini asks him to be patient.

Precap: Nandini tells Bindusara that Helina has drugged him since he was a kid. But Bindusara disagrees saying, you are lying. Helina then says you shall hear this from the horses own mouth. Helena stabs Bindusara.

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